Are these Liverpool’s Home, Away and Third Shirts for the 2012-13 Season? [PHOTO]

Mockups of what may be Liverpool’s home, away and third shirts for the 2012-13 season have been posted on the Internet. Whether these are the actual designs or not, we’re not sure right now, but it certainly will raise some eyebrows if these are anywhere close to the final product.

As many of you may know, Liverpool dropped Adidas as their kit manufacturer and the club has replaced them with Warrior Sports, so there’s even more anticipation than usual about what the home, away and third kits will look like.

In the three mockups, we can see the Liverpool home shirt (pictured above) with a polo-shirt feel to it with the collars. The color of the red shirt isn’t the Liverpool red, however. And the Liverpool FC crest is different than the current one (could the club be planning on launching a new crest to replace the current one?).

Liverpool’s away shirt, meanwhile (pictured below), is black with red trim. This one is a clean and simple design, which I quite like.

Last but not least, we have the mockup design for Liverpool’s third/change shirt. Hopefully this isn’t anywhere close to the final shirt design!

Purple, yellow and cream? Euch!

What do you think? If these mockups are anywhere close to the final designs, would you be pleased with the designs? And would you buy them this summer? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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49 thoughts on “Are these Liverpool’s Home, Away and Third Shirts for the 2012-13 Season? [PHOTO]”

  1. RAWK boards have been flooded with mockups…Just like I don’t believe a transfer is done until I see the player holding the shirt for the press, I’m not believing any kit rumors until I see them on the LFC site.

    1. True… best to be wary until an official announcement. Wonder what the success rate is with kits being ‘leaked’ on this site and then coming out as the actual real deal? If it’s a decent percentage I’d have a bit more faith in these being the real deal. Anybody know if the Adidas deal ends bang on the last day of the season so then we can finally get the Warrior kit officially unveiled?

  2. 3rd Kit = Liverpool Lakers, hahaha

    the home kit just does not like believable so hopefully these are all fakes, tho i like the color scheme on the away kit.

  3. Kind of digging the Home kit. Would just change the burgandy to our patented blood red but I’m loving the Gold lettering and Polo feel to it.

    Away needs to add the Polo design instead of regular t-shirt and they need to scrap the third jersey. That’s awful. Love the crest btw.


  4. They are mock-ups taken from the RAWK board, but they are mock-ups based on information provided by those who have seen the actual kits, so they are following the correct basic layout and colors, although shades are being debated.

  5. Don’t like the collar on the home kit or the colour they’ve used on the logos & sponsor… would be better in plain old white! Really wanted them to go with the retro looking home kit I’ve seen photos of elsewhere but I guess that was just good skills on the part of some photoshop whizz! 3rd kit… can’t decide if that’s a grower or not! Only one of those I really like is the away kit, I’ll be getting that for sure.

    What’s the odds on these being real??

    1. As for the club badge, I’m loving how they’ve let the bird out on its own again. Hope that makes the finished kit. ‘You’ll never walk alone’ on the back of the shirts collar perhaps?

      1. Not sure how the Liverpool faithful would react to not having the two flames as part of the crest. But i am hoping that they incorporate a collar in the new home kit. Purple should never be involved in a Liverpool kit, EVER.

        1. Don’t know… for me, having the bird on it’s own again takes it back to how they had it in the glory days. The flames will feature somewhere without a doubt, they stand for something really important to us. If they put ‘You’ll never walk alone’ on the collar it’d be fitting to have a flame either side.

          1. Completely off topic for a second here, but Gaffer if you spot this, is there any sort of notification system available for inclusion with the site? Would be great to be notified by email when a new post has been made. Not overly technical so apologies if that’s a stupid question! 😉

            1. There was before, but in one of our recent upgrades to the list, the functionality was lost. We do plan on adding it in the near future as soon as we get a chance, though.

              The Gaffer

  6. Third kit looks like something a lacrosse company would make….oh wait. Home jersey looks like a Roma jersey and the away looks like a training kit.

  7. who the #$%^ are Warrior Sports?

    That home and third kit are not pleasant at all,I feel for Liverpool fans, even if they are mid table at least the kit was good looking, thats messed up. Damn Amerification.

