Find Out Who’s In the Premier League Team of the Season 2011-12

Out friends over at The Football Daily have thought long and hard this week about which 11 players deserve to be in the Premier League team of the season for 2011-12. The results from their number crunching and debates have resulted in the above video. Take a look to see who was included, and who missed out.

At the end of the video, the bench flashes up pretty quickly, but in case you missed it, the bench they named features: Michel Vorm (Swansea), Koscielny (Arsenal), Patrice Evra (Manchester United), Alex Song (Arsenal), Juan Mata (Chelsea), Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) and Demba Ba (Newcastle United).

Now that you’ve watched the above video, what do you think about the team that they’ve selected? Are there players who should be on the team who weren’t named? If so, who are they and who would you remove to put your picks in?

Share your opinion in the comments section below.

9 thoughts on “Find Out Who’s In the Premier League Team of the Season 2011-12”

  1. Yeah I certainly wouldn’t pick Scotty Parker and I don’t think Evra or Koscielny are close to being good enough this year for a bench place.
    Otherwise hard to argue with the choices.

  2. Why can’t we wait until the end of the season to do these things? I think the Premiership is the only sports league in the world I’ve ever seen where everybody starts naming their team/player of the year in March, and then will release another one in May because… well f**k it, why not, right? We got it wrong then, BUT HOW COULD WE HAVE KNOWN LOL?!? Ugh.

    I wish they would move the PFA and all the other awards to the end of May. They end up with too many incorrect choices by picking guys who don’t finish the season as strongly as a player of the year would. I mean, this year RVP is an obvious choice, but the last two or three years have had, well, we’ll call them less than accurate choices. Giggs, Rooney, and Bale are all great but in reality, we all know they should have been Vidic, Drogba, Vidic. Those were the true players of the last three seasons.

  3. Scott parker is the most overrated person on the face of the earth, including Obama….why does he get so much love? everytime i watch S*purs play he is a non-factor…English media love him, i dont understand….

  4. A case could be made for Micah Richards. Although he was better early on there are players on this list who had poor starts and have come on recently.

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