FOX Soccer 2Go: The Definitive User’s Guide

FOX Soccer 2Go is an online streaming service where sports fans can view not only Premier League matches live and on demand, but also view various matches from soccer and rugby leagues across the globe. While the online subscription site has encountered various growing pains over the course of the last few years, including a redesign, facelift and re-branding, the current FOX Soccer 2Go is one of stability, efficiency, reliability and most importantly of all, availability.

Soccer fans now have the opportunity to view live Premier League and UEFA Champions League matches not only on their desktops or laptops, but also on their iPhones and iPads if they download the free Fox Soccer 2Go app available in the App store (Note, a paid FOX Soccer 2Go subscription is required to activate the streaming games on the iPhone and iPad apps). On a typical month, FOX Soccer 2Go offers over 100 soccer and rugby games, action from 14 different cup competitions such as the FA Cup, Carling Cup and Champions League.

If you’re a massive soccer or rugby fan who is considering spending the $14.95 per month to subscribe to FOX Soccer 2Go, this definitive guide will outline all the features and benefits associated with the site, and various devices it’s available on, so a consumer can make an educated decision whether to sign up for FOX Soccer 2Go or not. Plus, for new or existing FOX Soccer 2Go customers, this guide serves as an independent user’s guide to better understanding how FOX Soccer 2Go works (since there’s no official user’s guide available, as far as we know).

FOX Soccer 2Go for PC or Mac

FOX Soccer 2Go has a user friendly, sleek and modern look to it. Once a subscriber has completed the log in process by providing their email address and a unique password, they can instantly access numerous on-demand matches or live games when applicable. A number of Europe’s most popular leagues are currently available on FOX Soccer 2Go including the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, Serie A and Ligue 1 (in total, over 24 league and cup competitions are available). Note however that license rights are subject to change. For example, Serie A and Ligue Un rights have been acquired by beIN Sports for the 2012-13 season.

Other than being able to watch a huge selection of live (and on-demand) games throughout the season (the selection is quite incredible despite a few pitfalls; more on that later), the next best thing about FOX Soccer 2Go is the selection of in-game interactive features which take advantage of the World Wide Web’s ability to offer things that an average TV cannot.

Starting from the top, those features are:

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34 thoughts on “FOX Soccer 2Go: The Definitive User’s Guide”

  1. Dear Gaffer, I know you’ve critized this service in the past, but lately you’ve posted a lot of positive articles lately and while very informative, this seems almost like an advert for the service instead of a straight review.

    These positive articles from you are making me think maybe this service is for me, but I would like to know, and I think your readers deserve to know, if you are getting ad revenue from Fox Soccer to promote this service.

    1. David, valid question. I have a full disclosure that’s included at the foot of the user’s guide at

      For me, FOX Soccer 2Go has been a lifesaver this season. I’ve watched far more games on FS2Go than I have on TV, so I’ve certainly racked up hours on the service. It’s not flawless. Now and again, a weird glitch happens but more often than not, it fixes itself after I log off and log back on. But in answer to your question, the review/guide was done as objectively and honestly as it can be.

      The Gaffer

      1. I don’t see any problems – it’s not a paid placement. I doubt the sliver of affiliate payments, even given EPL Talk’s popularity and numbers, will taint even a smidgen the Gaffer’s editorial stance.

  2. Hey Gaffer…Still waiting for that Android app!!! Rome was built quicker!! News Corp just sucks, but we continue to get your commercials for them every once in a while. I guess YOU have to do what you have to do!!

    1. Mark, as soon as I hear any news about an Android app, I’ll let you and the rest of the readers know. I wish I could make them move faster, but I can’t.

      The Gaffer

  3. The service has definitely improved, with only minor hiccups these days. I rarely have ever used any of the other features, I forget they are there. The quality of the stream is really good and I watch the games on my modest 37″ widescreen. It’ll Monet out a little, but it is nothing like it used to be.

    If you have a well integrated HTS with a laptop hookup, then the $20 a month to watch your teams play is well worth it. I probably wouldn’t pay $20 a month to watch the games on a laptop, and certainly not on the iPhone!

  4. Do they stream all PL games live? I would gladly dump FSC and FS+ if I knew every LFC game would be available. Also, can you watch past games on demand? I would estimate I DVR 1/3 of my games to watch at another time, even if it’s an hour later after work for example.

    1. FC, no, not all of the games are streamed live — otherwise you and many others (myself included) would probably drop FOX Soccer, the TV network. You can watch past games on demand, yes. They’re usually up there on the site for several days.

      The Gaffer

  5. I’m one of those that are subscribing to Fox Soccer 2 go in every once in a while, I’m a Manchester United fan for almost 20 years and all I care is watching my team play, I subscribe to Fox Soccer 2 Go only when they are showing United’s games live, If not then I stop my subscription (I’m on of those that check the schedule before subscribing). I hate the fact that EPL games are shown at 21:00 PST when they were shown earlier on Fox Soccer, Why do FA cup and UCL games are shown straight after the matched finished where the EPL games are shown after over 12 hours?

    1. When charging 20 dollars a month, I would expect to be able to watch ALL premier league games live.

      I simply find it unacceptable when games with your favourite team are delayed by 12 (!!) hours, and its not a one-off either. No excuses are good enough, and this massively reduces the value of this service. Bye Fox soccer 2go,

      1. FOX Soccer 2Go shows the live games except for those that are shown live on FOX Soccer and ESPN2/ESPN3.

        The Gaffer

  6. Gaffer…I’m confused (a constant state)…your article says the monthly price is $14.95. Isn’t the monthly subscription fee $19.99??

