If You Don’t Have FOX Soccer Plus, Are You Really Missing the Full BPL Season?

If you’ve been watching a lot of the TV commercials on FOX Soccer recently, you will have noticed what seems to be an increase in the amount of adverts promoting its sister network, FOX Soccer Plus. During the promo ads you will have heard things such as “If you don’t have FOX Soccer Plus, you’re missing the full BPL season” and/or “If you don’t have FOX Soccer Plus, you’re missing the complete Liverpool season,” etcetera.

The two issues I have with these promos are: 1) They’re misleading. Even if you have FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer Plus, you’re not going to see the full Premier League season. And 2) the promos are annoying and teasing if your local TV provider doesn’t even offer FOX Soccer Plus.

As a Comcast customer, I find the FOX Soccer Plus ads pretty frustrating. My local Comcast doesn’t offer FOX Soccer Plus, so I’m faced with the choice of either changing TV providers or just dealing with it. By FOX Soccer teasing me with the advertisements for FOX Soccer Plus, they may be hoping that I switch to DirecTV or DISH Network. But, for me, FOX Soccer Plus isn’t worth going through the hassle of ditching my cable and Internet access just to switch to a more expensive satellite provider.

Going back to my first point, if you do have FOX Soccer Plus, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to see the full BPL season. Every Premier League match is not shown on FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer Plus. Many of them are only available on FOX Soccer 2Go, while several of them are on ESPN2 and ESPN3.com. While the slogan “If you don’t have FOX Soccer Plus, you’re missing the full BPL season” sounds convincing, it’s misleading advertising in my opinion. A better selling point for FOX Soccer Plus would be for viewers to watch their favorite teams on your television. It doesn’t evoke the fear that you might be missing the full season, but it does demonstrate one of the advantages of FOX Soccer Plus that FOX Soccer 2Go cannot provide (at least, not without hooking up a cable from a laptop to your TV).

If you live in the United States, answer the following poll question so we can get a better idea of what camp you’re in. And feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

43 thoughts on “If You Don’t Have FOX Soccer Plus, Are You Really Missing the Full BPL Season?”

    1. I doubt it’s $15 for one channel. Most likely you have to upgrade to a higher sports tier to get it. I imagine that I would have to upgrade my package to one that includes GolTV, the Big 10 Network, and NFL Redzone Channel.

      1. In most cases (including mine with Directv) it is in fact a standalone subscription. The only provider that I have ever witnessed offering FS+ within a package is Time Warner, and I don’t even know if that is a national thing or specific to your region. Way too much $ for a channel that is only HD active for about 4 hours a week.

        Gaffer, you should definitely think about switching your tv at least. I have loved my experience with Directv. I have the bare bones package with the sports pack to get FSC in HD for $42 a month (and I pay an extra $10 for whole home DVR). Even with the simplest package, the 10 UEFA channels are included FOR FREE. It makes Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays so much more awesome.

        1. UEFA isn’t exclusive to Directv next year. Also, you can get the not so bare bones package (Latino Dos) with Dish for $54 (less if you don’t live in a tax Sat but not cable state) a month.

  1. I have FS Plus as it’s part of a set of additional sports channels I have.

    I enjoy the additional games that are Chelsea and non-Chelsea. They air Championship matches as well. It’s useful during the season and acts as a way to rewatch a lot of matches from the weekend along with FSC.

    It’s an expense I can afford. The only slight is that FS Plus does not offer any kind of pre or post game insight from the Fox pundits. Which is odd to say the least.

  2. Slightly off-topic, but it really angers me that I subscribe to FSC and foxsoccer.tv, yet can’t watch FSC matches on foxsoccer.tv live.

    I work during the day for a living and would like to have the game on in the background, yet am unable to. But with ESPN, I can watch with ESPN3 or ESPN Watch on my computer, iPhone or iPad, simply by having a suitable internet provider and/or TV provider.

    FOX should be implementing a similar kind of requirement. I can watch all of the same content that FS+ provides on foxsoccer.tv, so why can’t I watch it there? And to take it a step further, if I provide proof that I pay the extra amount for FSC, why do I still not get access to the marque matches on FSC?

    I guess me spending $20/mo on foxsoccer.tv and $15/mo on FSC isn’t enough for all-mobile access.

