Arsenal vs Norwich, and Liverpool vs Chelsea FA Cup Final: Open Thread

It’s going to be a bit of a peculiar day with only two matches today. The early kick-off is Arsenal against Norwich City. Then, after that’s over, we have a two hour break before the FA Cup Final kicks off at 12:15pm ET/5:15pm BST.

For Arsenal, a win today will be vital to try to secure third place especially with Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur returning to top form. Norwich are safe in the Premier League for next year, but they’ll want to avoid letting more goals in. In the past 3 matches, they’ve conceded 11 goals.

As for the FA Cup Final, this should be a full-blooded match between two teams who certainly want to win a prestigious trophy. Most people favor Chelsea to win the match, but never count out Liverpool.

Before the FA Cup Final match today, be sure to read our FA Cup Final preview and videos, as well as our FA Cup Final preview podcast.

Before, during or after today’s matches, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

41 thoughts on “Arsenal vs Norwich, and Liverpool vs Chelsea FA Cup Final: Open Thread”

  1. Typical Arsne, poor poor sportsman, just like his captain.i hope we win out and newcastle do so arsenal don’t even stand a chance. Such poor losers. That arsenal performance is more like the performances they have had for the most of the season. Poor poor defending. if my spurs end up 3rd then its deserved, newcastle 4th, and chelsea loose the UCL final.

    Great job Norwich, Like I said they are no mugs, 3 striker sub, paul lambert gets it. the Norwich left back is a liability, without his lazy play, Van Dirty doesn’t equalize. And the Arse have to play wba in toys send off game… not a def 3 points that day either.

  2. Good game. Didn’t really root for anyone. Just cheered to whoever attempted to make goal from both sides. lol

  3. wenger is a POS he does not have the grace to shake P Lambert’s hand like a man.if the match had a real Ref arsenal would have been down 3/1 and down to 10 men.enjoy your thursday night matches in next years Europa League.enjoy your cup of karma wenger!great job Norwich you deserved the of the match the cue ball referee.

  4. That may have been the most draining Premier League game I’ve ever watched. A pretty good one too, though I wasn’t in much of a mood for a classic today.

    It would be sort of essentially Arsenal if our last memory of RVP was pulling two goals out of his hat to take the lead, but then making the mistake of celebrating like the job was done with 10 minutes left to kill off. He doesn’t deserve any blame for this season, and deserves pretty much all the credit for what was achieved, but oh I would have loved to see my captain screaming in some faces to finish the deal instead of joining in a dogpile.

    Lots of credit due to Norwich and even more due to Spurs and Newcastle if they can make this slip up hurt. It’s not going to be fun, but maybe finishing behind Tottenham will wake this club up.

  5. Give credit to Norwich for attacking Arsenal’s suspect defence and also for some terrific defending. Ruddy made some fantastic saves and many of their defenders put their bodies on the line to deny Arsenal several opportunities. On another day Arsenal would have won but not today.

    Both Spurs and Newcastle will feel great about this result, especially Spurs as they have an easier two games left. Tomorow’s Newcastle vs Man City game will be fantastic as both have to win to fulfill their target. Spurs now look most likely to get 3rd spot with Newcastle or Arsenal getting that 4th but with no guarantee they will get a Champions League spot.

    I love this time of year.

    Somehow the FA Cup final has been upstaged by the title race and top-4 places, not to mention the relegation battles. They should never have played the FA Cup this weekend. Should have been played at the end of the season. I just wish it is an entertaining game and that both teams go for it rather than play not to lose. Anything close to what we saw in the Arsenal-Norwich game will do for me.

    1. Yeah its really poor that the FA have let the greatest club cup competition become upstaged. Having any premier league fixtures on the same day as the final is just wrong, andy the price a europa league play off is terrible. The FA have done a terrible job of representing the cup. The fa cup is the oldest cup competition in the world and produced some of the greatest games in football.

      Thel eadership, marketing and PR teams of the FA suck. The FA cup should have a huge pay out 5 million plus to the winner (half of what the prem winners get as a cash prize) and be a qualifier for the UCL. I know the UCL is supposed to be just for leagues but they have made the eurpoa league a joke. The old format of the cup winner cup was far better.

