FA Approach Roy Hodgson to Become England Manager

In a shock move, The FA has announced that it has received permission from West Bromwich Albion to approach Roy Hodgson for discussions about becoming the next England manager.

“Roy is the only manager we have approached and we remain on course to make an appointment within the timescale we set-out soon after Fabio Capello’s departure.

“Further conversations will now take place with Roy and my Club England colleagues before any further announcements can be made.”

Assuming that Roy Hodgson will accept the position, and why wouldn’t he based on the honor that the position is, Hodgson will become manager of the England national team for Euro 2012.

The move comes as a surprise after Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp was the favorite to get the position after the 2011-12 Premier League season ends. However, Redknapp has suffered an appalling run of form as Tottenham manager since he was touted as the probable replacement for Capello.

Hodgson’s previous appointments as manager include stints with countries such as Switzerland, Finland and United Arab Emirates, while his club management career has included Inter Milan, Liverpool, Udinese and Blackburn Rovers.

43 thoughts on “FA Approach Roy Hodgson to Become England Manager”

  1. Roy does have an impressive list of employers–I don’t think he is the best choice, and how is it going to sit with the players that have publicly come out for harry? Seriously, are the FA just setting the team up for failure?

    As a Spurs fan, its just wrong that the FA waited that long to announce while allowing the press to run stories of on harry and effect the mindset of the spurs outfit. Plus I was looking forward to getting Brendan Rodgers as the new manager! damn it!

    If this does happen then I would fully expect it to be fast within the next 12 – 24 hours to minimize press stories against the FA where they went wrong and move on to the appointment, and the inevitable “get behind england”.

    1. Since when does The FA have to do Spurs a favor?

      A strong team keeps all drama out of it’s camp and gets on with the job. Spurs have obviously failed miserably at that task since with the season almost over they could be in the Europa League next year without a trophy this year.

      This is Harry Redknapp’s fault and not The FA.

  2. Would Martinez be the leading candidate for West Brom? I would say Roy is a good pick for England manager wish him all the best.

    1. If Martinez refused Aston Villa last summer, it will take a bigger club than WBA to get him to leave Wigan.

  3. He is definitely a class act. Cant go wrong with him in my opinion and I can not wait to see what hes going to do with the lineup.

  4. If this is such an obvious move why hasn’t anyone been trumpeting it before now? Roy has been many places and I don’t see a resume that makes me so sure to think it’s obvious at all. He talks more than he delivers like many a manager- High profile job with lots of pressure – really is that his forte?

  5. They should give it to Harry just so the rest of the fans in the EPL Don’t have to listen to him go on about how “spurs where in for every player but couldn’t afford his wages” because it’s getting to be embarrasing. Harrys still hasn’t learned you can’t shop at Harrods on a primark budget.

    1. Maybe Spurs should go £500 million into debt like Man U? The wage limit does need to be addressed at Spurs but I think that will come when the new ground is built and more success with europe.

      Until then you can continue to “shop at harrods” and buy our players like Berb and Carrick and maybe even Modric, Bale, or Walker.

      Although i don’t think you could afford them with all that debt. (Bale has a $243 million (£150 million) price tag) http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/transfer-news/EXCLUSIVE-Tottenham-slap-world-record-150m-price-on-Bale-article856068.html

      Or the £40m for Modric
      Oh thanks for the $49.89 million for Berb and the $30.18 million for Carrick, it came in handy for the new training ground 😉

      1. 500 million in debt and we can still take your best players at will. Not a surprise really as you can’t fault the spurs players for wanting to actually win something at some point. 18m for Carrick and by 5pm tonight he could very well have his 4th or 5th premier league winners medal wrapped up, even berba has a couple of winners medals to look at every now and then.

        Maybe harry should spend a little more time working with his players at your new training facility and then spurs wouldn’t bottle it every year like they do when they get near the champions league places. The fact that you use a article about bale from the Daily Mirror says everything so I won’t even bother going into the 150m price tag.

        1. LOL Come and get them then? Our new stadium will feel even better with your money. Let’s see how successful you can be. Just bring that big american check book. The mirror football article was 1st from list in google.
          With all the shady back room financial activity your owners are involved in, it would be a shame to see man utd be exposed and punished the same way that Glasgow Rangers are. I’m sure a lot of people would be devastated. Let’s hope that never happens huh?

