Arsenal Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season: Best Leaked Photo Yet [PHOTO]

Arsenal’s new home shirt for the 2012-13 season is this year’s worst-kept secret. After the initial leak in February, followed by an image from an industry trade show a couple of weeks later, we now have a third (and probably final) image of Arsenal’s home jersey for the 2012/13 season. And it’s the best, most clearest leaked photo yet (see above).

The black rounded collar and black trim at the bottom of the short-sleeves are the most prominent features of Arsenal’s new home kit. Featuring the classic red shirt of the Gunners and white sleeves, Arsenal’s home kit for next season looks different enough but without straying too far from the classic look-and-feel of Arsenal Football Club.

Designed by Nike, what are your thoughts about Arsenal’s new home shirt for the 2011-12 season? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

35 thoughts on “Arsenal Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season: Best Leaked Photo Yet [PHOTO]”

  1. Leaked? This clearly is as fake. It may be based on the real version but this one is not made my Nike. Some knock off company is trying to get a jump on sales. Look at the crest.

  2. This is obviously a fake, but it’s close to the real deal. The black is not actually black, it’s a dark navy… So it’s a little less Man Utd and more New England Patriots…

  3. Why don’t they keep all this experimental crap to away shirts.
    Home shirts should be red with white sleeves…

  4. It’s jarring at first but – it may actually work, especially if the “black” stripes are navy, as its a traditional colour of the gunners, the sleeves could be a bit more tailored…not a classic as the one two seasons ago…..let’s see it on a player first before passing final judgment.

  5. I would like to thank NIke and Arsenal for saving me money next year because I won’t be buying a home shirt.
    Black/navy on the home shirt is awful.

  6. I hope during these next few weeks Arsenal can come up with something better than this mess. Needs thinner stripes and the black should be replaced with the same shade of blue as you see in the Club shield. Socks shoul be Red with s single blue stripe on the top. Whose idea of a sick jok is this design seean here? I hope its a fake or a practical joke. Please excuse me while I drink this terrible design out of mind.

  7. For a number of years, Nike has done violence to our kits. I am a traditionalist and so I loved the 2010-11 home kit. If I had my way, we’d still be wearing the 1970-71 home and away kits. However, I learned to love the gold stripes of the 2006-08 kit and the screenprinted anniversary crest. Yet, even in years when they do a decent job on the home kit, the away kits are almost always a travesty.

    Considering we are the poor saps who have to buy and, even worse, wear some of these horrow shows, I wish the club would let members choose the final Nike design each year rather than them letting the Board do it.

  8. Based on the mis-shaped badge, I’m pretty sure this is fake… but I believe the finished product will look somewhat like this. Don’t like the black but possibly could live with navy – our 99 and 01 kits weren’t too bad with navy trim I guess – but needs to be smaller. Also not sure if I like the idea of navy socks, though it is historical – personally I love the white with red for away games.

  9. surely hate that black… somehow, i think the last season’s kits looks much more elegant…

  10. this is obviously fake, It doesn’t have the new badge (but that could be changed, but i doubt its the real thing) and it also has a look of UTDs shirt if yu know what im saying. By the way Steve, I think you and Joaane would make a lovely couple ;).

  11. This is the real deal – released on 7th June – just pre-ordered it at the Emirates after the Norwich game

  12. Absolutely awful, we are not Man Utd or are we second best to them,lets go back to umbro or adidas, Enough said !!

  13. It has now been released, and the black is navy blue matching the navy blue in the badge. This photo is from months ago! The socks also have the navy blue ring on them, and is from arsenal’s history when the hoops where introduced by Bertie Mee I believe to make their team mates easier to pick out.

  14. If you took the red stripe off the sleeve this would be fine (assuming the dark colour is blue and not black).

    But with the red stripe this is busy, clunky and an overall mess.

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