Tottenham Hotspur Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season From Under Armour: Leaked Photo

The long awaited Tottenham Hotspur shirt for the 2012-13 season, designed by new kit manufacturers Under Armour, has been leaked on the Internet.

Modeled by Tottenham star winger David Bentley (see above photo), Tottenham Hotspur will be sporting a new white jersey for next season featuring a rounded collar, no sponsor and a new patent-pending ventilation system to keep the under arms cool all season long during the hot weather in the British Isles.

Under Armour expects Tottenham to unveil the new shirt in their July 28 game against Liverpool in Baltimore, United States. The shirt will retail for $89.99. The away shirt is expected to be black, while the third shirt will be yellow.

What do you think about the new design for the Tottenham Hotspur shirt? Will you rush out and buy one? Share your opinions below.

29 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season From Under Armour: Leaked Photo”

    1. Hahahaha oh dear , the BEST spurs team for 50 years , lost to the worst arsenal team of 100 years 5-2. Destroying your chances of a top 4 finish. Making you realise that you are, and always will be a sh*t mid table club with no history. So before you claim to be kings of north London. Try winning another 11 league titles.

      1. Do you know anything about football? Spurs are steeped in history. Its only been in the last 10years youve overtaken our FA cup final victories, i mean fair play weve been more of a cup team, but our honours list is impressive.
        So dont say weve no history! Weve also finished top 7 since way back in 04/05( the year you t*ssers actually last lifted any silverware)including 2top4s and 3top5s,apart from 08 when we won carling cup and finished 11th, qualifying for europe by beating chelsea in league cup final. A feat you couldnt musture way back in the same year you lot won anything. But if you dusted off your archives once in a while you would know this.

        So dont talk about history, last time ar5ena1 done anything of any significance(apart from losing to relegted birminghamin legue cup final) is ages ago. Maybe arsene should take a few pointers from ar5ena1 lad1e5 they seem to win everything, but then again girls were never his thing were they?

  1. Looks more like Hanes is the kit maker for this one. Can’t see this one going over well in January in England.

    1. The under armour tech in the new Spurs shirt.

      The E39 shirt is outfitted with a “bug” sensor that contains a triaxial accelerometer, a processor, a Bluetooth and two gigabytes of storage. The bug uses this things to measure heart and breathing rate, skin-surface temperature, as well as force and direction and shoot it to laptops or smart phones, according to the NFL.

      The bug can measure acceleration and change in direction allowing coaches to dissect a player’s movement yard-by-yard. The players, however, are happy to run and turn around to see how much G-force they can generate. Real Smart!

        1. Hey Gaffer,

          I didn’t get it from the blog Tony mentioned, (thanks for the link tho,I hadn’t seen it before) the collection on the blog linked to by Tony points out there are many “leaks” and “potential” options that fit with under armour’s other football team shirts, some look more like designs they already have for Hanover 96.

          I guess we will see, but given the recent events at spurs with fabrice and teh player in italy dying, I would expect this to become standard.

          These may help may also help 😉

          The tech from UnderArmour with is similar to Prozone sports that are used by some of the top clubs in the world,

          We will see if Nostrodustous is correct 😉

  2. Great deal, absolutely brilliant stuff in signing this top quality well-known brand..

    Well done spurs!

    Great call Gaffer,
    Great call son,
    Great call Gaffer let’s make another one

    Star winger Bentley fair enough.

  3. Scum fans posting on here. Bore off lad, clearly mote interested in spurs than worrying about how much ur gunna get for van persie in the summer. How much did u spend last summer? And all for 1 more point than us? Yeah, great work! tool

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