Reader Mailbag: Where Liverpool Needs to Improve; Plus Mourinho to Man City?

It’s that time for the weekly Reader Mailbag. It’s your chance to ask those questions that have always been on your mind, but you always forget to ask! Until now 😉

Q: Todd asks …

What does Liverpool do with this crucial summer off? Clearly things aren’t working according to “plan,” so where do they go in order to compete for the top? Opinions on possible transfers, both in/out, is Kenny even going to be around, etc… 

A: The Gaffer: Great question, Todd. Liverpool needs to have a busy summer in the transfer market. The Reds need to sell or loan out a few players this summer (Andy Carroll, Dirk Kuyt and Charlie Adam). It’s also time for Jamie Carragher to hang up his boots after a stellar career with Liverpool. The Anfield club needs better wingers than their current choices. Scott Sinclair would be a good addition to compete against Stewart Downing on the left wing. An adequate replacement for Kuyt on the right wing to compete for a spot against Maxi Rodriguez would be a wise move,too. Liverpool also needs help in the striking department — someone who is far more clinical in front of goal than Suarez and Carroll.

Overall, though, Liverpool needs to drastically change their game plan and improve their passing. They’re strong defensively and in the goalkeeping department (as long as Reina stays fit), but in midfield and up front, they’re flat. The side is creating chances, but not converting enough of them into goals. Shooting accuracy needs to be a focus, but the team also needs to improve its passing and possession. Liverpool’s midfield needs new life breathed into it. The return of Lucas Leiva will help next season, but as we saw with the loss of Leiva to injury, the midfield needs more depth in quality.

As for whether Dalglish will be around, see the next question and answer below.

Q: Harry Cee asks …

Ok Gaffer… Here are 5 names…will they be with their team next year or elsewhere?

Andy Carroll
Luis Suarez
Mario Balotelli
Roberto Mancini
Kenny Dalglish

A: The Gaffer: Ooof… putting me on the spot, ‘eh? In answer to your question, it all depends on what happens between now and the end of the season.

If Liverpool wins the FA Cup, I would guarantee that Dalglish – and even Carroll — will be at Anfield next season. If Liverpool fails to win the FA Cup, then Dalglish’s future hangs on a thread. It then depends on how the Reds finish the season. I’m leaning towards Dalglish staying with Liverpool, with their American owners giving him until January to turn things around. If Liverpool doesn’t win the FA Cup this season, then I wouldn’t be surprised to see Carroll loaned out to a different Premier League club to get more playing time and to improve his confidence in front of goal. Luis Suarez will stay with Liverpool, no matter what.

A similar story applies to Manchester City. If the Citizens win the league, even if that looks doubtful now, then Roberto Mancini will have a job next season. If City doesn’t win the league, which is looking more likely, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see both Mancini and Balotelli sacked and sold respectively this summer. Jose Mourinho would love a chance to manage Manchester City, I’m sure.

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10 thoughts on “Reader Mailbag: Where Liverpool Needs to Improve; Plus Mourinho to Man City?”

  1. Why would The Chosen One want to go to City? Why would he want to trade Ronaldo for Nasri or Benzema for Tevez? I don’t understand why he would have any desire at all to leave Real Madrid? I mean, I would love a chance to manage City, ditto for most real managers out there. But why-oh-why would Mourinho leave Real Madrid? Lets say they make it to the final of the CL and win their domestic league, what possible reason would he have to leave? Other than his off-handed statement about an eventual desire to come back to England and/or make it over to the US, what does City have over RM? You say it like it should be obvious…

    1. It’s practically a given that Mourinho is going to leave Spain this summer. He’s had falling outs with players on his squad, and he’s grown tired of life in Spain — everything from the politics at Real Madrid to the press, many of whom hate him. Read this article for additional background info:

      It’s no secret that Mourinho loves living in England, and the English press and public have a love affair with him too.

      If Mourinho could take over at Manchester City and do what Mancini couldn’t do — winning the league title from Man United, that sets up Mourinho perfectly to eventually take over at Manchester United.

      The Gaffer

      1. Thanks, good points. Although, I’m just not really buying it. Mourinho has set himself up to be in so many self-constructed battles. He’s always in the middle of some struggle and he is always on the side of his players. I’d take this to be more hot air than anything else. Of course, we’ll find out. I can’t imagine that of all the clubs competing for the CL will keep their managers so he should have at least one opportunity to get to England this off season.

        Do you think he’d go to Chelsea if RDM doesn’t get offered the job?

        1. I don’t think Abramovich would offer the job to Mourinho again, and I don’t think that Mourinho would want it, even if it was offered.

          But if Abramovich changed his mind and had talks with Jose, knowing Mourinho, The Special One would use that as leverage to increase his salary and demands at Manchester City.

          The Gaffer

  2. Maxi is gone this summer…guaranteed. He’s pretty much said already he’s headed back home Old Boys.

  3. That is all speculation. Haven’t you seen his very own responses to these supposed transfer talk? Mouth wont go anywhere he’s coaching the best club in football history and in history is where’d he’d like to stay. He’s having a fantastic year, one of Reals best as of recent. He could not ask for better squad.

    1. You’re obviously in denial. Let’s talk again in August and see where Mourinho is then!

      The Gaffer

      1. I would bet you any money you want Mou will NOT go to City this summer. He will NOT leave Real Madrid, no matter how they finish this season. They are not bending backwards for Mou the past year or so just to let him go after 3 seasons. He has a contract, I believe 2 more years on it, and he has said 100 times he will see it out. At Inter he never stated things like he will stay for sure. When he was linked w/ Madrid he simply said no comment and eventually said yes it is possible and then said yes he is leaving. When he has come out and said no he is not leaving why would he want to leave, it really shows he has no intention of leaving Madrid right now.

        When he went to Chelsea he was the up and coming man who had won with Porto. A Real Madrid, Barca, Inter or United would never have signed him then. Now they would (except Barca). Any club would die to have Mou as manager. Madrid wont let him go and he wont leave for City of all clubs. Mark my words he’ll only leave Madrid to either return to Chelsea or replace SAF. Then we’ll see who is in denial “The Gaffer”

  4. Not sure why people think Jose would “love” to manage City. They forget he is at the greatest club in the world. I say that as a United supporter. Madrid is the biggest, most successful, and arguably greatest club in the world. Why would he give up managing them for City? He now has all the control he wanted at Madrid. They do what he wants when he wants. He signs who he wants and he says who he wants. That team is young and not even at it’s peak. The likes of Ozil, Di Maria, Sahin, Varane, Benzema, Higuain and even Ronaldo are only going to get better and better. He will want to win La Liga again, to shut Barcelona up again.

    He’ll come back to England. But I really only think he will come back to either take over at Chelsea again or manage Manchester United. Or even Liverpool if they have the financial muscle to challenge the big boys. But I dont think he would give up the adoration of those Chelsea fans just to manage City.

    Mancini will be at City next season. I am sure of it. They have improved this year. Sure they wont win the league (they still could but it seems unlikely given their fixture list), but they have improved. Even if they give Mancini 30 million + any money from Tevez sale then he should have enough to buy a quality striker and a decent backup CB (Savic is a joke) and City will be favorites along w United to win the league again.

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