beIN Sports: Al Jazeera’s New US Network For La Liga, Serie A, Ligue Un and Other Soccer

Al Jazeera’s new sports network in the United States will be named beIN Sports, an industry source has revealed to EPL Talk.

The name is consistent with Al Jazeera’s summer launch of two new channels in France named beIN Sport 1 and beIN Sport 2. “[The name] symbolises the mind of two channels aiming at bringing live and exclusive broadcasting of the biggest events, “ said Nasser Al Khelaifi, the director of Al Jazeera Sports.

Slowly but surely, Al Jazeera has been acquiring rights to some of the top soccer leagues in the world. In the United States, that includes TV and Internet rights to La Liga, Serie A and Ligue Un. In France, Al Jazeera has acquired rights to UEFA Champions League and Ligue Un. And that’s just the start. According to a source, Al Jazeera is prepared to spend big to acquire other rights packages. With the Premier League TV and Internet rights going on auction this year for the United Kingdom, Europe, United States and the rest of the world, it’s no surprise that Al Jazeera is making some industry executives very uneasy.

The source to EPL Talk added that Al Jazeera has hired Imagina US, a Miami-based production company that specializes in the US hispanic industry. Imagina US has been advising Al Jazeera as well as being involved in building a facility for Al Jazeera in South Florida. The two beINSport networks in France are being produced by Mediapro. Imagina US, meanwhile, is a subsidiary of Mediapro, a Barcelona-based company.

beIN Sports has hired executive Frédéric Chevit to coordinate the international launch of beIN Sports’s channels.

In the meantime, beIN Sports has been busy acquiring domain names in preparation for its US launch., and were registered by the company last month.

The big question about the upcoming launch of beIN Sports in the United States is whether the network will be ready and available via most major cable and satellite TV providers across the United States before the seasons kick off in August. Al Jazeera Sports is currently only available in Arabic on DISH Network. And as we know from experience, it sometimes takes several years before niche networks such as FOX Soccer (HD), FOX Soccer Plus and GolTV are available across major providers.

beIN Sports acquiring GolTV could be a solution to get the network in more US homes, but GolTV’s value in the market has been severely damaged by losing La Liga TV rights. If beIN Sport passes on an opportunity to acquire GolTV, subscribers to GolTV may begin to flee once they find out that La Liga is no longer available on that network. Plus, TV providers such as DirecTV may want to renegotiate how much it pays GolTV per subscriber now that its crown jewel of soccer TV rights is gone.

GolTV and Al Jazeera has been reached for comment, but neither broadcaster has responded to our requests. GolTV meanwhile has forbidden its employees from speaking to the press (including blogs).

When asked for comment about the developing story of beIN Sport’s entry into the US market as well as how beIN Sport may impact auction rights deals, a FOX Sports spokesperson said, “It’s a free country. As soccer’s popularity grows in the US, it’s natural to assume that bidding on world-class rights will be more competitive in the future.”

While true, the question that all soccer fans are asking is “How will this impact me?” With Al Jazeera (aka beIN Sports) and Imagina US failing to respond to requests, we’re in the dark as much as you are. I think it’s high time that beIN Sport lets the public know what its plans are.

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  1. Well, GolTV has garbage HD, but that might be 1000x better than not even getting the channel! Hopefully something gets sorted out and we’re able to watch La Liga and Serie A in HD.

    1. On a related note, please let me know if any readers would be interested in rating and gathering details about each of the different soccer networks in the United States to rate and compare the HD signals — from GolTV, FOX Soccer, FOX Soccer Plus and ESPN2. If you’re interested, contact me directly at thegaffer[at]epltalk[dot]com

      The Gaffer

  2. YESSS! When I was in England, Al-Jazeera’s coverage was sooooo much better than Sky.

    Sky try to simply tactics and talk for the simple minded whereas Al Jazeera was great.

    They also used the same commentators and pundits as some of the other networks.

    And I’m pretty sure you could change the language you wanted to watch in.