      Cup winners only european competition could make a diff. FA cup final day was always massive, so many good memories. FA fail again.

      Just saw that gerrard goal against west ham on fox soccer….what a freak!

      1. I just thought it was cool that they gave a random guy a season ticket for showing everton pride is all. Never seen that is all.

  6. Good goal by Ramires. He made it look too easy, though!

    Let’s see what Liverpool is made of now, if they can come back from that goal.

    The Gaffer

  7. I don’t know who Chelsea’s POTY is but I’ve been very impressed with ramires this year, he looks like a great signing and his game suits the EPL.

  8. Chelsea looks as defensively sound as they did against Barcelona. It’s going to be very difficult for Liverpool to break down that defensive wall, the way they’re currently playing. It’s going to take something special for the Reds to get something out of this match.

    The Gaffer

  9. The best word is describe Liverpool’s first half performance — limp.

    Do they even want to win this? They’re playing as if they’re passengers, not champions.

    The Gaffer

    1. I hope Liverpool gets into the game, but at this ratet Chelsea could coast 3-0 or 4-0.

      The Gaffer

    1. I agree. But if ONLY Andy Carroll had tried to follow up the save by Cech to knock the ball into the net instead of running off to celebrate the non-goal.

      The Gaffer

  10. Bad news for Arsenal and France. Bacary Signa is out of the last EPL game and Euro 2012 with broken leg.

  11. Imagine if Lpool had decided to show up for the whole match instead of the last 30 minutes could have been a great FA Cup. will this get RDM the job or will Roman screw it up again i say keep him but i am not a CFC supporter.

  12. Liverpool were robbed- the assistant ref did was not in the right angle to judge. Goal line tech is way overdue!

  13. Thumbs up if you want to to go back to the old scorecard in Premier League matches, NOT the one that FSC has put in this year. Remember the scorecard with the Barclays logo on the left of the screen? If you them to go straight to the SKY feed for big matches like the FA Cup Final, not use their own to talk over the images. I don’t want to hear Wynalda, Barton, McBride and the other guy ruining my viewing experience because they are talking over the feed they pick up from England. When I saw Premier League matches on ESPN3.COM, they used the Sky Feed and they showed the tunnel entrances, the fans around the stadium, and the scorecard was the standard EPL scorecard. the viewing experience on Fox Soccer Channel is diluted by the talking over the feed and the constant commercial breaks. I don’t know why it wants to be different. It doesn’t work and wouldn’t hurt them if they didn’t talk over the announcers and the feed, and didn’t use their Americanized scorecard and other stuff to show ball possession, yellow cards, goal, etc. Sky would be MORE reliable than the FSC guys at that stuff.

    1. So on a day where RVP scored a fantastic brace, Norwich fought back to set up a culminating chase for 3rd, Drogba becomes the first player ever to score in 5 FA Cup finals, and we have yet another goal line controversy your takeaway is that we must replace the new scorecard?! Really?

  14. Edit: Months ago, I never thought they would have a chance to get to the CL final. But now I really feel they have a good chance to win the CL, be it through luck/fortune or ‘parking the bus’… They have a good chance to win it.

    Good job Di Matteo.

  15. Finally we saw what Daglish is really made of. Terrible team selection and tactics. It was like watching men against boys. Liverpool only started playing when they were two goals down. Too little too late.

    Maybe now people will realize just how far Liveropool are from the top-tier of English football. Thanks to Daglish and his eye for talent (buying overhyped British mediocrity) Liverpool are now definitely a midtable club.

    1. Well done Chelsea. Beating Munich in Munich without Ramires will not be easy. Pundits say Bayern will have added pressure to win on home soil. While that may be true, Chelsea will have added pressure as well to win in order to guarantee their place in next years top club competition barring a miracle top-4 finish in the league.

      About Liverpool, they need width. Why doesn’t Maxi play more? He provides attacking returns when he’s in the lineup.

  16. May I express frustration with Fox Soccer’s coverage of the FA Cup on Saturday. Rather than showing the build up to the game at Wembley we get talking heads. No “Abide with Me, no entry of the teams, no Anthem, just talking, talking, talking.

    Is it just me or was this a miss by Fox Soccer?

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