Reader Mailbag: Where Liverpool Needs to Improve; Plus Mourinho to Man City?

It’s that time for the weekly Reader Mailbag. It’s your chance to ask those questions that have always been on your mind, but you always forget to ask! Until now 😉

Q: Todd asks …

What does Liverpool do with this crucial summer off? Clearly things aren’t working according to “plan,” so where do they go in order to compete for the top? Opinions on possible transfers, both in/out, is Kenny even going to be around, etc… 

A: The Gaffer: Great question, Todd. Liverpool needs to have a busy summer in the transfer market. The Reds need to sell or loan out a few players this summer (Andy Carroll, Dirk Kuyt and Charlie Adam). It’s also time for Jamie Carragher to hang up his boots after a stellar career with Liverpool. The Anfield club needs better wingers than their current choices. Scott Sinclair would be a good addition to compete against Stewart Downing on the left wing. An adequate replacement for Kuyt on the right wing to compete for a spot against Maxi Rodriguez would be a wise move,too. Liverpool also needs help in the striking department — someone who is far more clinical in front of goal than Suarez and Carroll.

Overall, though, Liverpool needs to drastically change their game plan and improve their passing. They’re strong defensively and in the goalkeeping department (as long as Reina stays fit), but in midfield and up front, they’re flat. The side is creating chances, but not converting enough of them into goals. Shooting accuracy needs to be a focus, but the team also needs to improve its passing and possession. Liverpool’s midfield needs new life breathed into it. The return of Lucas Leiva will help next season, but as we saw with the loss of Leiva to injury, the midfield needs more depth in quality.

As for whether Dalglish will be around, see the next question and answer below.

Q: Harry Cee asks …

Ok Gaffer… Here are 5 names…will they be with their team next year or elsewhere?

Andy Carroll
Luis Suarez
Mario Balotelli
Roberto Mancini
Kenny Dalglish

A: The Gaffer: Ooof… putting me on the spot, ‘eh? In answer to your question, it all depends on what happens between now and the end of the season.

If Liverpool wins the FA Cup, I would guarantee that Dalglish – and even Carroll — will be at Anfield next season. If Liverpool fails to win the FA Cup, then Dalglish’s future hangs on a thread. It then depends on how the Reds finish the season. I’m leaning towards Dalglish staying with Liverpool, with their American owners giving him until January to turn things around. If Liverpool doesn’t win the FA Cup this season, then I wouldn’t be surprised to see Carroll loaned out to a different Premier League club to get more playing time and to improve his confidence in front of goal. Luis Suarez will stay with Liverpool, no matter what.

A similar story applies to Manchester City. If the Citizens win the league, even if that looks doubtful now, then Roberto Mancini will have a job next season. If City doesn’t win the league, which is looking more likely, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see both Mancini and Balotelli sacked and sold respectively this summer. Jose Mourinho would love a chance to manage Manchester City, I’m sure.

Thanks for all the questions, everybody. Keep them coming in either through the comments section below or e-mail them to [email protected].

Enjoy your weekend and watch plenty of football.


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