  3. It is very exciting that a international sports network may get put directly on American cable networks. Many of us here have said for a long time that we would for instance be happy if we had Sky Sports directly rather than FSC. The issue for a long time was the quality of the overall broadcast which FSC did not have for many years. For some reason and may be its me ESPN has not quite satisfied the American viewers taste. We where extremely happy two years ago when this site broke the news of ESPN’s entry into the EPL broadcast market but in all fairness to its better presentation and professional broadcast crew one is left still questioning the ESPN commitment to soccer both abroad and in the US.

    I have been very surprised with the quality of the NBC Sports Channel presentation of MLS. Hopefully it will continue to develop and lead to more soccer on the newest of American sports channels.

    1. this is a bogus blog.. started by Oliver to make people believe he has some credibility and is some “insider into the business”.. when in actuality he ran 10years ago.. and attended a couple of trade shows with GolTv..(in the beginning them and a couple other outlets bought advertising on his site).. again 10 YEARS AGO. but thinks he has some special insight into Soccer tv rights.. for about a year when Fox Sports World was in transition.. Oliver told the world this would fail and the channel would be defunct… he has done the same with many other issues.. channel takeovers.. rights to broadcasters.. ect ect.. . most that remember know that 9 out of 10 times he is WRONG… i think most people have had it with his baseless predictions.. so its time to call him out.


      1. It’s completely up in the air at the moment, but beIN Sports working with Imagina US is a pretty strong indicator that a Spanish-speaking network and audience is a priority. English could be available via SAP only.

        The Gaffer

  4. They will have all the major leagues besides England and you know it will be in High definition.

    Spain’s Liga BBVA.
    Italy’s Serie A.
    France’s Ligue 1.

    This could be great.

      1. CT, send me a link to where this was announced. As far as I know, GolTV renewed the US rights to the Bundesliga.

        The Gaffer

        1. I was continuing Jack’s sentence about Europe’s top leagues. I felt that he left Germany out as one of Europe’s top leagues not that Al got the TV rights.

      2. GOLTV renewed the U.S. media rights to the Bundesliga through May 2015. DFL Sports Enterprises announced the renewal last October:

        GOLTV sublicensed 2 matches each round to ESPN, Inc. (ESPN Deportes and


        GOLTV still has the following:

        Bundesliga and German Super Cup – through May 2015 – 2 matches each round sublicensed to ESPN, Inc.

        Brazilian National Championship and Sao Paulo Championship – through December 2015 – TV rights only (no internet or mobile) – 1 match each round sublicensed to ESPN, Inc.

        Argentina – all league matches involving Boca Juniors and River Plate – through 2014

        Uruguay – limited coverage of matches involving Nacional and Penarol

        CONCACAF qualifiers NOT involving U.S. or Mexico through October 2013 via 48-hour delay (in exchange for producing live telecast for pay-per-view promoter Integrated Sports)

  5. With only one channel they don’t have enough to air all the games from those 3 leagues, that’s why i think they will share the rights.

    1. 1. Who said it will only be one channel? In France they’re already setting up 2.

      2. Of course they won’t air all the games. They will give big teams and big matches priority. Just like Sky Sports in England and Fox Soccer in the US.

    2. 2 channels for sure.

      Ligue 1 will be live on a satellite channel in French. Ligue 1 teams just don’t sell in the U.S. in either English or Spanish. Tape-delay filler at best only for the big clubs (i.e. PSG,) with the rest being dumped online would be my guess.

      Only 2 La Liga clubs sell in the U.S.: Barcelona and Real Madrid, and only when they play each other or they play other big European clubs, a local MLS club in summer friendlies, or the “big 2” from Mexico in summer friendlies. Their matches in La Liga are glorified exhibitions. Barca and Real will be on the Spanish-language channel being set up by Imagina U.S.

      No need yet for a separate English channel in the U.S. until the EPL rights are decided (and new studios are built: the Imagina U.S. studios are only for temporary use. GOLTV used the same studios at Imagina U.S. in 2002-early 2003 before moving to its own facility.). That channel can originate from London, possibly with material from the Premier League network. No need to hire anyone in Miami unless the Emir wants to spend more money (as if paying a fortune for the rights aren’t enough.)