    1. THANK YOU! I feel exactly the same way. It’s a bit infuriating. Do they really think that we would rather watch it on our laptop than on our tv? No way. I don’t buy the “we are going to lose advertising revenue” logic. ESPN has occasionally aired their nationally televised ABC games (I remember watching USA England halftime coverage when we went to a different bar).

  3. Unless you’re into rugby, and even then, it’s a total joke. I pity anyone that doesn’t see the ridiculousness that is paying $15 for FSP..

    I payed $3.75 (which probably now 5/6 or so dollars now) for a ‘Sports Pack’ on TWC which included FSP. That’s $3.75 for FSP and 5 other sports channels. It speaks for itself.

    Also, as far as being an American into the Premier League or any other football league in the world goes, streams are simply a must.

  4. The commercials frustrate me, too. But with Comcast, not so much Fox.

    I’m moving in July and planning to switch to DirecTV at my new home. But unsure if I’ll pay for FSP. I’m a neutral, so I don’t really care to see “the full Chelsea/Arsenal/etc.” season that they pump up. They always put the better Saturday 10AM kick on FSC. Rarely do any of the early Sunday games have much interest for me. And if there is a “big” game in that slot, they always seem to move it to FSC anyway.

    I’ll just be happy to finally have FSC and GolTV in HD, plus the extra European matches.

  5. in Kansas City the sports tier is only $4 a month- this includes Fox Soccer-Fox Soc + Goal , MLB and several college sports stations- it;s not tied to major sports channells like ESPN or Fox- very reasonable- I watch these channells over 50% of my tv viewing even in off season PL Darts begins lol

  6. It has to be frustrating for our readers who have to pay a stand-alone fee for FS+. It’s in my $6 Sports Pass that offers me other channels that I also watch. Add to that that I am also a fan of both rugby codes and Aussie Rules and get Championship matches as well……livin’ la vida loca. :-)

  7. I have Fox Soccer Plus and would rather not because it is so expensive. BUT, I am an Arsenal fan and there have been a few on that channel and I do not want to miss any matches.

    Note- Anyone thinking of switching providers may want to wait to see what happens with Al-Jareeza fiasco first.

  8. Fox are bunch of thieves, they charge you for the sports package and an extra charge for Fox Soccer Plus. I just hope that ESPN can can get more games.

    1. PFM, it’s not Fox doing that…..it’s your provider…DirecTV, TimeWarner or whoever. They are the ones who decide how to price and package the channels…..not Fox.

  9. I pay $15+ for FSPLUS, and another $15 for the Dish Network tier pkg that includes FSC. And while non-televised games are made available online via ESPN 3.com and FOX Soccer 2Go, premier league games are most often not available on replay or delay on TV, or midweek when normal people are at work behind online firewalls. I’m continually amazed at the networks’ inability to understand or nurture the American soccer markert by limiting consistent access to top table teams, and even neglecting purchased int’l friendlies when they conflict with four-hours block of tennis tourneys. For all the flaws of the American sports franchise system, at least you can purchase products like NFL ticket – “all” games for one price, and actually get all games. Not teaser advertising and subpar service. May sound harsh, but these networks are our only (legal) outlets. We can’t buy tickets and head down to our local, or distant, stadiums. We buy the kits, listen and call in to the pods, and buy/read the mags and countless blogs.

  10. In Philly I pay $5 a month for fsc but can’t get fsc+ from comcast. I find it strange people wouldn’t pay $15 a month for fsc+ because without it I end up at the pub for utd games and spend a lot mote than $15. I’d be happy to pay $15 a match for utd game on fsc+ as I’d still save money.

    I do know lots of people around here who have dropped comcast for Verizion fios which offers fsc and fsc+ in HD, if comcast don’t offer it by the start on next season I’m done with them.

    1. FS+ is not HD on FiOS. I’ve been to the Dark Horse in Philly, to watch a FS+ match, and frankly the 45 min drive was worth it. I’ll probably be there for Euros 2012.

  11. The only reason I haven’t switched from brighthouse to fios(tampa) is because brighthouse charges me $3.99(Maybe – $4.99?) for FS+ and like 5 other channels. Whereas fios wants $14.99 a month for FS+ alone, I’ll head down to MacDintons for the 2 games a month I want to catch on FS+ for that price.

    I truly feel bad for people that have to pay for FSC and FS+, and/or can’t even get one or both of those channels… you guys should check out
    http://www.footballstreaming.info/… that was my only source until about 2 years ago.

