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Arsenal Officially Unveils Their New Home Kit For 2012-13 Season [PHOTOS]

arsenal home shirt closeup Arsenal Officially Unveils Their New Home Kit For 2012 13 Season [PHOTOS]

Arsenal FC has officially revealed their new home kit for the 2012-13 season.

 Arsenal Officially Unveils Their New Home Kit For 2012 13 Season [PHOTOS]

The new Arsenal home kit features a blue hoop detail inspired by the home kit socks worn in the 1930′s under legendary manager Herbert Chapman. While the previous images of the shirt made it look more black or navy blue, it’s certainly blue. However, even in the official photos released (above and below), it still looks a lot darker than in person. But the close-up one shown below of the back of the shirt gives a better glimpse of the real color.

 Arsenal Officially Unveils Their New Home Kit For 2012 13 Season [PHOTOS]

The origins of the blue (obsidian) design features lie in Chapman’s innovative approach to the game. Arsenal manager between 1925 and 1934, his guidance took the Club to three league titles and an FA cup victory during that time.

 Arsenal Officially Unveils Their New Home Kit For 2012 13 Season [PHOTOS]

Further details in the shirt include the outer back neck graphic which references the WM formation that Chapman pioneered so successfully, along with the inner back graphic which reads “Victoria, Concordia, Crescit” – the Club’s long-held motto since 1948 which translates as Victory through Harmony.

 Arsenal Officially Unveils Their New Home Kit For 2012 13 Season [PHOTOS]

The shirt’s crest reverts back to Arsenal’s primary design, having sported a unique 125th anniversary version for the 2011/12 season.

 Arsenal Officially Unveils Their New Home Kit For 2012 13 Season [PHOTOS]

The kit is available for pre-order from Monday, May 7 and will be available in stores from June 7.

What do you think of the new Arsenal home shirt? Post your opinions in the comments section below.

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26 Responses to Arsenal Officially Unveils Their New Home Kit For 2012-13 Season [PHOTOS]

  1. BBC says:

    Is RVP’s stache new as well?

    • jtm371 says:

      WOW i don’t think i would call that a stache.if you put a little milk on it i think a cat could lick it off.not sure what to think of the new is different.

  2. dust says:

    blue, white and red bands…hhmmm where have I seen that before? oh yeah, here we are. Will they change it if they don’t qualify for the UCL and Whinger gets the axe? One can only hope..

  3. Abbey says:

    I see arsenal lefting a trophy with this kits. FA cup, carlling cup, league cup..??????????

  4. Johnkelvin says:

    Nice kit i c arsenal lifting trophies wth dis kit

  5. Fabio says:

    Are the Dutch flags on the end of the sleeve to convince RvP to stay? Mabey their away kit will be bright orange… :)

  6. Aimen says:

    Red, White and Blue = America :P

  7. Cody says:

    I usually buy an arsenal kit, but next season i think i’ll pass.

    • Nonsense says:

      CODY! MY SON! Watch out I might have to pull my belt out. I think that’s a good idea since you’re are the epitome of a clueless, classless, plastic fan.

      • Cody says:

        good grief. do you spend your life following me around the comments section of these stories? awful harsh comments on a mere jersey opinion. do you know me?

        • Nonsense says:

          So you made a comment specifically to me in one post and then replied in another and you’re being stalked?! Get it together …or… CALL THE PODCAST CREW! LOL

          I just think you’re a coward who makes certain comments in other posts then never replies when someone has something to say. You refer to a podcast group that is going to ‘get’ me….it’s hilarious. Basically you bring a smirk to face….thanks CODY!

          I still stand by my original comment, “you’re are the epitome of a clueless, classless, plastic fan” whose Shift key doesn’t work!

          • Nonsense says:

            Oh and the shirt is class

          • Cody says:

            oooookkkkkk. Sorry to have angered you by sharing my opinions on the new arsenal jersey. Don’t worry, I’m not going to “call the podcast crew”….whatever that means.

          • Nonsense says:

            CODY- you must have some type of memory issue. Don’t you remember asking me to say what I said to you to the podcast guys, ‘crew’, (as if that was supposed to scare me – LOL). Remember how I told you if they share your opinions they’re as ridiculous as you.

            As far as anger issue – no. Just love when someone gets on here and has no clue what they’re talking about (previous posts), then Monday morning quarterbacks and places blame rather than offer an opinion. As if you’re the tactician and SAF is merely getting started in the game.

          • Cody says:

            I think you have misunderstood much of what I’ve said. I’m only a fan of the sport and just here sharing opinions. Thats about all I’ve got to say. Good day.

  8. MG says:

    I see Arsenal lifting trophies with this kit.

  9. AJ says:


  10. dani says:

    100 bucks says RVP aint gonna be wearing that kit next year

  11. RevGunner says:

    I have to say I really like it. Had mixed feelings at first but something about this kit works for me. I am getting one.

  12. DAN says:

    Such a poorly designed kit, with those horrible white socks too!!! Get some bloodly RED back into the kit for once, I can’t stand how Arsenal have so much white in their kit and we call ourselves RED ARMY!!! I differently won’t be buying this horror show. The less said about the Goalkeeping kit the better too.

    Bring back the good old Red, white, Red Arsenal kit!!!

    I can always dream though!!!

    • MG says:

      Red and white makes up about 85% of the new kit, including shorts and socks… What are you on about?..

  13. Godfried kaokoo cocks Hatonda says:

    Blues and red remind of my favourite france team and of coz arsene wenger himself.idealogically ths team wl be ran by french men ,meaning tht after wenger thn thiery wl take it 4rm thr.jst my opinion the way i observe my thngs remeber dnt gt nasty on me .

  14. Talpagoon says:

    I am just glad they have reverted back to the woven badge as that rubber monstrosity was cheap looking and no doubt after a few washes would peal off.
    I’m not sure I agree with the hoops on the sleeves, however. To say it harks back to Herbert Chapman’s innovation is just a lame marketing ploy on behalf of Nike. They cannot change the colours or design of the Arsenal shirt too much as they would be messing with tradition. When Arsenal first signed with Nike, Nike tried to produce an all red shirt and it was fan pressure that made them re-think the design and the shirt ended up with a white upper sleeve and red under sleeve.

  15. Michael Rusling says:

    I wonder if we’ll see RVP wear it other than on here????

  16. nakul kapoor says:


  17. okia charles says:

    very beautiful kit,am so proud of the designer

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