      1. you still dont get it do you Oliver..
        it doesnt matter if Ligue 1 sells… they have proven they dont need to make money.. look at what they are doing in France… it doesnt matter to AL Jazeera if this SELLS or not… its all about Qatar and the world cup.. they will take a huge loss on sub fees it doesnt matter.. .. its about recognition..

        btw.. look for the channels to have SAP in 3 languages. english/spanish/french… none of this “we are looking for the hispanic market crap”… they are not looking for one demographic.. its ALL of them.


  6. I do hope they have an online and on demand capability. That’s definitely something I like about Fox Soccer and ESPN. Has anyone heard any rumor of that being the case?

    1. If it’s anything like their domestic Al Jazeera Sport channels they offer a full online subscription for people who don’t have / want satellite or cable. If they make a UK/Europe move, I really hope they offer that service over here!

  7. It would be good to know if this contract deal also snags up the streaming rights. That could be an alternative to waiting for these networks to add this new channel.

    Fox Soccer 2Go could become an alternative.

  8. Isn’t this the EPL site? The amount of times i’ve seen users told “please keep this to epl or english game based”.
    Why is this on here? This has nothing to do with the epl… la liga sucks. Who cares please keep these to the “Great” la logs and Sebo a sites.

    1. Dave, the implications of the beIN Sports launch could have an extremely significant impact on the Premier League viewing experience in the United States and United Kingdom, especially — if predicted — Al Jazeera decides to put in massive bids for Premier League coverage during the bidding process in Europe and the United States this summer. This is definitely a developing story that we should keep a close eye on. The ramifications of such a deal could be massive.

      The Gaffer

      1. Well said Gaffer. If the Premier League decides to scrap the domestic UK sale and instead adopt a Europe wide deal, Al Jazeera could become the ONLY rights holder – Europe-wide! That’s pretty large scale. If they manage to outbid other high profile companies such as BSkyB on their own turf then have no doubt that they can do it to another NewsCorp affiliated company in Fox.

        When Sky originally took Premier League rights in 1992 it was a massive shock to everybody because it was an unknown company and they had very little subscribers to their service. It’s now 2012 and looks like something similar could be about to happen all over again… roll on bidding so we can find out one way or the other!

      2. you are wrong gaffer, the premier league will not sell the rights in the u.s or europe to BEin sports. fox and espn will win out. the only thing they could get is the uefa champions league because most of uefa (and fifa) are in the pockets of the billionaire arab cartels.

        Digger — la liga as a league does suck, just because 2 of the same teams for the last 60 years are still in the champions league and man utd lost to athletico bilbao does not mean that la liga is better–if it was better to watch then it would have higher ratings–it doesn’t and this is with the 2 biggest teams in world football right barcelna and real madrid. you clearly know nothing about football maybe you started watching a couple of years ago.

        Gaffer–An EPL player gets struck with acute leukemia which is having the greater impact on the epl at this point? the la-liga TV rights or the captain of aston villa out in a battle for his life at 32 while his club tries to stave of relegation? hmm i wonder.

        Sad to see this site going the way of the dod for real epl talk, now its just video game reviews ad who was the rights to this league. oh well back to the bleecher report were they actually discuss the sport!

        1. Dave,

          One: Bleacher Report is garbage. Most of the articles are poorly written pieces by kids. If you like that stuff, god bless you.

          Two: EPL Talk has shifted it’s focus since December to covering the experience of following the Premier League. That means examining TV rights, reviewing video games, writing about technology and, from time to time, including editorials about teams and players. Our Twitter account @epltalk covers the news and tweeted about Petrov on Friday morning as soon as the news was announced.

          Three: Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore said last week that the Premier League rights will go to the highest compliant bidder and that it could be Al Jazeera. ESPN Europe’s chief has said that if Al Jazeera will enter the bidding with crazy money, then ESPN will drop out if the bidding.

          The Gaffer

        2. Dave – don’t talk such nonsense. If you’re going to participate and offer your own views, at least do some research first to stop yourself sounding stupid.

