FAIL: ITV Cuts Away From Live Champions League Coverage to Reveal News Presenter [VIDEO]

What is it about Britain’s ITV network and them cutting away from live soccer matches? Tonight, during the Real Madrid against Bayern Munich Champions League semi-final, ITV (Independent Television) broke into the live coverage of the match and cut away to a surprised TV news presenter standing on a studio set (see above video).

One mistake would be more than enough. But this is quite a common occurrence for ITV. The British TV network flubbed during the 2010 World Cup, when ITV HD viewers missed England’s goal against the United States.

A similar instance happened in the 2009 Merseyside derby between Everton and Liverpool when ITV missed a late Everton goal when they cut away to an unscheduled TV commercial.

FOX Soccer gets quite a hard rap from many soccer fans in the United States, but at least we don’t have TV networks that are as bad as ITV!

By the way, congratulations to Bayern Munich for beating Real Madrid on penalty kicks, to set up a May 19 Champions League Final between Bayern and Chelsea. It promises to be a great match.

H/T Deadspin.


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