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Roberto Mancini and Alex Ferguson Square Off Against Each Other [VIDEO]

mancini ferguson Roberto Mancini and Alex Ferguson Square Off Against Each Other [VIDEO]

The tensions between Sir Alex Ferguson and Roberto Mancini came to a boil on Monday night when the two managers squared up against each other along the touchline.

The incident that sparked the war of words was after Danny Welbeck got fouled while making a run down the wing. As you can see from the video, both Mancini and Ferguson had plenty of words for each other as well as hand gestures telling each other they talk too much. Luckily, the fourth official and coaches were able to break up the skirmish before it resulted it anything.

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10 Responses to Roberto Mancini and Alex Ferguson Square Off Against Each Other [VIDEO]

  1. Paul says:

    They didn’t exactly square up against each other, that’s a bit far fetched! Emotions were high, tension was high… it’s allowed!

  2. Frank says:

    Both players got tangled up so it was no foul on anyone. Both managers were on edge and it showed. Still it was very funny to hear Fergie accuse Mancini of complaining to the 4th oficial throughout the game. Pot calling the kettle black!

  3. dano328 says:

    This shows the Italian is winning the mind games against the master. He is clearly deep under SAF’s skin.

    • QPR_Fan says:

      Yup! Hahaha

    • Nonsense says:

      dano328 – Mancini under his skin? Win 19, until then please refrain from making such absurd comments. SAF will get into it with anyone any day. As if Mancini was special….

      QPR_Fan – didn’t Chelsea just embarrass your team. It was like taking shots on the training ground. Teetering on relegation sitting at 17 you should probably just keep your comments to yourself. Oh, good look with Joey Barton, Michael-Phillips, Zamora, et al. CRUMB!

  4. trickybrkn says:

    Looks like the FA got to youtube,,,

    rather testy match. lots of emotion, lots of handbags.
    as a 3rd party it was difficult to watch, players seemed more interested in drawing fouls then playmaking.

  5. reidscott says:

    SAF complaining about talking to officials? LOL!!! The Master Manipulator! LOL!!! STFU….

  6. dano328 says:

    @nonsense you know as well as I do it’s about this year and the future. Congrats on your 19 years of dominance. SAF looked angry and Mancini was smiling. If there are mind games being played, SAF doesn’t have an edge this year. Not right now. I am not City fan but that’s how I see it.

  7. Nonsense says:

    I would be mad too, we didn’t play well. Don’t read too much into it. The 20th title is on it’s way!

    P.S. If you hire mercenaries could there is no possibility of a future or a dynasty such as Manchester United.

  8. Nonsense says:

    Typo, omit the ‘could’ in “If you hire mercenaries….”

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