Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 36: Open Thread

Today, we have two matches kicking off in separate parts of London at different times. The early match is the London derby between Chelsea and QPR (8:30am ET/1:30pm BST). QPR will be hoping for a win to try to increase the gap between them and Bolton beneath them.

The second match of the day features Tottenham Hotspur against Blackburn Rovers at White Hart Lane (11am ET/4pm BST). And @epltalk follower Scott Ball sums it up best, by asking on Twitter:

Now that Wigan and Bolton picked up valuable points yesterday, it’s imperative that Blackburn draws or wins today to stay close to the pack. A loss will make it very difficult for them to stay up with the season almost over.

Before, during and after today’s Premier League matches, share your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

12 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 36: Open Thread”

  1. Nothing like the business end of the season…virtually every match has something riding on it…top, bottom and in between.

    I’m getting warmed up with a little match from the SPL..I’m getting the feeling these fans and players don’t like each other.

  2. Chelsea play well in the rain. It helped them against Barcelona in the first leg. Nice to see four goals in 25 minutes. Torres is doing well. Might have had a third. Hopefully Chelsea don’t take the foot off the gas in the second half. The goal difference could come in handy vs Arsenal, if they can climb that far in the table – who can say?

  3. Peter,

    Very true, he’s scored his hat-rick, and now all the Torres is back talk will circulate. He just needs games, oppose to media talk. And who knows what can happen, Arsenal are somewhat tittering of late, Chelsea may not have enough to get 3rd but possibly 4th.

    1. A big match with Newcastle mid-week at Stamford Bridge will give Chelsea a chance to advance. Wigan showed that Newcastle are vulnerable, and Chelsea are playing with confidence at the moment. Meanwhile, if Torres’ run continues the big question will be whether he or Drogba gets the start in the CL final.

  4. Some thoughts from Sunday…

    2 great examples of club ownership not knowing what they are doing, wolves and qpr. Why Mick and Neil were fired is beyond me, seriously. Mark Hugh’s has been a disaster for qpr. An absolute disaster.

    Increible 30 yard curling around the wall freekick aside, If Walker isn’t the starting RB for England I’ll be shocked and disturbed. Is there a better english right back in the premier league? All though he is a young defender and will obviously learn more, the shift he puts in and tecnical ability is quite simply a joy to watch.

    Spurs performance today was ok at best, blackburn were set up to soak up pressure and frustrate spurs and then try and nick a goal from a set peice or quick break. We had way too many touches around the box, not enough decisiveness, if you have the ball outside the box attack it, defenders will have limited choices and will require impecible consistency of technique to always make the great tackle, and that not gonna happen. if they bring you down its a free kick, if they get a foot in and dont bring you down, then 1 of the other 6 players around the outside ofthe box can clean up. So frustrating to see way so many touches.

    Bale’s performance today was meh at best, I think he’s to readily drifting in giving up on the flanks and just cluttering up the middle, wtf is ade doing on the wing. Bale needs to stick it out on the wing a little longer. The worlds greatest players shine when the pressure is on, and it is on.

    Villa will be difficult, as will Bolton, all fighting for survival. Fulham at home is a good last game for us.
    Chelsea will draw midweek against the toon army at best, it is on!

    1. Wynalda had a devastating (but accurate) take on Hughes after the match.

      To me, he seems to be the perfect example (a la MLB) of the “experienced” manager who gets hired time and time again despite what his track record shows about his ability. God forbid that you go get a somewhat green, but proven leader from a lower level of competition. I know, I know…….but “he doesn’t have experience.” **sigh**

      1. LOL yeah, I saw that, he is right. Hughs should be done, but I think they survive, and he will keep his job, i still think Villa could go down, if Villa loose their last 2 against @home to Spurs (chasing UCL) and then Norwich away (nobody’s chumps and would like the scalp).

        All Bolton need to do is win 1 of their last 3, I think/hope they loose to Spurs and then pickup 3 from either or West Brom from soon to loose their manager or Stoke.

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