Is This Manchester Derby The Biggest In Premier League History?

“Fact Or Fiction” is an infrequent series on EPL Talk. In this series, an assertion will be made regarding an impacting topic in the Premier League. EPL Talk writers Matt Hackenmiller and Earl Reed each offer their views on whether the statement is “Fact or Fiction.”

Fact or Fiction: The upcoming Manchester Derby is the biggest match in the Premier League era.

Matt: Fiction. It’s great that people live in the moment, but that often means that the past is forgotten. Yes, the match up of the two Manchester clubs is huge in terms of deciding this season’s title. However, even if Manchester City wins on Monday, the two clubs will still be even at the top of the table. Plus, City faces a difficult trip to Newcastle in May, while United has a fairly easy schedule to close the season. So the title race is far from over. Even though the Manchester Derby is a significant match for this season, just about anytime that any of the Sky Six take the pitch against one another, it is an important match up. Because of this, I think there have been quite a few matches in the past that have had more magnitude than the one that with take place at Etihad Stadium on Monday.

Eaerl: Fact. Right now, there is a potential changing of the guard in the Premier League. Being an American, I’m used to seeing the dominant sports teams fluctuate in a league, primarily because there are certain restrictions put on spending in many of our sports leagues. In the Premier League, the “Big 4” dominated the play in the last decade. Over the last two seasons, that centralization of power has degraded. While nobody can say that Manchester City is a dwarf, they do represent an outsider trying to crack their seemingly impenetrable neighbors, Manchester United.  It could also represent the last time an outsider could do this as the Blues have – by spending large. With FIFA Financial Fair Play coming into effect, teams without solid revenue streams may not be able to sink large chunks of cash towards acquisitions.

What do you think? Is it fact or fiction that the upcoming Manchester derby is the biggest match in the Premier League era?

3 thoughts on “Is This Manchester Derby The Biggest In Premier League History?”

  1. Is this the same “changing of the guard” that happened when Chelsea where taken over by the Russian crook?

    Maybe its the same “Changing of the guard” that happened when the Glaziers took over Utd and we couldn’t spend any money on transfers.

    The “changing of the guard” cliche is almost getting to be almost as laughable as the “this is Liverpools year” crap we all have to listen to at the start of every season.

    Simple fact is even if City win the league this season one title doesn’t signal a changing of the guard. As Chelsea found out getting to the top is hard but being able to stay there is another thing entirely.

  2. Also i wouldn’t say Utd have a easy run in against Swansea and Sunderland. If the derby ends in a draw like i expect it to all the pressure will be on City in a tough game away at Newcastle while we play Swansea at home.

    Providing both teams win those games then all the pressure will be Utd in the last game of the season to get a result against Sunderland away, at that point City have nothing to lose.

  3. If this were the last day of the season, then yes it would be the biggest derby as it essentially would be a cup final for the Premiership. The thing spoiling the derby is that even if City win that match at Newcastle could ruin City’s chances at the title.

    I’ve never been more excited for a monday in my life

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