        3. ??? Because Madrid and Barca are in the Champions League for the last 60 years all the time (not true at all) that means La Liga sucks? How do you form such a crazy conclusion on that one?
          Then you say because EPL has higher ratings means its better than La Liga? No, EPL has higher ratings because it is marketed way better than any sports league on Earth.Bilbao absolutely ran riot on the best team in the EPL in 2 games. You absolutely have no understanding of football Dave, none what so ever.

    2. LOL La Liga sucks but yet 5 spanish teams are in European competion still, 1 completely wooping Manchester United in the process.

    3. “The amount of times i’ve seen users told “please keep this to epl or english game based”.”

      I have never seen such a demand posted or even insinuated on this site. In fact, after we returned from Scotland last fall The Gaffer posted an article I wrote about my family’s fantastic experience catching a Hibs match at Easter Road. Not a single commenter asked why it was there.

      Yes, this is EPL Talk. However, the nature of the game is such that there are frequent referrals both by writers and readers to teams/leagues/players outside of the Prem. That does not detract from its main thrust…..just broadens its scope.

      btw….yes, Hibs won today! 6 points clear!! :-)

  9. what is there business model.. buying sports rights is fun, but how is it gonna be profitable in the long run.. they don’t have national network like fox , nbc, cbs or abc..

    1. Great question. These following paragraphs are particularly enlightening (I’ve bolded certain sections):

      “For Orbit Showtime Networks (OSN), the most significant omission from its
      lineup is the most sought after sports content, particularly soccer. Much
      of this has been acquired by Al Jazeera Sports (AJS) and Abu Dhabi Media
      Company (ADMC), with their state-backed operations having the financial
      muscle to outbid OSN, even if the business case for doing so is not there.

      This type of ‘vanity’ operation has been a recurring theme in the region
      and while the creation of OSN is a move towards a commercially-run sector,
      there are still services operating where return on investment (ROI) is a
      desirable outcome rather than an essential one.

      The difficulty of course is that operations with a non-commercial objective
      compromise those with commercial strategies, as they have high costs but
      less compunction to make a profit.

      They have lavish budgets but little chance of becoming financially
      There are no signs of the non-commercial services being
      closed by their backers – putting the likes of OSN on the back foot in
      content auctions.”


      The Gaffer

    2. Their business model is purely and simply to show the world they’re a force to be reckoned with and that their home country is big news in football. When Qatar won the World Cup it raised a LOT of eyebrows, not only because of temperature issues, but also because Qatar has never been a player in world football. It’s not a country you’d instinctively think of when thinking of the game. Al Jazeera are aiming to change that and cement their position when it comes to the game of football.

      In direct response to that though, you could argue that branding your channels as beIN Sport is defeating the object completely? If they would have branded them Al Jazeera then people would have associated with the region more; calling it beIN Sport will mean nothing to the vast majority of people and it could be a channel from any company. I certainly wouldn’t associate it with Qatar and a World Cup push!

      Whatever they do though, so long as they continue to offer high quality coverage for our entertainment, then they can spend as much as they want – provided they don’t spend TOO MUCH and have to offset that with drastically inflated subscription fees. If they bid and win here in the UK and manage to offer a cheaper subscription than Sky Sports currently offers, they won’t have many complaints beyond the current ‘we don’t like change’ ones that are ringing out all over the place.

  10. The “beIN” brand is trilingual, derived from the word “bien”, which means “good” in both French and Spanish.

    The brand consultant who came up with the “beIN” brand earned a small fortune.

    1. Do you actually read things people write or do you just type away and hope for the best? I am FULLY aware what the beIN name is indicative of, I don’t need an explanation! I was not commenting on that if you care to read back properly.

  11. Inside the numbers:

    GOLTV, Inc. paid $24 million for the U.S. media rights to La Liga in 2006-2009 and renewed for the same amount for 2009-2012. That works out to $8 million/year on an annualized basis.

    GOLTV U.S. earns about $23 million/year in subscriber fees. 13 million U.S. subscribers total, about 9 million of which via the English-language sports tiers, and the other 4 million via Spanish-language digital tiers.

