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James Perch and Pepe Reina Incident Demonstrates the Flaws in Modern Soccer

pepe reina James Perch and Pepe Reina Incident Demonstrates the Flaws in Modern Soccer

Yesterday’s Newcastle United against Liverpool match demonstrated the flaws in modern soccer. The simulation by James Perch after a clash of heads between him and Pepe Reina was a prime example of this. The blatant deception of officials seems to be the latest fad in soccer, and more specifically English football. The universal opinion in the English media is that diving has been a foreign influence. However, in this case it was an Englishman deceiving the match official to gain the upper hand.

The league continues to be subject to simulation, which in recent times has mostly been directed toward Luis Suarez. At times, the influx of foreign players in the league may be seen as scapegoats. However, the nature of the modern footballer personifies deceit, greed and disrespect. The egotistical and overpaid nature of these footballers demonstrates the complacency which has grown.

The annals of soccer history display the contrast of the current soccer etiquette. The old principles which typified what soccer stood for may be put in jeopardy as a result of the current breed of footballers. Not only has diving and deception created a sour taste in the mouth of soccer fans everywhere, but it has changed the perception of soccer to outsiders looking in. The advert of soccer has been severely dented and will continue to be unless simulation is outlawed.

The dehumanizing aspects of acts of simulation are immense. This can be conveyed through the inept ability of footballers to distinguish wrongful acts they’ve displayed. Followed by that blatant girlish fall, which demonstrates the stupidity of the moment putting the game into disrepute. However, simulation is ever growing, match officials are continuously deceived, and the decisive decisions of a soccer match aren’t made by the play of soccer, but the distasteful acts of a player.

Soccer’s transformation has been rapid. However, in this field it might not have been a wanted change. The publicized acts of footballers through social media allows for soccer fans to accept and create excuses for these atrocities. But these individuals must be accountable for their acts. The Joey Barton’s, the Andy Carroll’s and the Mario Balotelli’s of this world must not be given a free pass.

Also, the acts in recent seasons of footballers to swear, bemuse and hound officials are unacceptable. The perpetual intimidation allowed in soccer, in all shapes and sizes, takes away the pureness of the game. Not only has the perception of soccer been altered as a result, but it has slowly created a resentment and an overtly hatred toward footballers in the public eye. Examples such as Joey Barton tweeting about the internal affairs of Queens Park Rangers, and likes of Andy Carroll storming off the pitch, swearing to both managers on the touchline.

Soccer has been through severe alterations in the past half century, resonating through the acts of players, managers and all affiliated with soccer. May this change continue or previous soccer etiquette return? Questions of this matter may be posed and answers may vary. However, the acts of the modern footballer must be addressed and changes made. If not where will soccer see itself, as a unappealing and distasteful sport? I for one do not know.

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