Roy Hodgson Named England Manager: A Victory For Common Sense

The FA has unveiled Roy Hodgson as the new manager of the England national team today.

It’s expected that Hodgson will complete the remaining two fixtures in charge of West Bromwich Albion before turning his attention to focus on England. As part of a four-year contract, Hodgson’s first game in charge of England will be the May 26 friendly against Norway.

If The FA wanted to hire an English manager to lead the England national team, Roy Hodgson is the perfect choice. The 64-year-old manager has an established career as a manager of several national sides and several continental football clubs. As manager at Fulham, he took the Cottagers to an UEFA Cup Final. Plus, at the international level, he has managed Switzerland and Finland.

While he’s not the public’s favorite choice (nor the choice of the press on Fleet Street), the man deserves all of the support from the public and media in giving him the confidence to do the best he can at this summer’s Euro 2012 tournament. Appointing Hodgson is a common sense decision by the English FA. Players will respect him. And I’m sure he’ll do the best he can as manager of his national side.

Best of luck Roy Hodgson!

34 thoughts on “Roy Hodgson Named England Manager: A Victory For Common Sense”

  1. Gaffer – please stop publishing this gibberish. Alex after reading this you’re not even fit for a blog. ” Roy Hodgson is the perfect choice”. WHAT!? Are you mad, expect the same old thing…never holding the World Cup.

    1. It’s not gibberish. I agree with Alex’s viewpoints.

      If you think Hodgson doesn’t deserve to get the England job, write up a post and send it in for consideration. See If Hodgson shouldn’t be the manager, who should in your opinion?

      The Gaffer

      1. Then we are all damned…

        We can only hope for a quality squad to be called up and for Roy to sit and be the good FA puppet.

        1. I’ll ask again… who do you think should have been given the job instead? And why not write an editorial piece to back up your opinions?

          The Gaffer

        2. You never answered the Gaffer’s question Mr. “Show us your credentials”.
          Who should be the manager?
          Show us your credentials.

          1. Cody & The Gaffer you should read before you post.

            I already joked about who should have the job, joked – because I’m not qualified to say who should have the job just like you —————>point.

          2. Cody why move the discussion to a separate post?

            Second guessing a proven winning coach does call for coaching credentials. When’s your next prem league game coach?

          3. It also makes you look weak when you have to follow-up someone else’s post on an entirely different subject. We were discussing the Man City Man United post. Stay on point and don’t act desperate! So I’ll ask again when do you take the field in the next prem league game coach?

          4. Isn’t interesting that you were so hung up on me answering a question, which I did, but YOU continue to not answer the question. Point made CODY. You have no credibility so you are correct my name fits – “nonsense” calling it out on a daily basis. Guys that have never played, coached, etc. giving their two cents as if it were fact – get real, state an opinion but please don’t think you have the knowledge/experience to pick a better squad than SAF. So blah blah blah would be an appropriate response from you.

          5. I still hear nothing but crickets. You resort to ‘blah blah blah’ – very intelligent/classy arguement….CODY!

          6. Thought I check back for any type of intelligent answer but you REALLY have nothing to say! You’re my son, run along and play with the other kids.

    2. In defense of the previous coaches and Roy Hodgson, the players do help determine the outcomes of these games. Hodgson certainly isn’t a terrible choice. Time will tell if he can do what other coaches have failed to do in the past, ie ignore the media and put together a top notch team.

  2. Roy Hodgson is the most qualified Englishman to be an international manager full stop. Look at his resume. Look at what he accomplished with Switzerland and Finland. International management is not club management and the FA, having appointed a succession of managers that had never coached at the int’l level but just as club m,managers has finally done something that makes sense.

    The critics in the media obsessed with Liverpool and spun seemingly by Harry Redknapp and others in London are not even being remotely objective in their “analysis” of this appointment.

    Honestly, if the criteria is to hire and Englishman, who else could you hire? Only one choice comes to mind and the FA did not botch this one up. Congratulations for them.

  3. With this appointment, the FA have in effect told the English media to “Go to Hell.” If it does nothing else, it gives Roy the confidence to do the same with his team and captain choices. I predict he will choose a team full of hungry talent and pass on the perennially under-achieving Terry, Ferdinand, Walcott, etc.

  4. The FA backed themselves into a corner saying the next England Manager would be English. But Roy is probably the best choice to get this team focused on winning the Euros and staying out of the tabloids.

  5. I have got nothing against Roy Hodgeson, if he succeeds then fine but the odds of that happening IMO are very very low.

    The FA is a joke, they could have helped quell the media speculation and distractions to the spurs squad but they didn’t? IMO they deliberately let the frenzy continue. They stated they knew a month ago who they wanted Roy and still didn’t come out and say anything, they didnt need to come out and say who it was or wasn’t, this is either an example of the FA being out of touch with the way the media works or a deliberate act to manipulate the media at the expense of a club and its fan base.As long as mediocre west brom weren’t effected by any speculation, that’s ok. Im not a Bernstein fan at all.

    All they needed to say and should have said is along the line of “Stop with the speculation of Harry, we are seriously considering many people, not just Harry”. Anytime there is a story or headline to do with harry then issue a press release, and deliver it with the same stern tone that they refused to discuss Harry at the press conference. That is what you do if you genueinly dont want a distraction for any manager or club.

    As for Roy, while he has managed a lot of clubs and 2 countries, I don’t care. At the high levels in European football it’s just a series of meh not even an FA cup, or carling cup. It not like he won the world cup with those countries, they qualified great, he achieved something the turnip didn’t. How did they do in the tournaments? Did they reach the final, semi final, quarters? NO. They won 1 group game, drew with the US, then lost to Spain in the next round 3-0. This world cup saw Sweden and Bulgaria finsh 3 & 4th. During the dark years of English football.