          I guess because you support Man U that means by default you know more than Harry Redknapp and Daniel Levy do tho.

          The money Man City have had injected has meant I didn’t want them to win the title, I didn’t want them to buy the title, but man u fans like you just make it easier to root against your club. Will this be the beging of the end?

  6. Personally, I’m happy with Roy for England Manager. However, it’s how the press/fans are going to treat him at the first signs that England aren’t Brazil. I mean we still expect far to much from our players and if they don’t deliver rather than say they’re a bit crap really we’ll just crucify the Manager. We still apportion far to much blame on the Manager not enough on those lovely holier than thou players.

  7. Roy Hodgson ticks all the boxes in my opinion. Proven pedigree on the international stage, and is tactically astute can’t say that for a lot of English managers at the moment.

    Its lovely how the media made it a certainty that Harry Redknapp would get the job, placing a cloud under his Tottenham job allowing spurs to capacitate. Wonder how he feels after not getting a chance for the job and how spurs will feel about him sticking around. Interesting things are happening.

  8. How will the press and fans handle him? Probably the same way they’d handle any other guy… turn on him pretty quickly and start asking who the next coach should be.

    His resume sounds nice, but does he have the experience of drawing together a group of highly talented, but disjointed players? His fit with Liverpool wasn’t too good, not much to his fault, he just didn’t belong there. I ponder what sort of success a coach who has seen little success, especially with a solid team, can coach England.

  9. Roy Hodgson?? IS THE FA ON CRACK?? You have Pep, AVB, Ranieri, RDM, and heck even Mancini if he wanted to and they went after ROY HODGSON??? OH GOD

  10. Is this also a case of the FA not wanting to shell out the £10 million they would have had to pay Spurs in compensation to get Redknapp?

  11. Hodgson is the “safe” choice. To be fair our ‘Arry put himself in the frame and the media ran with it. Harry has always used the media to trumpet his comments and with the recent tax evasion court case (albeit he won) he’s probably a little too unpredictable for the FA.

    To be fair Hodgson’s not a bad choice he’s always done more when given less. Currently the whole England set up is in disarray since the Capello debacle and the FA has done what it’s best at – doing FA. So if he takes the job he’ll be handed a mess the FA has created.

    Harry will probably look back and say “I ducked another one”

      1. Overrated how? they are ranked 7 in FIFA rankings? and 7th in the euro seeds, 7th!

        Do you mean that expectations are always too high? Are they better than Germany? or France? No.

        I don’t think they are over rated, I think the fan base knows it has the best league in the world and its an english game and a sense of entitlement to the game. The fanbase is so passionate and has many voices of support because of the individual skill level of the english players.

        Harry overrated? LOL, I can’t believe you actually think that what Harry has been able to do with the squad he inherited. C’mon Andrei, he has turned it around. the squads and results are night and day.

        DiMateo, now thats an overrated manager, he has had zero pressure to perform, Zero! this has resulted in the players playing well, but lets not pretend the Barca win didn’t have luck and barca misfortune as a the key element of the 2 leg victory, Messi hitting the cross bar on a penalty, LOL–cause thats what you’d expect.

        Any result for Di Matteo has been a bonus in wheat turned in to a clean up season. There have been zero expectations and that has lifted the team, not incredible tactics. If he gets the gig and is expected to win the league, we will all see the true DiMatteo, the one that was in charge of West Brom and then fired.

        Chelsea will loose the UCL to BM in Munich. BM just beat one of the greatest managers in europe to reach the final with a dazzling display. Do you honestly believe the chelski performance in either leg was even remotely in the same area as BM against RM? Chelsea have ridden their luck and it has had an incredible impact on the squad, but lets not get crazy.

  12. I’m a Fulham fan and we enjoyed our best ever days under Hodgson’s watch. He’s also had a very well-rounded resume both in the club and national ranks domestically and abroad. He may not be as sexy a pick as Rednapp, but he’s a much-less controversial if you ask me.

    I think he will do England a good service. He’s a no B.S. manager and a class-act. Best of luck to him if it works out.

  13. England likes to play long ball. who is better than Roy!!!

    Oh! Dear! I forgot Big Sam & Tony… FA should interview them as well.

  14. How will this effect the WBA arsenal game now? they had noting to play for, but now…could they pull the upset and get a draw or even win?

