Chelsea Victory Against Barcelona Smashes Super Bowl Record For Twitter Activity Worldwide

Tuesday night’s historic win by Chelsea against Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League smashed the 2012 Super Bowl’s record number of tweets per second (TPS) on Twitter.

The peak for the 2012 Super Bowl was 12,233 TPS. But immediately after Fernando Torres scored his injury-time goal for Chelsea, Twitter exploded with 13,683 tweets per second. Twitter wasn’t the only thing exploding Tuesday night.

Gridiron football may be popular in the United States, but the popularity of soccer worldwide is on a completely different level. And this wasn’t even a World Cup or European Championship match.

While soccer is certainly the world’s most popular sport, Fernando Torres’s goal didn’t beat the world record for the number of tweets per second, which was set by a Japanese TV show in 2011 at 25,088 TPS.

10 thoughts on “Chelsea Victory Against Barcelona Smashes Super Bowl Record For Twitter Activity Worldwide”

  1. Interesting stat. Not that shocking really, in terms of international popularity.

    I know I’ve read that, purely in terms of global TV ratings, it goes WC Final > Champions League Final > SuperBowl.

    Considering just Europe alone has close to 800m inhabitants, it’s not that shocking though is it.

    I would almost say it’s more remarkable that Grid Iron Football can garner almost as many tweets as an international sport, when it’s core audience is based in America.

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