Chelsea’s Heroes Defeat Barcelona 3-2 On Aggregate To Storm to UEFA Champions League Final

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Chelsea, against all odds, have defeated Barcelona and have qualified for the 2012 UEFA Champions League Final in an incredibly entertaining match that had everything. A red card, missed penalty, a shot that hit the post and — who would have guessed it — a last minute goal by Fernando Torres. What a brilliant performance by Chelsea who played with ten men for most of the match against Barcelona.

The final score in the game at Camp Nou was 2-2, but the aggregate score was 3-2 to Chelsea over the two legs. Chelsea now faces the winner of tomorrow’s match between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. Chelsea could end up playing either Jose Mourinho’s side or former Chelsea player Arjen Robben’s team in the final in Munich.

Despite Chelsea overcoming the odds and shocking the world with their defeat of Barcelona, the Chelsea team is ravished with suspensions due to several players picking up yellow cards that will rule them out of the final (Meireles, Ivanovic, Ramires and Terry), while Gary Cahill may be doubtful due to picking up an injury in the first half. Nevertheless, Chelsea’s win against Barcelona is a moral victory. The 10-man Chelsea team has beaten the best team on the planet, and has advanced to the 2012 UEFA Champions League.

Full credit has to go to the entire Chelsea team for an incredibly brave and brilliant performance over the two legs. Yes, they rode their luck, but they also defended brilliantly in both matches and kept Barcelona from finding space in the penalty area, stifling Barcelona’s attacks and stopping danger men Lionel Messi, Xavi and Andres Iniesta.

What Chelsea accomplished tonight can not be understated. This was a herculean performance that was a victory for Chelsea, England, British football and the Premier League. This was a performance that will give England’s national team a lot of confidence going into Euro 2012 should they face Spain in any of the later rounds. This was a performance of immense proportions. Bizarrely, it ended up being a battle between tiki-taka and route one football, with the route one brand winning.

Congratulations to Roberto Di Matteo, Petr Cech, Didier Drogba, Fernando Torres, Ashley Cole, Raul Meireles, Branislav Ivanovic, Gary Cahill, John Terry, Soloman Kalou, Juan Mata, John Mikel Obi, Frank Lampard, Ramires, Jose Bosingwa and all of the Chelsea staff.

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  1. As a Chelsea supporter, this is the happiest I’ve been in two years. Unbelievable result, showing just how important coming together as a team really is — something that never happened under AVB.

    There’s an old saying in American sports — offense sells tickets, defense wins championships. I wasn’t sure this applied to international football that much, but this Chelsea success, combined with their results under Mourinho, give some definite credence to the theory.

    Go Chelsea!

  2. I can’t say how happy I am. Even with all the help that UEFAlona got from the ref, they still couldn’t win. After all the noise making by the UEFAlona fans about trashing Chelsea, they couldn’t even beat them. What a bunch of dopes.

  3. Revenge to Barcelona!
    all my emotions have been released from the 09 semi.
    Well done RDM and the team!
    To come from 2-0 with 10 men and the nou camp is something special!

  4. Shall we start referring to Barcelona in the same way people refer to Liverpool? Was just like watching us… hit the woodwork… missed a penalty… tons of possession and hardly any shots on goal… lost at home… then to add insult to injury, HE scores in the last minute! You just couldn’t write it! Directly on the opposite side, Chelsea reminded me of Liverpool in 2005 with sheer fighting spirit. I’m off to sulk lol

  5. Full marks to chelsea for staying with it. When they went down 2-0 with only 10 men, I thought it was over.

    Now my thoughts are focused on the task they have for the rest of the year, both domestically and in Munich. Who else could chelsea play at the back if Cahill can’t go? Terry will obviously play the league matches, but it is quite a serious question for di matteo to answer for the final. Ivanovic? Essien? Who else is there?

    Then again, barca couldn’t score on them, so I guess it doesn’t matter too much haha!

    1. Not take away anything from Chelsea but it was less about who they had in the back and more about Barca’s ineptitude in front of goal. Barca have only themselves to blame for all their missed chances. They scored two goals from more then a dozen clear cut chances – hardly an indication of “the best team in the world”. These recent games against Chelsea and Real have exposed some dents in the Barca’s shiny armor. They lack a clinical finisher despite all the goals that Messi scored. And they don’t have Plan B. Today’s game clearly called for change in tactics at least when they went 2-0 against 10 men. Or in the final 20-30 minutes when it was apparent that their slow build up didn’t work against compact Chelsea’s defense.

      1. Uh oh. Now you’ve done it. You haven’t followed the script. It wasn’t Barca’s ineptitude at all. It was Brave! Heroic! Herculean!

        It also wasn’t the final (someone should tell EPL Talk’s Facebook administrator).

        1. I wouldn’t dare say it tonight but even though I’ve congratulated them on the win, I hope they get smashed in the final… oops, I just said it!

          1. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very good win. They definitely deserve a pat on the back (except for John Terry, who remains one of the most loathsome creatures on the planet). But it’s all a bit over the top.

      2. Jeez, some people are just so full of it. Just listen to yourself, “it was less about who they had in the back and more about Barca’s ineptitude in front of goal”. Huh???? Chelsea took their chances, Farca didn’t. Farca got knocked out. End of story.

  6. What is going to be the back line in the final with no JT, Ivanović, and possibly Cahill and Luiz Ferreira, Bosingwa, Cole, Bertrand?


  8. Lampard must have been asking all manner of questions in his mind while he just did a crab impression on the edge of the 18 yard box for 40 minutes.

