Liverpool vs Everton FA Cup and Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 34: Open Thread

Two massive matches kick off early on Saturday between Liverpool and Everton in the FA Cup semi-final, and Norwich against Manchester City in the Premier League. There’s plenty on the line in both matches. The bragging rights of Merseyside and a chance to be one match away from lifting a piece of silverware awaits the winner of the Liverpool-Everton match at Wembley. Meanwhile, in East Anglia, Norwich is at home against Manchester City. If Roberto Mancini’s men can get all three points, they’ll narrow United’s lead at the top of the table to just two points.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a few other Premier League matches in store today — and all three involve teams fighting to avoid relegation. Wolves go to Sunderland hoping for three points to give Wolves supporters some distant hope. Blackburn travels to Swansea where Steve Kean’s side will be hoping to get three valuable points (and the double) over the Swans. And QPR travels to The Hawthorns to take on a West Bromwich Albion side still recovering from their defeat against Manchester City mid-week.

Before, during and after today’s English football matches, share your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

Enjoy your football!

16 thoughts on “Liverpool vs Everton FA Cup and Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 34: Open Thread”

  1. Saw 20 mins in the first half and the last 20 mins in Norwich/Citeh. Stunning, Citeh of old. For the sake of football, hope they win the Premier League, although unlikely.

    It would be shameful if this disturbingly mediocre Manchester United side wins the league on inertia, second year in a row. At least last year they had one footballer, Berbatov.

    Ask yourself, is there a single Manchester United player right now that would start on Real or Barcelona? Maybe Scholes, but 72 years ago.

    Liverpool were awful in the first and dominant in the 2nd half. Gotta give credit to my favorite horsey, Carroll, he worked his arse off all game long. Quality is still lacking but he deserved his goal.

    Still baffleded by Kenny’s idiotic decision to play Carra in the center of defense, drop Enrique to the bench and stick Agger as fullback?!

    Feel bad for Everton. But for Dystan’s error, it would have been very difficult for Liverpool.

    Maxi and Bellamy were difference makers. Want to see more of them on a weekly basis.

    1. And city have how many players that would start on either of those two teams? It’s nice to see fans of other teams concerned about how Utd compare to other big clubs, it says a lot about the teams they support.

      What does it say about city and every other team IF we win the league with this “mediocre” team. winning games 6-1 or 8-2 is great but being consistent and being able to grind out results over 38 games is how the league is won and as The fat spannish waiter would say “that’s a fact”.

  2. good on you Pool fans.Everton forgot to come out for the 2nd is squeaky bum time on the red side of Manchester.should be interesting these last few games.

  3. Both Liverpool and Everton were crap but Liverpool deserved the win because they played better in the second half and created chances.

    This is the Manchester City we saw earlier in the season. Unfortunately it may be too little too late. Still they were awesome.

  4. Just got home from a day out at Wembley. To the credit of every Everton fan I either spoke to or heard on the train journey back, they didn’t make any excuses they said ‘fair play to you’. I commend them and I commend both sets of fans today for the glowing example Merseyside set on our day trip to London! Now to celebrate 😉

    1. I noticed the decided scarcity of stewards. Was that down to the neutral site or the fact that the two sides of Liverpool don’t exactly hate each other?

      1. Scousers don’t always have the best reputation which is sad but true! I think today we proved what a grand old bunch we can be! From the moment I arrived at London Euston this morning and stepped onto ‘the tube’, for the whole journey it was a sea of red and blue all mixed in together. There was some great banter going on the whole journey, songs being belted out on the tube etc, but not a single second of it was nasty and I think that sums it up nicely. Some people say the ‘friendly derby’ is a thing of the past but for me, I reckon it’s still there. Be nice to think it is anyway.

  5. I’m not a fan of either team but I thought the atmosphere was awesome and even if the play was excellent it was entertaining. Liverpool were fair winners but I think there are some serious questions about the backline. Carragher had adventure after adventure and was lucky his mistakes only cost them one goal. It didn’t seem that either of Liverpool’s full-backs were really a factor. Most of the creativity in the wide areas came from either Downing making a run or Suarez digging a ball out of the corner.

    On City: I don’t think it is a coincidence they have come alive since Balotelli has been banned. But will Mancini be able to fight off the temptation of including him when he becomes available again? Still an outside shot but not impossible the derby decideds the title.

    1. Carragher has served the club well but it’s time for him to step aside… his legs just aren’t up to it like they once were! Funny how you mention Downing – I’ve not taken to him at all. He just doesn’t do it for me.

  6. A player died today and hardly a word makes the round in the media. Amazing…just because he doesn’t play in England, I guess.

    1. f artist
      anytime you want to apologize to The Gaffer for your stupid remark feel free.what part of EPL Talk don’t you understand.

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