    The players didn’t want him at Liverpool or inter millan, and he isnt the players choice for England. The reality is that players who play at the highest level with the some of best managers in the best league in the world, english players, wanted Harry, but let’s discount their opinion and go with someone that the 4 stooges want. If you understand anything about intrinsic motivation and successful people management then those opinions are crucial.

    Being English I have been hoping for a summer tournament of great attacking football with success this summer. I just don’t believe that it is going to happen under Roy. I hope that I’m wrong, I’m just expecting, In typical FA fashion that during the next couple of months there will be stories and accounts of how it wasn’t actually a unanimous decision for Roy, there will be some kind of scandal and player bust up and the only football related happines will be to look forward to is the summer transfer market and spurs on tour in the US.

  6. I’m glad that Roy got the England Job. But Harry for Chelsea. Ha, no thanks. As for the media I really believe that as long as you can make yourself sound like you know what your talking about anyone could be a football journo. Quick example on how much they know. Before Chelsea played Barca, no-one gave us a chance. After the first leg going to Barca, guess what, no-one gave Chelsea a chance. And afterwards what did they all say, oh something like what Glenn Hoddle said on the telly about Barca having no plan B. What a joke. Honestly being a football journo in the UK must be one of the easiest jobs going, you’ve just got to be a first rate bull sh*tter.

  7. It’s the safe pick. There’s nothing wrong with that considering the big money managers of Sven and Capello didn’t lead to trophies either.

    Should Hodgson get England out of the group stage then I think he’ll have bought himself some time heading into the next set of WC qualifiers.

    Is Harry Redknapp that much better a candidate than Hodgson? Not really but his allies in the media don’t seem to think so. There are less skeletons in Hodgson’s closet than in Harry’s.

  8. Supposedly Spurs would have asked for £10M to release Redknapp, while Hodgson was about to be out of contract and thus free.

    You do the math.

  9. The FA PR team nead to be fited.

    Do they honestly think sticking their heads in the sand is th best way to get everyone behind Roy?

    Why not just be transparent and upfront by coming out and saying look, we understand and respect that Harry has been the favorite and the man on the lips of the nation media but here was our thought process. These were our considerations and this was out thought process in making the assessment. Not doing that is generating mistrust from the press. The whole “this is our decision we dont have to explain, now shut up and just support Roy, and if you dont your not a true england fan” is complete garbage snd

    Why did it take 20 minutes and a reporter asking Roy directly to address his thoughts on Harry and the hype for him to realist that the not answering wasn’t helping.

    Roy’s statement of “I hope Harry and I can remain friends” is strange. Harry has shown nothing but humility and class during this whole circus including the aftermath and according to Roy even left a supportive VM. Its weird, why wouldn’t Harry be true to his word given his actions? Just call him back and talk to him youself.

    I guess just another ill advised stance by the FA. The press are gonna have a field day in he next coming weeks.

  10. Spot on, Hodgson is the right choice for his previous experience. I think that Redknapp’s bandwagon was set rolling by his chums in the media and gathered momentum from there. Shocked, but also pleased to see that the FA have made a rational, seemingly well thought out decision.

  11. Has anyone else noticed the sports page irony? Kenny with his head in his hands as liverpool loose to fulham at Anfield for the first time and Roy Hodgson, hounded out for Kenny is now on cloud 9 as England manager.

    The photo’s of them in there contrasting situations side by side paint quite a picture.

    Liverpool fans, would you take Roy back? If he’s good enough for your country surely he is good enough for your club?

  12. Unfortunately it seems Roy is shaping up to be dead on arrival just as he was at Liverpool. The FA seem to have screwed Hodgson by NOT interviewing Redknapp. The FA are giving the impression Harry was not even considered which is undermining Hodgson before his team even kicks a ball.

    But the real problem here is the insistence on an English manager. The logical choice (at least in any walk of life apart from football) is to hire the best possible candidate available. Nobody can say with a straight face that any English manager still alive currently meets that criteria. Hiddink, Scolari are two off the top of my head that have stellar international credentials and top track records as club managers. In my opinion, Wenger could potentially work wonders with the players available. But no, we settle for an honest journeyman because he can give us passion and commitment expected of an Englishman. But time and time again, that is NOT enough. And so it is this time.

  13. It’s a nice change to see someone in professional football proud to serve their country. Can’t say that for a lot of the so called “professionals”playing in the Premier League.

    And the FA is never ever going to reveal why they picked Hodgson over Redknapp (or anyone else for that matter), so give it up. “Big” names (whatever that really means) are not always the best choice. Sven seemed okay before he decided to shag half of Europe while trying to trouser a bucket load of dough and Capello, hell whoever understood his mumbling about cell phones and blazers.

    It’s about time England had an English manager who understands English footballers and more importantly can speak the lingo. The experiment with foreign coaches has not worked. Carry on Roy.

    1. Granted, Capello was a major disappointment given his reputation but Sven did about as well as could be expected narrowly missing out on the semis in 3 tournaments. But there are better qualified coaches than either Hodgson or Redknapp working in the EPL that have first hand experience of working with the players. Arsene Wenger’s english is ok. He’s managed in England since 1996 so he must know a thing or two by now. And he is not likely to use the sort of English that Graham Taylor did in 1994 as shown in “The Impossible Job”.

      I don’t mind Hodgson – just can’t see us doing anything. Hope I’m wrong.

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