    ESPN Deportes (in Spanish) only has 6 million U.S. subscribers and earns about $11 million/year in subscriber fees.

    For the 2012-2015 La Liga seasons, the new Univision Deportes Network (launching on DISH on April 7 with about 12 million U.S. subscribers in English-language expanded basic tiers even though the channel will be 100% in Spanish) offered $75 million for the U.S. media rights. That offer was reasonable given current market conditions.

    beIN Sports USA knew that GOLTV and ESPN Deportes combined cannot afford to go above $105 million (combined subscriber fee revenue for both networks.)

    There is no possible way for ESPN Deportes to go above $40 million for its share of La Liga matches sublicensed from GOLTV, Inc.

    Armed with that knowledge, bein Sports USA bid more than $120 million, if not closer to $135 million, for the U.S. media rights to La Liga in 2012-2015. That bid blew everyone else (GOLTV-ESPN Deportes, Univision Deportes Network) away.


    FOX Sports Media Group (via its FOX Sports International unit) paid around $57-60 million for the U.S. media rights to the English Premier League for 2010-2013, about the same as what it reportedly paid ($57 million) for the same rights in 2007-2010.

    ESPN, Inc. contributes about half that amount for its sublicense.

    For the 2013-2016 seasons, one would have expected the Premier League to accept a bid from FOX-ESPN of no less than $150 million, on the assumption that no other bidder would show interest, due to current market conditions for the Premier League (and similar TV products in terms of viewership and demographics such as the “power 6” college basketball leagues) in the U.S.

    The entry of beIN Sports USA has blown that assumption completely out of the water.

    Based on what beIN Sports USA did with La Liga, one would now have to expect beIN Sports USA to bid in the range of $240-300 million, if not higher (i.e. $330 million), in order to make sure that it will lock up the U.S. rights to the Premier League for 2013-2016.

    The problems FOX is running into:

    1. The Premier League is not important enough for ESPN, Inc. to double its original U.S. rights fee budget from $25 million/year to $50 million/year. $30 million/year would be the absolute upper limit for ESPN, Inc. in my opinion.

    2. Even if FOX Deportes (and ESPN Deportes) were willing to give up “1st pick in Spanish” for all 38 rounds to Univision Deportes Network (so that Univision Deportes Network can have Manchester United every week) in order for Univision to contribute $25-30 million/year into a 3-way alliance, the resulting FOX-ESPN-Univision alliance would only be capable of bidding no higher than $270 million.

    3. FOX will still have to fend off beIN Sports USA when the U.S. rights to the UEFA Champions League in 2015-2018 are tendered sometime between October 2013 and March 2015.

    Now that FOX has an option on the table to flip either FUEL TV, SPEED, or FOX Soccer into a college sports-centric TV network dubbed “FOX Sports 1”, FOX has signaled that it is prepared to walk away from the U.S. rights to the Premier League if necessary, just as NewsCorp-ESPN (ESPN STAR Sports) did in Hong Kong (after May 2004), China, Singapore and Thailand (all after May 2007).

    As a result of the GuangDong TV/WinTV debacle in China, the Premier League can require U.S. bidders to put a certain numbers of “big” matches (i.e. 10-12) on a TV network that has “full distribution”, i.e. more than 100 million households either free-to-air or via English-language “expanded basic” pay TV tiers.

    beIN Sports can meet that requirement by purchasing TV time from another network so that big matches will be viewed live by at least 0.5% of the households in the U.S., i.e. 600,000 households and around 800,000 viewers.

    The cheapest “time buy” option available is ION Media (formerly PAX TV), which reaches over 100 million U.S. households free-to-air via a chain of broadcast affiliates. (The defunct Womens’ United Soccer Association bought time on PAX TV in 2002 and 2003.) CBS and CW are also possible options though they cost at least twice as much as ION Media.

    1. Oliver you just don’t seem to grasp that a lot of people don’t care to read through your massively long winded posts. It’s great that you can speculate on things like everybody else but do you really need to put excessively long winded posts spouting figures like that? Chill out and casually chat like everybody else. I’ve found myself bypassing most of your posts all together now.

