Reaction: El Salvador Sneaks 90+ Minute Goal to Eliminate US

Tonight the U.S. was dumped out of the 2012 Olympics in heart breaking fashion, giving up a very late goal in stoppage time that knotted the score at 3-3.  The U.S. finished third in Group A and, as a result, does not advance to the semifinals.

Earl Reed,Chris Webb, and I chatted about the result and the tournament in a special post-match chat.  Read our thoughts below, listen to the MLS Talk podcast tomorrow, and share your feedback on the match itself, the tournament, Caleb Porter’s decisions, and the state of U.S. soccer below.

19 thoughts on “Reaction: El Salvador Sneaks 90+ Minute Goal to Eliminate US”

  1. wow, that is absolutely teeeeeeeeeeerrible…. how does a nation of
    300 million people fail to put together a quality side? A new low
    for US Soccer.

  2. I agree with Robert, Sunnil needs to go. He probably has some
    stupid pipedream about MLS going away, but I have real
    reasons………………..When I read that he was making KIDS
    decide on whether to play in the system or their high school, I
    realized he is not the leader we are looking for and he has his
    priorities messed up too………………..He should be trying to
    promote soccer playing, lessening high school soccer does the exact
    opposite, obviously. For the 99% of the people that try to make it
    , but don’t make it to the national team, they are just viewed as
    pawns in his game, obviously. It is morally wrong and obviously we
    need someone who gets it and can lead in a way that we are proud

    1. The US needs a system at the youth level like Little League
      Baseball and Pop Warner Football. An organized low cost system to
      get kids on the field on the cheap. I loved soccer as a kid because
      I didn’t have to talk to my coach for 45mins than half time
      strategy and i can ignore him for another 45 minutes. For the kids
      who are obvious all-stars they will get scouted, just like they are
      in other sports, but our system is designed to take the fun out of
      the game. Not everyone is going to be a Messi.

  3. Everyone is putting the us on a pedal stone. First they have never
    been a talented team that is full of skillful players. Second any
    central american team can beat the US if they keep possession. The
    only reason the US is a power house in the concacaf is not because
    they are talented skillful players,but because they are strong,
    tall, and aggressive. I don’t find it a big suprise. Every central
    American team has a better style that they try to play with.
    Moreover every central American team has talented skillful players
    rather than huge running horses. What the US federation needs to do
    is stop looking at height and start recruiting players who actually
    knock the ball around and are skillfull.

  4. we are never going to have good national teams as long as we have
    the kind of soccer pyramid that we do. We just don’t have the
    structure to funnel kids into the system in the cities they live
    in. Where does a great young soccer player that lives in Phoenix,
    Az go? If he’s real lucky he gets a ticket to Bradenton but thats
    very unlikely. Chances are he ends up in college and by the time
    he’s out of college its too late. In a real soccer country that kid
    is in the local youth team of a professional club by the time he’s
    10 years old. And this is the fundamental problem we have. We don’t
    have a promotion/relegation system with real soccer pyramid. If we
    did we’d have 100..fuck it..200 pro or semi pro clubs around the
    country all with a connection to the community they are in with
    youth setups able to pull in the local kid. It is maddening that
    the powers that be don’t realize that having a proper soccer
    pyramid is directly connected to the national team. It makes you
    want to bash your head against the wall at the ignorance. MLS is
    good for MLS but it’s not good for American Soccer. We need to have
    a master plan. Japan has a goal of 100 pro team in their pro/rel
    structure. Is it any coincidence how much better Japans national
    team has become since they instituted pro/rel? If a tiny country
    like Japan can set a goal of 100 team then surely the U.S can set a
    goal of 200 teams. Cannot we not do great things? I just don’t get

    1. You correct, I bashed my head against the wall at your ignorance.
      Almost every parent of 10 year olds don’t want our kids on a pro
      team….and not it is not too late after that.

      1. Charles, what it means is that the club will develop the player and
        pay the high fees for training and travel. A lot of kids are priced
        out of the game and parents simply can’t afford the travel cost.
        Club Tijuana has a system set up in San Diego already and grooming
        and teaching young kids the fundamentals of the game. Majority of
        those kids would probably choose to play for Mexico because that
        system is courting them while US/MLS is worried about building
        manufactured rivalries and building stadiums where you can order a
        hot dog from your seat!

        1. Robert, yes exactly. take for instance the top 50 most populous
          cities in the US and put a pro club with a youth system in each
          city. Then allow those clubs to develop local talent. Allow soccer
          players from those cities to get professional training from a young
          age. This is a much better system than finding a needle in a
          haystack and sending some kid from california all the way to the
          Bradenton Academy in FLA. The reason why we don’t produce great
          players is because we don’t have the soccer infrastructure. A vital
          part of this infrastructure is a pro/rel pyramid with clubs
          throughout the US. This important not only to find and train local
          talent but also to create a soccer culture. We need to start doing
          what works in every other successful soccer country. And we need to
          start telling the people who say “America does it differently” that
          they are ignorant. I was talking to some football people from
          England who were in the U.S scouting. They said the same thing to
          me. Right now America thinks that having MLS teams with youth
          academies is enough. It’s not. MLS is only in 16 American cities.
          We are only tapping into a very small section of the US for talent
          and expecting big results. Look at Japan. They have a club in their
          pro/rel system in just about every metropolis. In some metropolises
          they have multiple clubs. Is it any coincidence that since
          implementing this system Japanese football has been on the rise?

          1. If you research the top 100 soccer players in the world I can
            probably bet 90% of them got there start at local
            youth/professional clubs and not their Federation. Pay to Play has
            to go!

        2. Well that is not going to happen obviously. LIke you said MLS is
          not going to survive even, so the chances of them paying big money
          to train prospects is zero. US soccer will crush soccer just like
          they do with every other Olympic sport, through a GREAT college
          athletic system. It will not take long. @ Andy : I didn’t take it
          out of context, you are just wrong…and I have most likely been
          following soccer longer than you have been alive, but thanks for
          attempting to tell me what I do and do not understand.

          1. Charles, not every child is meant for a college degree. What about
            those prospects who don’t have the grades? Should they not be
            eligible for a professional soccer career because they didn’t go to

          2. College soccer can’t develop talent sufficiently. The best college players are also getting time at USL clubs because they can’t improve during a 3 month season.

          3. I agree Robert, not every kid will go to college. Many people very
            close to me did not. There are other routes, not every athlete is
            going to get to the end game the same way, but obviously for kids
            that can, it is a HUGE advantage and the number of US soccer
            players ( and other Olympic athletes ) going that route of course
            bares that out, unless you are crazy enough to believe they are ALL
            fools and you know better…………….and of course the US will
            have a huge advantage over the rest of the world because of
            it……………@Earl, the season is NOT 3 months, they have
            spring and fall right now. Plus not like any athlete in college
            only does the college season of training, no matter what sport,
            that is crazy to think that………………..

          4. @Andy, what did I say that was funny…or not 100% true. What is
            funny is that soccer guys seem to think that the whole world does
            it one way, when in fact in almost every sport in the world they
            send their kids to the US to train….at college….that is
            starting to include soccer btw.

      2. Charles, you simply don’t understand international soccer and that
        is why you took my 10 year old comment out of context.

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