Guardiola Steps Down As Barcelona Boss

GuardionalAfter 4 seasons, 13 trophies and hours upon days of exquisite football, Pep Guardiola has decided that a change is best for both himself and Barcelona. Coming directly on the heels of being eliminated from the Champions League by Chelsea and from the Spanish title race by arch-rival Real Madrid, it’s hard to not see this as an emotional reaction. Given Guardiola’s calm, poised approach though, it’s unlikely to be so reactionary. The rumours had started months ago that he may seek another project and now that time has come. Cue the Chelsea and Manchester City rumours!

Watch Guardiola’s press conference

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2 thoughts on “Guardiola Steps Down As Barcelona Boss”

  1. Pep Guardiola established his excellence in coaching the best
    players in the world at Barcelona. He won many championships. He’s
    not only resigning because of the losses, but he also wants a
    change for him and Barcleona.

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