  12. One: for you “The Gaffer” after that response and your quality of article, to actually criticize anyone else’s writing is a joke, if you want to be a journalist/writer/media contributor slating others in the media is a sure fire way of burning bridges you don’t know you’ll need and is to be frank, immature.

    Two: this site has gone down in quality, I’m sure if you looked at user click though maps that 90% of people going to epl talk go to see the game schedule you post, its convenient, not essential, just convenient, why not take it down and see how many of those 300,00 unique visitors you get continue. why move away from actually covering the epl, ahh yeah thats right because every piece you wrote analyzing the game was lambasted by readers, so you switch to video games and then ask other to contribute so your ego doesn’t get hurt.

    Three:Blah Blah Blah, it will not happen, the fact you believe that Scudamore who acts on what the clubs vote on will hand over coverage to BEin after the Setanta debacle shows what little savvy you have. its not just the highest bidder its the package with stability and exposure / access/ reach to a wide audience through mediums and platforms that will increase the exposure of the epl to the us, and china. ESPN and Fox have that in abundance.

    paul–ssshhhh are you the moderator? more like moron, oh if you don’t like what oliver writes then just ignore, I’m sure others readers will decide for themselves what to read. thats what a blog with comments is. you should just user twitter or in your case twatter you bossy bizzy body.

    Digger–it has been a 2 horse race in la liga for the last 60 years, it is always and will always be that way, the league is not exciting, the grounds aren’t even full when the big teams visit, unless you have been to a la liga game and one that doesn’t involve Real or Barca sshhh “tv soccer boy”. who gets the most coverage on espn for soccer? barcelona and real madrid what soccer player is on sports center messi, espn has a spanish language station that focuses on futball and the ratings suck. the exposure and success of la liga depends on real and barca if you don’t see that then your a moron.

    here are the years that these 2 teams have won la – liga a total of 52 times! and runners up 42.

    I guess you do know what you are talking about…moron!

    Real Madrid
    Won league 31 times runners up 20
    1931–32, 1932–33, 1953–54, 1954–55, 1956–57, 1957–58, 1960–61, 1961–62, 1962–63, 1963–64, 1964–65, 1966–67, 1967–68, 1968–69, 1971–72, 1974–75, 1975–76, 1977–78, 1978–79, 1979–80, 1985–86, 1986–87, 1987–88, 1988–89, 1989–90, 1994–95, 1996–97, 2000–01, 2002–03, 2006–07, 2007–08 2010–11
    Won league 21 times runners up 22
    1929, 1944–45, 1947–48, 1948–49, 1951–52, 1952–53, 1958–59, 1959–60, 1973–74, 1984–85, 1990–91, 1991–92, 1992–93, 1993–94, 1997–98, 1998–99, 2004–05, 2005–06, 2008–09, 2009–10, 2010–11

    1. Dave, if you don’t like the site, why do you even bother visiting?

      For your information, I’ve been a journalist for over 20 years. I don’t write as much as I used to about teams and topics from the Premier League because there are now literally thousands of sites that cover the same topics. That’s why I’ve changed the focus. Not because of criticism from readers. Any article that has opinions is going to get criticized. No one is going to love everything I write.

      As is plainly visible from your comment, where there are several grammar and spelling mistakes, perhaps you doth protest too much.

      The Gaffer

    2. Dave:

      beIN Sports USA is expected to bid more for U.S. media rights to EPL than FOX, ESPN, and Univision combined.

      One industry source said to me that Scudamore will stick with the alliance of FOX & ESPN (& Univision, if FOX were to need a 3rd partner and if FOX Deportes were willing to let Univision Deportes Network have Man Utd for 38 weeks) if beIN Sports USA were to bid $240 million and the alliance were to bid $225 million, for example.

      I already posted above that the FOX-ESPN-Univision alliance will be capable of going as high as $270 million, but probably no more than that. Neither ESPN nor Univision are willing to lose money on EPL in the U.S. FOX can’t do it alone.

      beIN Sports USA knows about the “threshold of pain” for both ESPN and Univision.

