FOX Soccer to Produce and Air Liverpool Behind-The-Scenes Documentary, Due Fall 2012

FOX Soccer will produce and air a six-episode original documentary, which will provide viewers with behind-the-scenes footage of Liverpool Football Club from the end of the 2011-12 Premier League season, and this season’s FA Cup Final through to Liverpool’s summer US tour. The documentary, entitled “Our Liverpool: Never Walk Alone,” is scheduled for release during the fall of 2012.

“Our Liverpool: Never Walk Alone” will be produced by Scott Boggins (formerly of HBO’s 24/7 boxing documentary series). Through five seasons, HBO’s 24/7 has earned 33 Emmy nominations, winning 14 times. Boggins’ most recent work includes around-the-clock access to boxing title bouts featuring Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz (2011) and Manny Pacquiao vs. Ricky Hatton (2009). Boggins also ran point on 24/7’s insider coverage of the NHL’s Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins in the build-up to the 2011 NHL Winter Classic. His portfolio also includes 24/7 work centered upon NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson, the college football rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan, and additional boxing projects featuring Joe Calzaghe and Roy Jones

For the purposes of the documentary series, Liverpool will provide unprecedented access to Boggins and his film crew. According to FOX Soccer, never before have cameras been allowed inside the Liverpool changing room at Anfield.

Hopefully the producer, Liverpool FC and FOX Soccer will be honest with their coverage of what happens in front of the camera. There’s the chance that the documentary could end up being a PR exercise for Liverpool Football Club to repair the damage both on and off the pitch during a very tumultuous season for the Reds.

Meanwhile, the PR machine at FOX is already in high gear. The press release to announce the news includes a quote from FOX Sports Media Group Chairman and CEO David Hill that reads, “This is going to be a truly remarkable series for every soccer fan on Earth.” Really?? Every soccer fan on Earth?  Plus in the same press release, FOX says “For the first time in football history, a global power opens its doors for unprecedented insider access…”  But didn’t we get the same thing with the documentaries for Chelsea and Manchester City (“Blue Revolution” and “Blue Moon Rising” respectively)?

What do you think? Will you watch it? Do you think that the decision by FOX Soccer to do a documentary about Liverpool FC is a wise one based on all of the negative publicity the club has received this season? And with Scott Boggins as executive producer, do you anticipate the documentary being an interesting fly-on-the-wall piece? Share your opinions in the comments section below.


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