9 Live Survival Sunday Games on 9 FOX Properties, But Which Ones Should Show Which Games?

UPDATED: We already know that ESPN2 has picked Manchester City against Queens Park Rangers as their match to broadcast live on the final day of the Premier League season, this Sunday at 10am ET, and ESPN’s Ian Darke revealed that FX will show Sunderland versus Manchester United on Sunday. But FOX Soccer and FOX Sports have yet to announce which matches they’ll show on which FOX properties. We know that all nine games available to them will be shown live, and we know which FOX properties will show the games, but which matches will they decide to put on the different channels?

The games that they will show are:

  • Chelsea v Blackburn, 10am ET
  • Everton v Newcastle, 10am ET
  • Norwich v Aston Villa, 10am ET
  • Stoke v Bolton, 10am ET
  • Sunderland v Manchester United, 10am ET (On FX)
  • Swansea v Liverpool, 10am ET
  • Tottenham v Fulham, 10am ET
  • West Brom v Arsenal, 10am ET
  • Wigan v Wolves, 10am ET

The FOX properties that each will be showing one of the above nine games are:

  • FOX Soccer
  • FOX Soccer Plus
  • FX
  • FSN
  • FUEL
  • FOX Deportes
  • FOX Soccer 2Go
  • FOXSoccer.com
Now, if you were in charge at FOX, which matches would you show on each of the nine channels available? Post your recommendations below, and include your reasons why if you have time.

49 thoughts on “9 Live Survival Sunday Games on 9 FOX Properties, But Which Ones Should Show Which Games?”

  1. I’m sure Huhe has a grand solution, but here’s how I’d do it.

    FX should get Sunderland vs. Manchester United for sure. I’d put it on Fox Deportes as well. There is the off chance United could win the trophy if City stumble. You want that game on a channel most people get. After that, I’d do this.

    Fox Soccer: Spurs vs. Fulham
    FS +: West Brom vs. Arsenal
    Speed: Everton vs. Newcastle
    FSN: Chelsea vs. Blackburn
    Fuel: Stoke City vs. Bolton

    Everything else is meaningless, so I guess FS2Go and/or online for them.

    1. Why is it the media, Fergie, and 99% of Utd’s fans seem to think all they habe to do is turn up a Sunderland! Everthing is about City dropping points against QPR. Hardly a story about Utd’s really poor anywhere to be seen.If I were a betting man I’d put money on a Utd Stumble not a City one. It’s just pure arrogance, has nobody been watching them? Against Swansea they tried the best could have, they couldn’t have possibly put more effort in but to be fair to Swansea Utd’s two goals flattered them a bit. There is hope and then there’s arrogance I now which one has been a Utd trait over the years,do you?

  2. Fox Soccer – Tottenham vs Fulham
    race for 3rd, plus Clint Dempsey
    Fox Soccer Plus – West Brom vs Arsenal
    race for 3rd
    FX – Sunderland vs Manchester United
    still a chance for title, most widely available for most well known club (ratings)
    SPEED – Swansea vs Liverpool
    can’t see Fox leaving Liverpool off a tv platform
    FSN – Everton vs Newcastle
    race for 3rd
    FUEL – Chelsea vs Blackburn
    potential 3rd/4th race, but vs relegated side
    FOX D – Wigan vs Wolves
    FOX Soccer 2 Go – Norwich vs Villa
    FOXSoccer.com – Stoke vs Bolton
    I hope I’m wrong and Bolton gets on a tv platform, but hard to see any of the others pushed off.

    1. Putting Liverpool on TV over a relegation match would be pathetic. Swansea-Liverpool means nothing and should be online.

  3. As a non-subscriber to FS and FS+, here’s what i’d like:

    FX: Sunderland vs. Manchester United
    FSN: Spurs vs. Fulham
    Speed: West Brom vs. Arsenal
    Fuel: Everton vs. Newcastle

    Don’t care about the others…

  4. They’ll wait until tomorrow after the Chelsea/Liverpool match at the earliest to announce. But they should do it right after to start promoting the matches on the proper networks. The Chelsea/Blackburn match has much less importance now after Blackburn being relegated, but still can mean something in the Champions League race.

    Bolton/Stoke should get FS+, West Brom/Arsenal FX, Tottenham/Fulham on FSN, Everton/Newcastle SPEED & then Chelsea/Blackburn on Fuel assuming they win tomorrow.

    Basically, they should televise all the relegation and Champions League games on the largest networks possible. Wigan/Wolves, Swansea/Liverpool, & Norwich/Villa have no consequence to them in either race so just show those online and focus on the other six matches available.

  5. I thought the regular fox channel was going to have a live game?? what better things have they got to show on a sunday morning??