      As a result, beIN Sports USA should have no hesitation to bid $300 million, if not closer to $330 million if the Emir of Qatar really owns to own the media rights to EPL in the U.S. market.

      beIN Sports USA should know by now that Richard Scudamore and the club owners, particularly the Americans who own 3 out of the “big 4” (Glazer – Man Utd, Kroenke – Arsenal, Henry – Liverpool), will require beIN Sports to purchase time to air the “big” matches on a network with “full distribution”, meaning a reach of 100 million U.S. households or more. That stipulation can be written into the tender document, with monetary penalties (up to forfeiture of all media rights) if the stipulation were not met.

      The cost of a 2-hour block of time on a free-to-air network on weekend mornings range from $100,000 (ION Media) to $300,000 (i.e. CBS or CW.)

      $300,000 x 12 = $3.6 million/season of time buy fee, or $11 million for 3 seasons. That is a roundoff error compared to the rights fee.

      If you, like most viewers, tune in for the “big” matches, you will probably have nothing to worry about. Instead of FOX, the match will air on CBS, CW, or ION. What’s the big deal?

      (The “minor” matches will be available on a pay subscription basis via the Internet, just like they are now at

  13. Doth protest to much, really? Way to show of your command of the English language, Using a little middle English, very Shakespearean of you why don’t you follow that up with iambic pentameter?

    As for the previous post of mine, thanks for letting it through once you had vetted it, understandable i guess, what with my heavy use of offensive and abusive language…Oh no, hold on, there was none,I guess the opinion you apparently don’t care about did offend you…. By the way If any users need to be vetted it’s Paul, telling people off for writing long posts what’s that?

    If this makes it I will be surprised. Anyways.

    Like I said it’s the tv listings, and then ocasional headline, all the above was typed on an iPhone, I’m not a journalist but 20 years tho for you (allegedly), and what you have taken away from all those years of experience is that because there are thousands of people giving opinions on a global sport watched and followed by billions that you would stop as what you offer is not unique enough?

    Did you only find this out 6 months ago. great self awareness!

    Upon this ipifony (fony being the operative part of that word) you changed focus/gave up/ realized you dont have what it takes to cut through all the rest? but still want that money from advertisers.

    Then you have the gaul to attack others for actually having the nerve to do what you apparently can’t (to give their opinion on games, tactics palyer profiles) way to show 20 years of journalist integrity.

    Well, here’s to your’s and the great “epl talk’s” (or maybe it should be renamed “epl tv experience contracts and video game articles coz that’s all I can do talk”) continued success.

    1. Dave,

      I’m not sure what has thrown you into a tizzy. You seem to be awfully defensive and negative at the same time. You’re entitled to your opinions, but I’m not sure why you’re creating a fuss about all of this. If you’re that upset that we write about TV coverage, write an article yourself about something you think people would enjoy reading ( I’m not attacking you. I’m not sure why you would think that.

      In regards to your comment about “vetting,” I was on the road all day today, and when I came back in this afternoon, I noticed that WordPress automatically put your comment into a moderated queue. As soon as I saw it, I approved it. I don’t censor comments unless they’re racist in nature or contain foul language. Sometimes long comments get flagged in WordPress.

      Lastly, about the TV schedule, it’s a popular feature but it represents 8% of all of the traffic we get to the site. More than 300,000 people come to EPL Talk every month for more than just the TV schedule.

      The Gaffer

    2. I’ve not told anybody off Dave, I’ve simply stated what other people have also done recently. Oliver’s posts can be as long as they want but when he tries to make out he’s ‘in the loop’ when in reality he’s just speculating like everybody else (often incorrectly), it annoys me. I should just learn to ignore but when people are posting things that are either factually incorrect or simply speculation but put over as fact, I can’t help but comment!