  12. $15 per month for FS+ is totally worth it. I pay $70/month for FSC, ESPN, ESPN2 and about 200 other channels I don’t watch (er, okay, Comedy Central as well for the Daily Show). Hell, I only have cable so I can watch soccer.
    Unfortunately, my cable provide doesn’t offer GolTV or FS+, or probably that AlJazeera sports network either since I live in a military town. Dang, sometimes I wish I lived in Europe…

    Now I’m not denigrating American sports. They’re great, but not for me. However, please ponder this: does my cable provider really need to offer a total MLB (or NBA) sports package for all 230 games of my favorite team? Really? Have you ever watched a baseball game? Multiply that by a full season. Oh the horror, the horror…

  13. My service provider (the internet) gives me hundreds of free streaming channels. All I have to do is search for them. No forking over $15 a month for one channel.

  14. They might shut it down if they lose the EPL broadcasting right for next season. FOX already lost Serie A to Bein Sports channels. Anyone knows where the EPL games would be broadcasted next season?? i wish we have the same setup as in Europe , middleast or asia where they have 8 HD channels broadcasting all live games in local language and English for about $100 a season.

  15. I would only get FS+ to be able to watch Liverpool’s games not broadcast on FSC or ESPN2. Luckily NESN is part of my regular package living in Massachusetts, so I’m able to watch the games on delay. The only ones I missed are the one against Wigan a few weeks ago as well as all ESPN2 games. Saves me the subscription fee to FS2GO. For me, not worth the extra fee for what I would watch it for.

  16. Some fanatics out there would prefer that the EPL rights in the U.S. change hands next cycle so that David Hill will have no choice convert FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer Plus into “FOX Sports 1” and “FOX Sports Plus”.

    FOX Soccer, as it stands now, is practically dead after 7pm Eastern Time, with no live events other than CONCACAF Champions League, college soccer, and USL minor league soccer.

    If the channel were rebranded “FOX Sports 1” (or 2 or 3), then the channel can be loaded up with college sports, especially college basketball, after 7pm Eastern Time during the winter months.

    FOX will ultimately make a lot more money if FOX Soccer were converted into a multi-sports channel with college sports on evenings and weekend afternoons.

  17. I Miss Setanta!
    I have FSC+ via Dish and not getting FSC+ in HD sucks a big one.
    What are we going to do when La Liga League moves to Aljazera?

    1. Don’t assume anything with regards to La Liga in the U.S. next season.

      All the big players are now involved in a game of “high stakes poker”, with no one knowing what will ultimately happen with the exception of the Emir of Qatar.

      La Liga could end up on a number of TV channels in the U.S. next season, including the channel currently branded “GOLTV”.

      El clasico in particular could end up on Telemundo now that Comcast is involved in this “high stakes poker” game by buddying up to the Emir of Qatar. Comcast announced over last weekend that it will market the advertising signage the 2012 French Super Cup, which will be played at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey on July 28. I expect that match to air in the U.S. on Telemundo and SNY.

      Comcast would love to “steal” both clasico telecasts next season for Telemundo (via a leased-time arrangement) so that Comcast can poke another needle at Univision.


      As for EPL rights in the U.S., I now expect 2 bidders in August:

      1. FOX Sports-ESPN Inc.-Univision Deportes in a 3-way alliance

      2. Qatar Media Corporation (beIN Sports USA), with Comcast (NBC Sports Group and Telemundo) as ally/launch partner

    2. I agree. I had Setanta when I had Directv and you had Setanta1 and 2 and FSC. of course that ‘extra’ game is now on ESPN, so some of the value of FS+ is missing for it to be a 15 a month one off.

  18. I get FS+ as part of the Sports pack on BrightHouse for $8. The package includes GOL-TV and FOX deportes so I don’t have to subscribe to a bunch of spanish-language channels. FSC,ESPN deportes and MUN2 are in the standard digital tier, so I’m covered as far as my footy needs are concerned

  19. My choice is foxsoccer.tv. Plenty of choices live and a on demand feature that works great for the American audience that may find it hard to get in front of a tv at 2:00pm on a work day.

    Interesting idea about a joint bid for EPL rights with Fox and ESPN. Seems a good idea. Unless Fox goes with a full Sports Channel program, ie Fox Sports 1,2, etc you would think they may be looking for help around World Cup time.

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