  6. •ESPN2
    Manchester City v Queens Park Rangers — Already chosen.
    •FOX Soccer
    Sunderland v Manchester United — If United lifts the trophy, you figure it will be on Fox Soccer.
    West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal — The biggest network of the bunch needs a “top-four” team.
    Tottenham Hotspur v Fulham — So many channels, requires some marquee names.
    •FOX Soccer Plus
    Stoke City v Bolton Wanderers — A game for hardcore soccer fans watching the relegation chase.
    Chelsea v Blackburn Rovers — The Champions League chase should be on TV, not just online.
    Everton v Newcastle United — Same here.
    •FOX Deportes
    Wigan Athletic v Wolverhampton Wanderers — Again, the relegation battle, plus Latino presence on Wigan.
    Swansea City v Liverpool — They can get a headstart on the nonstop promotion of their reality show.
    •FOX Soccer 2Go
    Norwich City v Aston Villa — Worst game, worst venue.

  7. FSN: Chelsea v Blackburn, 10am ET
    FS+ Everton v Newcastle, 10am ET
    Foxsoccer.com Norwich v Aston Villa, 10am ET
    Speed : Stoke v Bolton, 10am ET
    FS Deportes: Swansea v Liverpool, 10am ET
    FX: Tottenham v Fulham, 10am ET
    Speed: West Brom v Arsenal, 10am ET
    Foxsoccer2go: Wigan v Wolves, 10am ET

  8. Completely agree with Josh…those are the games that matter. Wigan-Wolves and Norwich-Villa should be the online games for sure. If Liverpool beats Chelsea tomorrow, the Chelsea-Blackburn game also becomes meaningless so you would have a toss-up between showing Chelsea-Blackburn or Swansea-Liverpool on one of the TV channels. The only way that Fox could screw this up is for them to bump one of the 3rd-4th-5th games to an online feed because of their commitment to showing Liverpool games.

  9. I suspect IMG/Premier League Productions got its info crossed up.

    FSMG announced a few weeks ago that FX would “lead” the coverage.

    That means:

    Man City vs QPR – ESPN2, ESPN Deportes, ESPN3.com

    Sunderland vs Man Utd – FX, FOX Deportes, FOXsoccer2go.com

    The rest:

    Stoke City vs Bolton – SPEED (TBC), FOXsoccer2go.com

    West Brom vs Arsenal – FOX Soccer

    Tottenham vs Fulham – FOX Sports Net (regional affiliates), FOXsoccer2go.com

    Everton vs Newcastle – FUEL TV, FOXsoccer2go.com

    Chelsea vs Blackburn – FOX Soccer Plus, FOXsoccer2go.com


    3 meaningless matches can all go on FOXsoccer2go.com

    No need to use FOXsoccer.com

    1. That’s not what the deal is, though, and that’s not what FOX has promised. FOX is positioning its coverage of the final Premier League games of the season all being played simultaneously across nine different FOX properties.

      We know that FOX Soccer will show Sunderland vs Man United, while ESPN2/ESPN3.com/ESPN Deportes will show Manchester City versus QPR.

      My prediction for the rest of the games is:

      West Brom vs Arsenal — FX,
      Spurs vs Fulham — FOX Soccer Plus,
      Chelsea vs Blackburn — SPEED,
      Everton vs Newcastle — FSN,
      Swansea vs Liverpool — FOX Deportes,
      Stoke vs Bolton — FOX Soccer 2Go,
      Norwich vs Aston Villa — FOXSoccer.com
      Wigan vs Wolves — FUEL.

      The Gaffer

    1. That would be a complete waste of TV bandwidth if:

      FX were to get Norwich vs Villa, which means nothing, and …

      SPEED were to get Chelsea vs Blackburn, which will mean nothing if Chelsea cannot beat Liverpool on Tuesday.

  10. As long as the Spurs game gets Martin Tyler I don’t care. IMO The biggest games and the games with the best football will be Spurs, the arse, Newcastle and Bolton games, I wish they would stagger the kick offs by 15 minutes just so we can switch to see the

    Does anyone really believe that QPR will get anything at the Etihad?

    ESPN want the trophy presentation, confetti and balloons make good television. On the crazy, ridiculous, miraculous chance that Man Utd do win the title (I think we will see santa, easter bunny, elvis and a yeti in the stands at old trafford before utd win it this year) then Fox want the presentation on their flagship football station, Damn Balloons!!

    1. Tyler is almost certainly doing the Manchester City game for Sky. Someone like Gary Taphouse or Rob Hawthorne could end up on the Spurs game.

      I’ll probably watch the Spurs game as well. Fulham are more than capable of beating them. Sure, I’ll switch to the trophy presentation at the end, but unless QPR are tied with or leading City, I’ll stick with the Champions League race.

  11. The Comcast-owned FOX Sports Net (FSN) affiliates in Baltimore/Washington (Mid-Atlantic), Chicago, New England, and Philadelphia will NOT have Survival Sunday.

    Not a surprise considering that Comcast will do everything in its power to sabotage any soccer event presented by FOX whenever possible.

    (I am expecting Comcast to partner with Qatar Media in order to challenge FOX-ESPN or FOX-ESPN-Univision for the U.S. rights to the English Premier League in the next contract cycle. Comcast is still angry after losing out the English-language rights to the FIFA World Cup properties in 2015-2022 to FOX.)


