Are These Everton’s Home and Away Shirts From Nike for the 2012-13 Season?

There’s been a lot of anticipation to see what Everton’s home and away shirts will look like for the 2012-13 season especially since Le Coq Sportif will no longer be the club’s kit manufacturer, and they’ve been replaced by Nike.

Note, the above pictures are not the official designs of Everton’s new home and away shirt for the 2012-13 season. However, they are the closest things to them right now based on information leaked from Nike as well as the help from Everton captain Sylvain Distin who has been very helpful on Twitter in dropping hints regarding what the shirts will look like.

Having said that? What do you think? The new Everton home shirt has a v-neck collar, but the thing that jumps out are the large white “cuffs” at the bottom of the short-sleeves. The same applies to the new Everton away shirt which is white and features large blue “cuffs.” It’s quite jarring at first, but it looks better on the away shirt than it does on the home one in my opinion.

Overall, the shirt designs are simple and straightforward. And considering how Nike has butchered the new US men’s national team shirt, then the above designs are quite good.

Share your opinions about the new Everton home and away shirts in the comments section below!

17 thoughts on “Are These Everton’s Home and Away Shirts From Nike for the 2012-13 Season?”

  1. You sir are ridiculous, the USA shirt is the best one they have ever had. At least it gives them an identity and makes them recognizable.

    Nice Everton kits, i like the ringer look.

    1. Soot, what identity is that? Where’s Waldo? The Cat In The Hat? A candy stripe barber pole?

      I love the USMNT, but there is no identity in that new home shirt. If anything, there is confusion. What is the USMNT’s home shirt color? White, blue or red? In my mind, it’s white and has been continually for the last 18 years. Not red and white hoops.

      The Gaffer

      1. The color change is surprising but I love the new USA shirt. The sash is getting really overplayed but beyond that I think it’s great.

  2. If these are not the actual shirts, they are probably close. The bands on the sleeves are consistent with the other crap Nike are putting out. If you look at the Brasil shirts, they are basically these with Everton Blue. I think it is a pretty rush job by Nike. Everton have had some great away shirts over the last few years. It is a shame they went with Nike who spit in the face of any sort of tradition. This is traditional but wait for them to have a year to completely screw up the Everton shirts. Perhaps they will begin with putting a red accent on the home kit that will piss everyone off. Look what they have done to the next United shirt, oh I mean the Arsenal shirt that looks like a United shirt.

  3. I’m certain I saw these kits on the fantasy kit design page on football shirt culture, would be shocked if this is the genuine thing.

    1. I know I have as well, not convinced at all that these are the real shirts, but if they are I’m pleased. Rumors also flying rampant in some fan forums that the third kit is all black for what that’s worth.

  4. i have seen a few so called leaked pictures and to be honest i have seen worse i have seen the same kit with a round neck which i’m not sure if i prefer it or not

  5. lol this is nothing near the everton shirts everton just revealed the official away and its black not white like this sh**ty shirt shown hope the home is not like this one it ugly!!!

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