  7. I’ve had a subscription for two years and I’m pretty happy with it. FSC & FS+ aren’t available for me, but with Fox Soccer 2 Go & ESPN3 I can watch every EPL & CL game. The most annoying thing is the delay for EPL games televised on FSC, which is mentioned in the article. If EPL games were available a few hours after conclusion I wouldn’t have a problem, but they aren’t available until midnight (Eastern). CL & FA Cup games are available after right after their conclusion, though. I end up having to go into a “soccer blackhole” for a day and a half – avoiding all soccer websites, texts, calls & emails from soccer fan friends and other games. I plan to drop the service if they don’t address this before next season.

    Another complaint is they got rid of the abbreviated replays this year. They used to offer a 20-minute (?) and 45-minute highlight package of each EPL game, which was great because I’d commit to 20 or 45 minutes of Wolves-Blackburn, not knowing the score, but probably not two hours.

    One tip of advice not mentioned: when starting up an On Demand game, to avoid spoilers turn off the volume & scroll down on your screen to avoid the score at the top. Quite often when I play an On Demand game, it will start up very late in the game. You need to press the ‘back’ arrow to bring it back to the beginning.

    Last complaint, how about adding the score & time graphic at the top of the screen for CL games. I have to keep track of time by using a stopwatch on my phone & a notepad to tally the score.

    1. Dave, good feedback.

      In answer to your question about why there’s no score or time graphic at the top of the screen for CL games, I’ve asked FOX Soccer this before but they never got back to me. But I believe it’s due to FOX showing live video and audio from ITV. And ITV may put programming alerts, etc, next to the score near the top of the screen.

      The Gaffer

  8. This service has improved dramatically–I’ve subscribed for the last 3 seasons starting when it was setanta–Fox has done a great job with the streaming really great job

    The PIP feature is great. The mobile versions are also great, if you have an Apple TV you can also watch the game on your HD TV streaming it wirelessly from your iPhone or iPad.

    The games look great on the new iPad with its better than HD Screen. I just watched 3 games simultaneously. Man City (on mute on espn3) Man Utd on fox soccer, and Swansea Vs QPR on the new iPad. Awesome football saturation!

    1. dust, please elaborate exactly how I can do this..
      So I get the fox soccer2go app and then how to I stream wirelessly to my appletv?
      Please help, I’m itching to watch man city and liverpool right now!

  9. Bringing back the 20-45 minute abbreviated games would be nice and would be a reason for me to keep the subscription. (I would actually like FSC/FS Plus to put abbreviated games into their evening programming)

    The fact that it costs more for the online subscription than it does to add Fox Soccer Plus to the cable package becomes really frustrating when they delay the FSC games online. For this reason, I plan on canceling my subscription. Most of the games I want to watch on FSC anyway. So, it is just easier and more cost effective to DVR the games and watch them when I get home. (Not to mention that the quality is better and I get to watch the games sooner)

  10. Any talk of adding this to Roku, Xbox 360? The price is still to high for mobile only with no option of getting it on a TV. (Other then the old laptop to tv work around)

  11. I really enjoy the FSC2GO website, but their app has a lot to be desired. The fact that they display the scores when you open the app is a REAL buzz kill. I also hate that you can’t watch all the same games on the app as you can on the website. Seems like with some minor tweaks it would be awesome.

  12. Can anybody tell me the quality of the stream — are games HD? Does it work with a Roku? Are there other options for getting the EPL in HD (my cable company is RCN and does not have FSC in HD and I can’t get satellite)? Thanks much!

  13. Does anyone know why they don’t show all the games live? I don’t see the reason why they can’t make a lot of the games available until midnight. It is really annoying, especially since most times I end up finding out the score somehow earlier than that

    1. Patrik, if they showed every game live, people would cancel their subscriptions to FOX Soccer — the TV channel — and just subscribe to FOX Soccer 2Go. FOX Soccer is their flagship, and where they make the most amount of money from advertising.

      The Gaffer

  14. Why does the fox soccer 2 go iPhone app show the score and ruin the game before you’ve seen the game? It’s this problem that prevents me from buying an annual subscription. I don’t own a computer. I only have an iPhone. Thanks. Steve

    1. Steve, on the FOX Soccer 2Go iPhone app, there’s a score ticker at the bottom right corner. You can open and close this depending on whether you want to see the scores or not.

      I would recommend not purchasing an annual subscription at this time. After this season ends, I’m not sure FOX Soccer 2Go will be around in its current format. This summer, FOX will be launching their FOX Sports GO app. According to FOX Sports, “The live games and events will be available to subscribers of participating cable, satellite and telco providers at no additional cost.” There won’t be a lot of soccer games on there, but it’ll probably have the Champions League and Europa League, etc.

      The Gaffer

  15. im sure its been addressed but i couldnt find and answer to why theres no score dislplay at the top.. itd be nice to know the score

  16. How can some one know what’s happening in a soccer match if you stream in the middle of the match? For crying out loud, add the score and time. It is a useless service without them. Very annoying.

  17. It is completely ridiculous that the match score and clock are not displayed. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, we just want to know the state of the game. I had to watch 15 minutes of the Arsenal match today (until Bayern scored their second) for the commentators to update us on the score. I can’t recommend the service until this is taken care of. For shame!

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