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If You Don’t Have FOX Soccer Plus, Are You Really Missing the Full BPL Season?

fox soccer plus logo1 If You Dont Have FOX Soccer Plus, Are You Really Missing the Full BPL Season?

If you’ve been watching a lot of the TV commercials on FOX Soccer recently, you will have noticed what seems to be an increase in the amount of adverts promoting its sister network, FOX Soccer Plus. During the promo ads you will have heard things such as “If you don’t have FOX Soccer Plus, you’re missing the full BPL season” and/or “If you don’t have FOX Soccer Plus, you’re missing the complete Liverpool season,” etcetera.

The two issues I have with these promos are: 1) They’re misleading. Even if you have FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer Plus, you’re not going to see the full Premier League season. And 2) the promos are annoying and teasing if your local TV provider doesn’t even offer FOX Soccer Plus.

As a Comcast customer, I find the FOX Soccer Plus ads pretty frustrating.┬áMy local Comcast doesn’t offer FOX Soccer Plus, so I’m faced with the choice of either changing TV providers or just dealing with it. By FOX Soccer teasing me with the advertisements for FOX Soccer Plus, they may be hoping that I switch to DirecTV or DISH Network. But, for me, FOX Soccer Plus isn’t worth going through the hassle of ditching my cable and Internet access just to switch to a more expensive satellite provider.

Going back to my first point, if you do have FOX Soccer Plus, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to see the full BPL season. Every Premier League match is not shown on FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer Plus. Many of them are only available on FOX Soccer 2Go, while several of them are on ESPN2 and While the slogan “If you don’t have FOX Soccer Plus, you’re missing the full BPL season” sounds convincing, it’s misleading advertising in my opinion. A better selling point for FOX Soccer Plus would be for viewers to watch their favorite teams on your television. It doesn’t evoke the fear that you might be missing the full season, but it does demonstrate one of the advantages of FOX Soccer Plus that FOX Soccer 2Go cannot provide (at least, not without hooking up a cable from a laptop to your TV).

If you live in the United States, answer the following poll question so we can get a better idea of what camp you’re in. And feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

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