  15. This will end in disaster. Roy really didn’t handle Liverpool’s limelight very well and I see this as being a much bigger stage. He has worked well with a very limited budget (WBA, Fulham, Norway, Swiss) but when it comes to matching tactics with players and not the other way around, he struggles. He also didn’t seem to manage the big egos very well. Look for John Terry and Frank Lampard to run right over him.

  16. Roys first difficult situation to navigate will be the Terry in the squad scenario. This was made more difficult to navigate by the court date pushing out till after the euro’s. Everyone has seen the footage of Terry saying exactly what anton said he did, he will be found guilty, the un-neceseery tension in the squad because of all this guy has done from sleeping with wayne bridges wife to being racially abusive to rio’s brother on tv.

    He’s a joke and should not be included in the squad, Roy has an easier time of not including Terry in the squad than Harry because of the ties Harry has to Lampard, Terry and Ferdinand from his West Ham days. Roys decision in this situ will be key to our success at the euro’s

    1. Two things on your ill informed first paragraph.

      1-Wayne Bridge wasn’t married to the girl John Terry slept with at any point in Bridge’s life.
      2-The footage of Terry with Ferdinand is inconclusive and Anton Ferdinand admitted he did not hear Terry say the remark.

      How can you connect the dot that Redknapp will keep Terry in the squad b/c of Lampard and his West Ham days? What favor does Harry do Lampard in this scenario? Should Hodgson leave Gerrard out of the squad b/c he was there when he managed Liverpool?

      1. fernando…

        1:) My bad it wasn’t his wife, it was wayne bridges girlfriend that he got pregnant and then arranged the abortion for, while wayne was in a relationship with her. This was while John Terry WAS married,
        But I guess that makes it better tho right?
        No ring means it ok to sleep with someone else’s girl while he is married?

        2:) what? anton ferdinand admitted he didn’t hear terry say anything? what ? then why did it even come up? why is there a criminal procedure, ah yes thats right because anton is standing by what he is saying and there IS video evidence. click below!

        http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/video/2011/oct/24/john-terry-anton-ferdinand-video there s the video, watch after the player walks past the frame. WOW

        As for the link, Harry is Franks Uncle, let me explain how he is his uncle. Frank Lampards father has a sister, that sister is Harry Redknapps wife.
        They are family, not in a mafia sense in a real sense.

        So no its not the same as Hodgeson and Gerrard…so in your correction post you seem to wrong.

        Harry was heavily criticized for play Frank Lampard when he was manager of West Ham over others, he cultivated, john terry, Frank Lampard, Rio Ferdinand and joe cole to name a few through the ranks and west ham.

        So yea I would say its quite a bit more complex for Harry in that situation.

        1. John Terry had sex with Wayne Bridge’s ex-girlfriend, this bothers you that much? I’d say get over it. John Terry is a bone head but he’s one of the best defenders England have and that’s why he’ll be at the Euro’s.

          On the matter of breaking down the family connection btwn Redknapp and Lampard thanks for clarifying how that would work since if you need to point that out, that shows how out of your depth you really are. So b/c Lampard could’ve had his uncle in charge of the team, Frank Lampard one of the best professionals in football, would go to Redknapp and say “Don’t leave out John Terry.” That sounds perfectly sound to you? Interesting.

          As for the video it’s inconclusive at best. Based on you need to produce something the world has seen a million times I would say your obsession with disliking John Terry is unhealthy. Lighten up muppet.

          1. Sounds like your love of John Terry in the light of damning evidence needs to be looked at, your denial of repeated serious character flaws is something you could look at figuring out with a professional.

            How is it hatred to point out what John Terry has done? It seems all evidence points to him having anger issues. You should read the posts again and get the thread of the conversation correct.

            If you have the gift of being able to read and you followed the premier league when harry was manager of west ham you would know what i say is factual, he was heavily critisized for favouring lampard, ask any west ham fan that supported the club back then, maybe even use the internet to look at the stories? the outburst from west ham fans over nepotism. I have. Of said that I agree, I just said his history with those players makes it difficult for there to be a perception of objectivity.

            Inconclusive evidence? LoL hardly, you dont have to be a lip reader for the FBI to see what he is saying, why do you think the crown prosecution service are prosecuting the case. Denial is not a river in Egypt, you have a bad case of it. Ask the gaffer to take a poll of what people see him say in the video.