    “WTF why aren’t they running into the box?”,
    “they are just swimming around the outside?”
    “is there a shark in here?”,
    “is that a land mine sign?”,
    “is it because i smell”
    “is their name not down on the list”,
    “maybe my mind has finally created that ray shield like in star wars”,
    “is there a height restriction to this penalty box?”,
    “maybe they are like those shopping carts that can’t go past the solid line?”,
    “is that a barnacle”,
    “why do i have a shell now?”,
    “this grass suddenly looks appealing”,
    “s@#t, did terry get sent of to get time with my wife?”,
    “these blue and red stripes are making me dizzy”.

    Messi missing a penalty what are the chances, seriously, its not like cech saved it, he hit the bar.

    watching barca just pass the ball around the penalty box was not fun, they didn’t move quick enough, that walking pace may work in la liga

    1. You forgot one … “Don’t they know you just smash the ball aimlessly in any direction and it will deflect off of a defender for a goal?”

  9. Where is the media falling over themselves to point out that the sixth best team in England just knocked off the defending European Champions? They had no problem issuing greatness to Spain’s Europa League teams.

    Five other teams above Chelsea who couldn’t do what they did tonight.

  10. I support for Chelsea and I am from Brazil and very happy to see the impossible. Beating Barcelona is impossible but Chelsea made it happen. And even happier to see Ramirez scoring a wonderful goal.

  11. improbable not imposible.

    As my uncle aristotle used to say;

    Probable impossibilities are to be preferred to improbable possibilities

  12. enjoy tonight the back 4 in the championship will be ugly but i never thought they would get this far.good on you Chelsea.i think RM will be ruthless in the final.i guess you know my pick for the second semifinal.

  13. Football is a funny old game. Barcelona has dominated world football for about 5 years now. You can’t win them all…

    With Villa’s injury in December, they have played without a striker for 5 months now and it was bound to catch up with them.

    You can say that it came down to two plays. Chelsea were in knockdown at 2:0, Ramirez scores a stunner out of nothing. It deflated Barca players, their body language was there for all to see.

    Then, Messi’s penalty.

    Chelsea parked the bus in front of goal, had their share of luck and, voila! In all honesty, Barca had 4 clear cut chances all night (that i can recall), with all their possession: Messi’s one on one w/ the goalie in the first half; Messi’s penalty, Alexis header in the 2nd, Messi’s shot off the post late in the 2nd…the little God has been off his pace the last 2-3 weeks, and the rest of the team didn’t step up.

    I am gutted from the outcome. I expect Barca to come back hungrier than ever next season.

    Still trying to decide if this Chelsea team is better or worse than the ’05 Liverpool side that won a dramatic semi-final v. Chelsea with Biscan in their midfield.

    Napoli, Benfica and Barcelona: all 3 teams were better and should have knocked out Chelsea. Then you start to think, maybe it is their year…even with half the team missing in the final…

    1. Chelsea’s win gives England players such as Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole, Gary Cahill, John Terry and Daniel Sturridge the belief that they can beat a Spain side (if they can beat Barca, they will have the confidence that they can beat Spain). But it’s not just Chelsea. Any England international watching this match tonight will have gained confidence knowing that Barcelona and Spain are not invincible.

      The Gaffer

      1. I get that you’re excited, but come on… Tamarindo nailed it. Four Englishman on the field and one’s a thug who hit the showers awfully earlier. Which Englishman scored tonight? Goals came from a Brazilian and a Spaniard. I don’t see how you get from tonight’s performance to England having the keys to unlocking Spain. Play ten (sorry, nine) men behind the ball and pray for a counter?

        They got through, despite the odds. Fair play and best of luck – try not to get carried away, though.

        Also… a proofreading step would reveal that you likely meant “overstated” where you wrote “understated”. The victory can, in fact, be understated.

        1. You could say that about most teams, even Barca and Madrid. No team in the Europe has a full team from one country. The two biggest players in Spanish football (Messi and Ronaldo) are not Spanish

  14. Hearty congrats to Chelsea from this corner of Man City fandom! What a great result for England and, really, for the spirits of everyone accustomed to looking up at those insufferable Spanish clubs..

    I am SO sick of Barca and their tika taka nonsense. It is phenomenal to see them not win every international trophy this year.

    Though I would be a bit sad if Newcastle missed the Champions league because Chelsea ended up winning it. So c’mon Magpies! Do the north proud and make up those 3 points on the Arse.

  15. good call on Bruma, they need him (think it should be allowed – even an emergency loan from elsewhere, other teams do it when they get injuries to keepers, etc)

    1. According to the 11/12 UEFA rule book you are only allowed to add a goalkeeper if you loose the 2 keepers from your lists submitted to UEFA and they must be hurt or ill which will keep them out for at least 30 days.

  16. At the end of the day, no matter what, we got the job done. Three months ago everyone was writting us off as a total failure. Our manager sucked, our players were too old, the owner pissed at sorry performances. Now, we have a chance to be on top of the football world. Torres I wanted to hate you all year but instead I ended up feeling sorry for you because I thought you sucked. Tonight, you have redeemed yourself!! KTBFFH!!!!!

    1. He redeemed himself by tapping in a goal after being one on one with the keeper?

      The standards for poor El Nino really have plummeted haven’t they?

  17. I love these underdog stories where a small scrappy team owned by poor billionaire, can somehow take their lumps and defeat a strong opponent via a goal by their 50 million pound striker.

    Indeed, a remarkable win for Chelsea, but people are talking like Blackburn just beat Barcelona.

  18. …i thought it was all over at 2-0,

    but, we were BACK~
    09 semi…now 12 semi
    …what a difference!

    Pep, you should have changed your techs…

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