Are These Everton’s Home and Away Shirts From Nike for the 2012-13 Season?

There’s been a lot of anticipation to see what Everton’s home and away shirts will look like for the 2012-13 season especially since Le Coq Sportif will no longer be the club’s kit manufacturer, and they’ve been replaced by Nike.

Note, the above pictures are not the official designs of Everton’s new home and away shirt for the 2012-13 season. However, they are the closest things to them right now based on information leaked from Nike as well as the help from Everton captain Sylvain Distin who has been very helpful on Twitter in dropping hints regarding what the shirts will look like.

Having said that? What do you think? The new Everton home shirt has a v-neck collar, but the thing that jumps out are the large white “cuffs” at the bottom of the short-sleeves. The same applies to the new Everton away shirt which is white and features large blue “cuffs.” It’s quite jarring at first, but it looks better on the away shirt than it does on the home one in my opinion.

Overall, the shirt designs are simple and straightforward. And considering how Nike has butchered the new US men’s national team shirt, then the above designs are quite good.

Share your opinions about the new Everton home and away shirts in the comments section below!


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