What Was Your First FA Cup Final and Your Lasting Memories From It?

Congratulations to Chelsea Football Club for winning the 2012 FA Cup Final after beating Liverpool 2-1 in 90 minutes. We now know who one of the teams will be in the 2012 Community Shield, and we’ll find out next Sunday who Chelsea will be playing in the August final.

While the match failed to come to life as a true FA Cup Final classic, it still had its moments. But, for something a little different, what was your first FA Cup Final and what are your lasting memories from it? Share yours in the comments section below.

Mine was the 1977 FA Cup Final between Liverpool and Manchester United, which United won 2-1 after Jimmy Greenhoff (or was it Lou Macari who) scored the winner. The most memorable incident from the match, for me, was Jimmy Case’s brilliant twist, turn and goal for Liverpool.

Here are some of the responses from Twitter. Post your first FA Cup Final and your memories from it in the comments section below.






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