    Because FOX owns 25% of Comcast SportsNet Bay Area, Comcast SportsNet Bay Area will have Survival Sunday.

    MSG+ in New York will have Survival Sunday. MSG+ is owned by Cablevision.

    ROOT Sports Pittsburgh will have Survival Sunday.

    However, ROOT Sports Northwest, ROOT Sports Rocky Mountain, and ROOT Sports Utah will NOT have Survival Sunday.

    All the ROOT Sports Networks are owned by Liberty Media.

  12. Just announced on FOX Soccer at 8:58pm Eastern Time on Monday during the re-air of Ligue 1:

    Sunderland vs Man United will be on FX, as I expected all along.

    This is consistent with the press release from FSMG a few weeks ago, which cleared stated that FX would “lead” the coverage of Survival Sunday.

  13. It seems Fox Soccer 2 Go are showing Tottenham Vs. Spurs delayed at 11:59 PM according to their website:


    That means that match will be shown live on Fox Soccer, Usually the delayed match on Fox Soccer 2 Go is the one shown live on Fox Soccer.

    1. If Chelsea finished 5th, then 6th place gets a Europa spot as well due to Chelsea and Liverpool already qualifying through cups.

      1. Agreed, but that has nothing to do with the league. That’s only because Chelsea won the Cup.

        League rules is 5th placed only qualifies for the EL plus the 2 cup winners.

  14. QPR is on ESPN……

    But the Stoke v Bolton game is massive.

    How could you have a “Survival Sunday” and not show the only other team that may not “survive”?????

    i will be royally upset if Bolton are not on television.

  15. i wish i could put a parlay on which games would be showing on what channel. i’m sure in the UK they would be able to take bets on it, IF there was simulcast of the final day on several outlets there like: sky 1-4, espn uk, bbc1&2 all having the opportunity to show a match. Fortunately for those of us in the US we get that chance to see a large majority/if not all of the matches, unfortunately we can’t place a bet on the match/channel schedule do to the gambling restrictions here. I guess we cant have it all.

  16. I just had an email from Soccer on TV which had these listed for Sunday

    ESPN and ESPN Deportes — Man City v QPR
    FX and Fox Deportes- Man Utd v Sunderland
    Fox Soccer Spurs v Fulham
    Fox Soccer Plus Stoke v Bolton

    The did not mention any other games yet …. not sure how they know this YET though

    1. The Man City v QPR game is not on ESPN for starters. It’s ESPN2 (and ESPN Deportes). If they got that wrong, I’d question the veracity of the rest of the schedule.

      The Gaffer

  17. I’m not getting my hopes up for anything.
    I’ve got Comcast….they’ve been known to show “UEFA Champions League” on the guide for Fox Sports, but show a baseball game instead.

  18. All this talk of what match is on what channel… in the UK we’re getting Man City on Sky Sports 1 and Man U on Sky Sports 2 and that’s it. Be grateful you’re getting all 10 in whatever capacity they’re shown! 😉

    1. That’s it two games is all they are showing, how many live games do they generally show a week now in the UK?

      1. On a Saturday it depends- sometimes there is one, at most two matches shown and sometimes there have been none on at all. On Sunday, Sky Sports usually has two matches and one on Monday night. Midweek will all again depend on what’s on in terms of matches. We get most if not all Champions League matches and most of the important cup games as well. Its nothing like my last year in the states though with FS and FS+ as well as ESPN showing loads of matches each week.

  19. Foxsoccer2go is currently showing the following as live for Sunday:Chelsea v. Blackburn; Everton v. Newcastle; Norwich v Aston Villa; Stoke v Bolton; Sunderland v Man United; Swansea v Liverpool; West Brom v. Arsenal; Wigan v Wolves.

    It seems that only the Man City v QPR and Sp*rs vs Fulham aren’t available via FS2Go….

  20. reposting this as I was still asleep when I typed

    the Man City game is actually written ESPN2 … sorry
    I just had an email from Soccer on TV which had these listed for Sunday

    ESPN and ESPN Deportes — Man City v QPR edit … it said ESPN2 my typo
    FX and Fox Deportes- Man Utd v Sunderland
    Fox Soccer Spurs v Fulham
    Fox Soccer Plus Stoke v Bolton

    The did not mention any other games yet …. not sure how they know this YET though

  21. Here’s where we are at

    Man City vs QPR -ESPN 2/ESPN3.com/ESPN Deportes

    Sunderland vs Man U – FX & Fox Deportes

    Stoke vs Bolton- Fox Soccer Plus

    Spurs vs Fulham – Fox Soccer

    Chelsea vs Blackburn – SPEED (its updated on their schedule via their wevsite)

  22. Sorry, WEBSITE. Wouldn’t want Gaffer claiming I didn’t know what I was talking about because the “V” and “B” keys are right next to each other….

  23. Thanks everyone for your investigative research in regards to filling in the schedule. We now know most of the matches, except for a few. As soon as I hear from FOX Soccer, I’ll update the schedule and will add a post to the site.

    The Gaffer

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