European Press Reaction to Chelsea’s Brave Victory Against Barcelona [PHOTOS]

Chelsea recorded a historic victory Tuesday evening, beating Barcelona 3-2 on aggregate to qualify for the 2012 UEFA Champions League Final. The European media were quick to jump on the story with Marca, the Catalan newspaper, summing up the mood in Barcelona (see above).

Meanwhile, the Madrid newspaper AS coined the feeling of many Real Madrid and Chelsea supporters Tuesday night with two simple words (see above).

In Germany, Bild’s headline exclaimed that Lionel Messi missed a penalty, and Barcelona out.

And last but not least, The Daily Mail captured the joy and elation on the face of Fernando Torres who has faced an incredibly difficult year, but won a place in the hearts of Chelsea (and many England soccer fans) by scoring a last minute equalizer to put the icing on the cake that sent Chelsea into the 2012 UEFA Champions League Final against Real Madrid or Bayern Munich.

11 thoughts on “European Press Reaction to Chelsea’s Brave Victory Against Barcelona [PHOTOS]”

  1. Beautiful!! Pep might have to reconsider all of his diving midgets (Fabregas, Iniesta, Sanchez, Alves) and get some height for actual corner kicks.

  2. A truly remarkable performance by The CFC.

    Just take away the fact that it’s Chelsea and consider if that were the team you support and they were a man down and two goals down fighting for a chance to be in the European Cup Final. Tonight was exactly how you’d want them to play. Dedicated and undaunted for 90 minutes.

    Anyone lucky enough to watch today saw a legit classic.


  3. Hang on… Chelsea play like Stoke against Barcelona.

    Steal a victory at home and a draw at Camp Nou and we are going to pretend like everything is fine? There’s a reason this result is being called a miracle… Chelsea received a huge dose of luck so let’s not pretend otherwise.

    Happy for Chelsea because they got screwed by Barca last time but I’m not going to forget the fact that Chelsea is going to finish outside the top 4.

    1. So, if Chelsea played like the Potters, Barcelona indeed wouldn’t have beaten Stoke on a cold winter night, or would it? ;>

  4. Pretty damn cynical to take anything away from this victory. I don’t give a flying f*uck how you do it, beating Barca any day of any week using any tactics is pretty damn spectacular. Holding them to a draw with only 10 men is equally spectacular.

  5. Yeah, two beautiful goals against the ‘best team in the world’ at their home, playing with with ten men for 60 minutes. A defensive display that exuded sheer will and never say die endeavour. Out think Barca, reduce them to clueless robots running through a repertoire totally unsuited to the game and the tactics they were playing. Yeah. Lucky lucky lucky Chelsea!. How dare they make the best team in the world look one dimensional.

  6. Magnificent. One of the greatest games I’ve seen. A few days earlier I saw my United play like imbeciles and decide to give away the title to City. Right now, I’d say Chelsea is the best team in the Premier League and Man City will find it out next season. United will probably fall to middle of the pack with Fulham and Sunderland unless Ferguson comes to his senses and gets better players. Congrats to Chelsea! You were amazing.

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