            Maybe you should give evidence defending his charachter at his trial on his behalf. LoL

  17. Not sure what to make of Roy’s imminent appointment. I do however agree with one of the Guardian’s writers who wrote:
    [Hodgson, to give him his due, has demonstrated he is an accomplished manager. He is popular within the game and there is certainly no appetite here to dismiss him before he has even been fitted for his FA blazer. Equally, however, the fact remains that when he got his chance at a big English club, Liverpool, it ended after 191 days.

    One has to be clear about this point because over recent months Hodgson has attracted a lot of sympathy about what happened at Anfield. Some of it has been legitimate, too, because it is true, for example, that Kenny Dalglish’s record has strayed dangerously close to being just as undistinguished at times, without a fraction of the complaints from the Anfield crowd. Yet there is also a certain amount of revisionism here, too.

    Liverpool, under Hodgson’s guidance, were hovering just above the relegation places at one point and suffered the ignominy of going out of the Carling Cup to Northampton Town. In the process Hodgson became increasingly erratic. The style of football was poor and, for such an intelligent man, he struggled to immerse himself into the culture and essence of the club. However it is dressed up, he blew it. The FA appears willing to airbrush this from his CV.]

  18. “Hodgson’s previous appointments as manager include stints with countries such as Switzerland, Finland and United Arab Emirates, while his club management career has included Inter Milan, Liverpool, Udinese and Blackburn Rovers.”

    Typical, no mention of him turning around FULHAM and leading them to a EUROPA LEAGUE FINAL.

  19. Shades of Ron Greenwood here who was a very good England coach. Its laughable to see the reaction of the scum press and the dimwits who buy the rags when they didn’t get their man. Only knock on Hodgson is that he hasn’t really done it at the very highest level. It helps that expectations are low for the Euros so he has time to assert himself before the serious business of the world cup qualifiers on which he will ultimately be judged. If he is smart he will need to either get the golden generation on board or get them out. He can make a statement early by ending Terry’s England career, by keeping Parker as captain, but also by bringing Ferdinand and Lampard back for the Euros. Good luck Roy. Just don’t be another McLaren, or worse, Graham Taylor.

  20. @Dust

    You’re an idiot, not only does your spelling illustrate that but so do your opinions.

    Can you read? How does the Lampard/Redknapp relationship help John Terry? If anything it would help Lampard.

    You failed to answer that.

    1. @ fernando,

      Continue to nestle in the comfort of your naivety with your John Terry Teddy Bear and what can only be described as a blinding love…good for you.

      I write on my iPhone most of the time and admittedly don’t scour each post as well as I should when I write it, so you got me….how that equates to my intelligence I’m not sure but thats ok, you are evidently far more intelligent than I.

      As I wrote earlier, the nepotism is a perception of Harry, I didn’t say it was factual I said it was a perception, I also mentioned the very close relationship he has with the players that he nurtured at west ham (including john Terry) as it is obviously relevant if you can’t join the dots and use just a little discernment then fine.

      Just think for a second about a moment in your life where you have experienced or observed some form of favoritism or maybe even nepotism, if you can’t think of any examples then you are a very lucky, if not incredibly removed from reality, i would steer well clear of any career in politics or business or anything in a social setting just to be safe..

  21. Roy is going to play a super strict 4-4-2 with 2 banks of 4 and his defense playing ultra deep. Sure this is nice and organized and will be enough to get results against Sweden and Ukraine but he is going to get torn to pieces by teams that play a modern 4231 and have better players to boot ….. France, Spain, Germany, Holland would all destroy a traditional British 442 hoofball outfit and I would back Italy and Portugal as well.

    This is a nice, safe, traditional pick for England. But Roy is not going to do anything to modernize the way the national team plays which I thought the FA was interested in.

  22. Well said Mike. Hodgson’s CV is certainty more impressive than any English coach around; that’s probably more an indictment on the sorry state of English mangers. He certainly got a bad hand with Liverpool.

    I still don’t know if he – at his age, has what it takes to take England forward. Can he win a trophy with England? Can he take the English system into the modern era – everything from coaching to training, tactics to a philosophy – down to the under 17’s. Does Hodgson, with all his coaching on the continent, have the courage to play one striker up front when needed? Roy’s biggest strength is his system – designed to maximize teams with a finite amount of individual talent, something every player has to buy into. I’m not to sure that he can get 25 internationals to do just that. I wish him the best of luck either way.

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