    I hope Under Armor don’t mess up their opportunity to restore some pride to american design with the spurs kit.
    I wonder if gaffer will allow liverpool to use his mock spurs kit?

    worth an ask..

    1. When they announced that they were leaving Adidas and going with Warrior I think everybody thought the exact same thing… ‘Who the hell are Warrior Sports?!’. Are they not even well known in the US?! Me and a mate were talking about the new kit earlier and we presumed they were a well known brand over there and it was just us who had never heard of them… but maybe not!

  8. Warrior Sports is owned by New Balance,so obviously they’re trying to get their share of the soccer market.

    Home & away look good,as long as the home is the proper color red…The third? No way thats for real. Jersey sales are an important source of revenue,no way they’d be stupid enough to approve that.

  9. Not too big on 3. 2 is great. 1 WOULD be great in the proper colour.

    I have always liked LFC’s current crest and would hate to see it go. But I just don’t think such an old line club would adopt such a minimalist crest, though.

  10. If the away kit truly is black, I am so so so tired of black as an away kit for us!

    Whatever happened to some actual color?

    Bring back yellow away kits!

    The away and third kits by adidas this season were dreadful, so will be interesting to see what Warrior finally decide on doing. Not convinced these are real and fingers crossed they aren’t…

  11. For anyone wondering about Warrior, they have become one of the major brands in North American ice hockey. From sticks, gloves, helmets and gear, if you turn on an NHL game, you will see tons of Warrior gear.

    I think they will be pretty conservative for this initial offering. Maybe replicate one of the classic kits from the 80’s.

  12. home and away looks good if the red is used for home 3rd kit is a joke.i like the collar for home kits just a little more class.

  13. i reckon keep the original liver bird on its own a flame on the bottom of each sleeve and youll never walk alone on the back of the collar but with a white collar hoping for a retro kit

  14. Hi guys.

    Just to clarify – I actually designed these kits based on what the ITK’s on LFC eforum and RAWK were saying they were going to be – NOT because these are the designs I want!

    I actually don’t mind the home kit, it’s grown on me and the away isn’t too bad either. The third one I tried to make look as good as I could but its still horrible so I hope it is nothing like that!

    Sorry about the red being off – When you add a bunch of layers and shadows to give texture it makes the colour a bit off – I have another one with a more LFC red knocking about somewhere.

    In a few short months we’ll find out what the real deal will be anyways – patience fellow reds! 😀


  15. Also, regarding the eternal flame – reports are that the badge has been simplified to that of older times as seen above and the flame will reside on the back of the shirt just below the collar I believe.

  16. There’s no way they’d get rid of the Hillsborough Flames, would be hugely insensitive.

    If the badge was going to change, I’d lose the part where it currently says Liverpool Football Club so that the Liverbird takes up all of the Shield part. Then you could put LFC at the bottom on the Scarf where Est 1892 is, and put 18 and 92 on each of the end parts of the scarf beneath the flames.

  17. I think the flames are going to be included on the back of the design, below the neck with ’96’ between them

  18. the home kit is real – i think the others are probably real to. just hope the third kit is a fake – its horrible!!!

  19. I wish they made the home kit better. I do like the purple ones designs home they stick with it. And they should make the Black one better to…!

  20. Just been to the official LFC site and the Liverpool home shirt is correct. However, and this is is pretty unusual, there has been no mention of the away kit. Probably been a bit busy getting a new manager, making progress on the stadium, etc. Like the the black away shirt, whilst the third Liverpool shirts makes me weep!:(

  21. When this article was released in April, I was a little skeptical, but credit to EPLTalk for being on the money for 2 out of 3 for this story. I have subscribed to the RSS feed & email. Personally thought the black kit was a little too close to a Man Utd kit I’ve seen. Dislike the third option with a passion! Love the first, its a classic in every way!

  22. Few mates were enjoying beeee last night and topic of conversation turned to new strips.

    Some of us are long life Liverpool fans and always look forward to the new strips being realised.

    Let’s say I won’t repeat what I said when I saw the second and third strips. But the majority said the same!

    I really really hope these will not be the really article, politely putting absolutely awful. Nothing nice about them whatsoever. The only saving grace is the home strip is relatively nice.

    Why don’t they get fans view before they release this rubbish at the end of the day were the ones that pay good money.

    These kits will be ridiculed !!

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