      Also, Richard Scudamore or anybody at the Premier League HQ aren’t allowed to tamper with the tender process. The highest compliant bidder wins. It’s as simple as that. After the whole Sky Sports monopoly issue a few years ago, the whole bidding process is now really heavily regulated and the league would be hung up for not carrying it out in the correct manner. It’s nice to think it’s all about exposure etc but the harsh reality is that money talks!! You would have thought the same in France wouldn’t you when beIN Sport were awarded Ligue 1, Champions League and Europa League coverage? At the time of winning those rights they had ZERO exposure, ZERO access and ZERO reach to any audience at all – in fact, they still don’t! Fox and ESPN might have it in abundance (just like Sky Sports does in the UK) but none of that matters when the rights go out to tender. If Fox, ESPN and Sky Sports all want to keep coverage then they have to blow the rivals out the water.

      1. Paul:

        1. European Union regulations do NOT apply to the tender process for the media rights to the Premier League in markets outside the European Union.

        2. The Premier League, in consultation with the club owners, can put in stipulations in each market in order for a bidder to become “compliant”. For example, bidders in China must agree to put 38 matches on free-to-air television in order to be “compliant” (The Premier League forced GuangDong TV to do that in 2009-2010 as a condition of allowing GuangDong TV to bid for the rights in 2010-2013.) The Premier League can put in a “full distribution for N matches” stipulation for the U.S. market in order to make sure that a startup outfit such as beIN Sports USA will not be allowed to kill the big club brands in the U.S. (beIN Sports USA can meet that stipulation by negotiating a time-buy agreement with a free-to-air broadcast partner such as CBS, CW, or ION before the tender process.)

        The world is NOT one giant U.K. Hasn’t been that way since the end of World War II when the U.K. needed the Marshall Plan to rebuild.

        1. 1. It’s pretty obvious EU regulations apply within the EU only – hence why I was referring to the Sky Sports monopoly in that particular instance.

          2. There is no stipulation for North American FTA coverage. Bidders in China… yes I get that from the umpteenth times you’ve mentioned it. The Premier League “can” do a lot of things but you along with the rest of us have no idea what will and what will not be done so please refrain from telling people how coverage will be broadcast on CBS, The CW etc until you have cold hard facts from the Premier League themselves when they issue all selling arrangements and the tender process.

          The world is NOT one giant Olivert speculation-fest.

  14. No tizzy, just responding to you and a few others in the same way that responses were leveled at my posts.
    All I did was offer opinions and was greeted negatively by yourself.

    If you read your responses back maybe you will see how defensive and agressive they were especially when you attack another well respected blog.


    1. Dave, since when is Bleacher Report’s soccer coverage well respected? Name one soccer blogger on there who is well known for his or her body of work.

      The Gaffer

    2. Bleacher Report is a joke. All they do is make stupid slide shows about everything. Like the top 10 college basketball rivalries in one person’s opinion (and other things like that). Everybody knows this. It certainly isn’t at the level of EPL Talk.

      There. The Gaffer isn’t the only person who thinks it.

      1. Thanks Josh. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only person who thinks the same thing. And the silly slideshows are only created for one reason — to increase the number of pageviews, so Bleacher Report can generate more revenue from advertising (as well as to inflate their traffic numbers). Cheap tricks and poor coverage to boot, in my opinion.

        The Gaffer

        1. Well it seems to work. Lately I can’t do a bloody Google search about any sports topic without a bunch of their slideshows coming up on the first few pages. I’m at the point where I refuse to read anything on there, or follow them on Twitter. Other general interest sports blogs (the SB Nation network comes to mind) have a lot more substance.

  15. I wonder if this BeIN sports Tv is widely available??, if not it be a watsed effort kinda hows FSC when u have a channel hardly anyone heard or have access to

  16. does anyone know if this new soccer tv network will allow you to watch games online in case my cable company does not pick this channel up? similar to foxsoccer2go??

  17. I’ve heard that GOL TV’s English speaking voice, Phil Schoen is going to BeIN. I hope they will contract with Ray Hudson as well. Both guys really know La Liga well and I’d love to see them together on BeIN.

  18. I love 3 Dutch Eredivisie matches each weekend now on ESPN Deportes and 5 Bundesliga matches this weekend on Gol tv. Woohoo, BeIN sports can have La Liga which is of no interest to me.

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