ESPN2 to Show Man City v QPR on Survival Sunday

ESPN has selected Manchester City vs. Queens Park Rangers as its pick for the BPL Final Matchday on Sunday, May 13th.

The match will air live on ESPN2 and ESPN3 @ 9:30am-12:15pm ET. The match will also air live on ESPN Deportes @ 9:55am-12:15pm ET.

FOX Soccer is yet to announce which matches will be selected for which FOX networks (FOX Soccer, FOX Soccer Plus, FOX Soccer 2 Go, FUEL, Speed,, FSN, FX and FOX Deportes).

If Manchester City wins next Sunday, they’ll win their first ever Premier League title.

26 thoughts on “ESPN2 to Show Man City v QPR on Survival Sunday”

  1. “If Manchester City wins next Sunday, they’ll win their first ever Premier League title”.

    Unless United won by 10 goals.

    1. At least by 10 goals, especially if Man City wins by a one goal margin or more.

      The Gaffer

      1. I think if City win by 1 goal, United will win it by scoring 9 goals because their goals scored(97) will be greater than City’s goals(91).

        1. GS, Sunderland will be no pushover for Manchester United. Them scoring nine unanswered goals against Sunderland will be too much to ask. United has to hope that QPR can either get a draw or a win to have any chance of winning the title.

          The Gaffer

  2. City can wrap up it live on the World Wide Leader in sports. While on Fox and it’s sister stations we can watch who gets to stay up and who plays in Europe. Rare in the EPL over the last few years for so much to be up in the air on the last weekend. Teams staying up have had quite the celebration when they avoided the drop.

    In any event US tv viewers are set for a great finish live as it happens.

  3. Hey, does anyone know if there is any history or significance with Mark Hughs, Man Utd, Man City and his club needing to win or at least draw on the last game of the season to save QPR and decide the fate of theorem ire league title?


    Thank god they chose this hot mess!

  4. Come on uRRRs! First year following the EPL and they’ve been my team from the beginning. Would hate to see the first team I supported to go down!!! Just form a human wall in net like Chinese circus performers and get the 1 point. please!!!!

    1. My bolton are fighting for the survival in the EPL. with QPR, Wigan and Blackburn still in the fight to escape relegation

      1. That makes no sense. In the past it was called Survival Sunday to generate interest when the title was decided. In this case there is a reasonable chance that there will be 2 teams going for one relegation spot and 2 teams going for the top spot and 3 teams going for 3rd and 4th place. Seems a lot more than Survival Sunday to me.

        1. So what should we call it then? What phrase best sums up the day other than “Final Day of the Premier League season”?

          The Gaffer

          1. Why are you making no sense ??? Because you don’t have a good name doesn’t mean pick one that makes no sense and ignores the primary purpose of the day. There are many other names “The Big Day” “Super Sunday”, “Decision Day” etc. etc.

            1. Tony, there’s several purposes of the day. It’s not all about the title race. With the title race pretty much wrapped up unless City stumbles, the greater likelihood is that Sunday will be focused on the relegation survival battle (i.e. “Survival Sunday”).

              The Gaffer

          2. Showdown Sunday?

            If City score a couple early, then everyone’s attention will go to White Hart Lane and the Hawthorns, I would think. with check-ins to the Brittania to see if Bolton can stay up assuming City does what we expect. Maybe a check-in at Goodison if Spurs or Gunners are stumbling (as their fans now expect!).

            If I were in charge at Fox, I’d use FX or Fox Soccer to show multiple games on one channel and call it Spectacular Soccer Sunday. What an incredible introduction to the casual fan on FX if they could watch one station that would flip from goal to goal and from stadium to stadium, sometimes showing split screens as necessary to go wherever the action is. I mean amazing on Fox’s part that they are giving us the chance to watch ANY/ALL of the important games live (vs. in past years some were on tape delay). But this is the one weekend of the year where the international feed announcers reveal the scorelines away, and the DVR just doesn’t work. I know it’s Mother’s Day, but block out the 2 hours and enjoy. I’ll have computer, iPad and television going to try to replicate the above experience. Should be amazing!

  5. no surprise, both sides need a W for different reasons, tho. Wouldn’t be surprised to see ESPN sending a SLR to the game as well…

  6. I know this is off topic, but may I express frustration with Fox Soccer’s coverage of the FA Cup on Saturday. Rather than showing the build up to the game at Wembley we get talking heads. No “Abide with Me, no entry of the teams, no Anthem, just talking, talking, talking.

    Is it just me or was this a miss on Saturday?

  7. So Fox will show the game where Martin Jol goes back to white heart lane, if he wins he puts Harry in 5th or 6th which is where martin left the club and why he was fired. Not that the league is incestuous at all LOL.

    If the rose red isn’t successfully appealed the Harry may have to go with a 3-5-2 or maybe a 3-4-2-1. Not ideal. Crazy last weekend

  8. How come they were no games on saturday morning at 10:00 A.M? This game should be on satuday not sunday damn it, I will miss it.

    1. It was FA Cup final day so they moved everything to the Sunday. Normally wouldn’t be an issue but it was played earlier than usual this year. Arsenal only kicked off on Saturday because the tube line giving access to the Emirates was closed for maintenance on the Sunday so on police advice it was played as the early kickoff on Saturday instead.

      Final day is played on Sunday because they can be shown live on TV in the UK. If they played on Saturday they wouldn’t be able to show anything between 2.45pm – 5.15pm because of the ban on live coverage.

  9. Certainly not much happening on the “survival” front on the last day this year. Either Bolton or QPR are going down. No other possibilities. Bolton must beat Stoke at the Britannia while QPR lose to City. Doesn’t look good for Bolton, but how interested will Stoke be? QPR fans will be Potters for a day.

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