Liverpool Adds Toronto to their North American Summer Tour Schedule

Liverpool will kick off its summer 2012 North American tour with a friendly against Toronto FC on July 21 at Rogers Centre, in Toronto.

The Merseyside club officially announced the news yesterday. The match will be played at the 47,000 capacity Rogers Center, which is a baseball stadium that’s home to the Toronto Blue Jays.

Liverpool managing director Ian Ayre commented: “We’re delighted to be opening our North American tour in Canada with a game against Toronto FC. We played Porto at the same stadium – when it was the SkyDome – back in 2004 in front of over 40,000 fans and it will be great to give our fans in the region another chance to see Liverpool play. With the three games we now have scheduled in Toronto, Boston and Baltimore, we hope that as many of our supporters as possible will have the chance to see the team in action.”

After the friendly against Toronto, Liverpool will play Roma at Boston’s Fenway Park on July 25, followed by a game against Tottenham Hotspur on July 28 at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.

Ticket news regarding the Liverpool against Toronto friendly will be released in the near future on the Liverpool Tour 2012 website.

How many of you readers will plan on going to Toronto to watch Liverpool play? Let us know in the comments section below.

11 thoughts on “Liverpool Adds Toronto to their North American Summer Tour Schedule”

    1. And a couple Henderson CFL field goals, followed by Andy Carroll heading the ball into the stands.

      But otherwise, this is sweet! Toronto isn’t quit as close as Baltimore (may be a wash), but it is certainly cheaper if you know where to stay.

    1. Pretty decent price though if they are, compared to what we’re charged domestically anyway. On the current exchange rate, tickets to category A matches at Anfield are just under $78 and that’s pretty hard on the wallet over the course of the season :(

  1. SkyDome (I refuse to call it Rogers Centre) actually holds more like 52000. For a football game you’d be looking at even more. As for the playing surface, they’re bringing in grass for the game. The TFC faithful are a little worried because this game will come smack in the middle of our season when we’ll be clawing for every and any point we can muster (we’re off to an 0-6-0 start) so this comes at a bad time. It’s like asking Liverpool to host a friendly in December at Anfield, only warmer (lol).

  2. What a load of stinking garbage. Way to play all three matches within a day’s drive of each other, and cover a market roughly the size of a single state. Chicago is a day’s drive from where I live, and I was considering doing something like that, but this decision to oversaturate the northeast means they don’t deserve patronage from the rest of the country. Booooooo.

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