Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 36: Open Thread

In today’s Premier League Saturday Open Thread, I’m going to do things differently and have some of the astute EPL Talk readers who are on Twitter (who follow @epltalk) to tell you and I which matches they’re most looking forward to watching today on TV and why.

Let’s begin with:

Followed by the match of the day, in my opinion:

At the same time that match is going on (at 10am ET/3pm BST), we also can watch:

In the other matches of the day, let’s not forget West Bromwich Albion at home against Aston Villa. If Villa loses this one, all hell will break loose among the Villa supporters.

Sunderland against Bolton is another important match. Owen Coyle’s side will be continuing their good away form and playing against a very strong Martin O’Neill side who may be thinking about a holiday in the sun.

Plus there’s Swansea against Wolves. I’ll be watching this one. If the Swans can win the game, it’ll guarantee them a 14th place finish or higher (and £3 million extra revenue more than they would get if they finished in 15th position). For a club who doesn’t have as much money as other Premier League sides, £3 million is a lot of money.

Last, but not least, there’s Norwich against Liverpool from Carrow Road. Expect the Canaries to come out guns a-blazing in this one. I believe they still have a point to prove, and they’ll want to finish above Swansea. For Liverpool meanwhile, it’s a dress rehearsal for Steven Gerrard who should be back to gain some match fitness before next week’s big match in the FA Cup Final. I have a feeling Liverpool will have their minds on the cup final, not beating Norwich.

Before, during and after today’s Premier League matches, share your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

36 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 36: Open Thread”

  1. Getting ready to go down to the Brit to watch us take on Arsenal, can’t really get up for it TBH and think we might get rolled over easily for once. I’m interested in the Villa game, I managed to get 43-1 on Villa being relegated and Birmingham being promoted.

    Just in case there’s some contentious decision in the match that goes against the precious Arsenal fans please remember this:

  2. Looking forward to next season….Southampton look to joining Reading in moving up…two quick goals in succession and lead 2-nil. West Ham to the playoffs….

  3. For anyone missing their fix of the early Saturday kick-off in the Premier League, go to and watch the final day of the nPower Championship where they have Southampton vs Coventry, Crystal Palace vs Cardiff and West Ham vs Hull City.

    The Gaffer

      1. Agreed! after moving to the states I have gotten used to american sports spreading games around for tv and the premiership going that way.

    1. The atmosphere in Southampton is fantastic. Those are some very happy supporters.

      So strange to think about what has happened with the fortunes of Southampton and conversely Portsmouth over the past three years.

  4. You can join FoxSoccer2Go for a 1-month free trial…it covers to rest of the season, including the nPower playoffs.
    Enter promo code: XOOMFOX

    You can even use to code to re-subscribe if you are not currently a subscriber. It will give you more options for next Sunday in addition to the Championship playoffs. I signed up today…so it works.

    I am currently watching three Championship games…

    1. You are the man. I had no idea about the free trial. I was able to watch 4 games at once with all of the laptops and the main tv available.

  5. Gaffer,

    Are you Welsh or are you Swansea?? In other words, do you want Cardiff City to gain promotion or stay in the Championship?

    1. I’m Welsh and used to live near Swansea. But I’m hoping Cardiff don’t get promoted. Bitter rivals :)

      The Gaffer

  6. Saw most of the Southampton/Coventry game on Fox Soccer Plus this morning. What an atmosphere, what joy!

    Looking forward to yet another crazy relegation battle upon us, w/ Villa, Wigan, Bolton, QPR, Blackburn fighting for their lives…

    I know I am beating a dead horse here. I know this is the wrong forum, but I couldn’t help thinking that watching the S’hampton game. I understand the difficulty of making this happen, I understand that you cannot compare countries with 130 years + football history with the US, I understand the distances, the unstable NASL and USL, the hard sell for the owners, but in the US, promotion-relegation is a must in the long term.

    It won’t happen under the leadership of my favorite corporate prostitute, Donnie Garber, but it must happen down the road. It will be essential for making sure football in the US doesn’t get zombified like all other pro sports leagues in the country. Maybe the next MLS commissioner should be a football fan first and a corporate stooge second.

    And now, come on Wigan!

  7. What is going on??? Goals, goals, goal. Fantastic day!!! Trying to keep up with 5 games on my PC/TV Split screen…I think I am getting a headache…

  8. Haha! I said the arse would get 2 from 9. Haha, I don’t think this race for third is over. Wigan deserve to stay up with their results recently, incredible for the latics!

    1. I was there ‘doing the Wenger’. He really is a myopic prick. Bit of a damp squib of a match today, atmosphere wasn’t the greatest.

      In reality Arsenal should be putting us to the sword but even with RVP they appeared toothless to me today. Rosicky impressed me today.

      As an aside Stoke rugby played their last game of the season today, have won every game so far and rounded promotion off with a 61-6 victory. They just missed out on a trip to Twickenham in the cup for the second season running last week getting beat in the cup.

      Suarez is on fire.

    2. Stoke fans are horrible pricks, why the hell were they booing ramsay?? For getting his legs snapped in 2?? Or for inducing soo much pain to shawcross??

      1. You mean their Horrible, fat, toothless, inbred pricks with a drunken caveman manager who likes to headbutt men in the shower.

      2. If you were there you’d have realised it was by way of response to the Arsenal fans barracking of Ryan Shawcross. What do you expect? How come it’s okay for Arsenal fans to sing about Adebayor and how he should have been shot with the Togo team?

        Man Utd – Munich
        Liverpool – Hillsborough
        Arsenal – Aaron Ramsey’s Leg

    3. Wenger was right in complaining about Whitehead just falling over, but it was still really funny… at least for a Stoke City fan.

    1. look at the ref and linesmen leg it as soon as the fans rush the pitch. If only they can move that fast during the match!
      Looking forward to the playoffs. God I love football!

    1. Totally. It’s stupid especially when he’s scoring in the match he should just let that do the talking.

      In other news though… what a great 3rd goal!

  9. 3 cracking goals from the Uruguayan klansman. Like has been said he doesn’t need to dive, he does himself an injustice.

  10. Banter between fans is great but Stoke take it too far when they boo and abuse ramsay everytime he touches the ball. What has he done other than having his leg broken by shawcross?
    ‘doing the Wenger’ was pretty funny and things like that should be part of the game but the abuse that he and some other managers/players get (you know some of the songs) go beyond the line.
    Pulis classy as always by not calling on his fans not to abuse ramsay in his post match interview.

    Really good day of football in the other matches. Wigan going on a crazy run like west ham did a few yrs ago.

  11. What a fantastic week of football it’s been! From the Toffees slowing ManU’s march to the title; the Spanish superpowers battling one another then getting bounced out of the Champion’s League to Wigan’s amazing run of form, and the Swans and Wolves running themselves ragged in a game that essentially meant nothing. That’s why we love this game!

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