Despite Poor Week For Liverpool, It’s Not As Bad As It Seems

Shambolic is the only way to describe Liverpool’s season so far. Admittedly, they have won a trophy and adding the F.A. Cup in May is a distinct possibility. Silverware is never a bad thing, but a 7th place finish in the Premier League would be. For a club with its resources and history, it is an embarrassment. With the money Kenny Dalglish has invested in the transfer market, Liverpool should be doing better. While there is a litany of excuses to placate the fans, from off-field distractions to this being a “transitional” season, there really is only one genuine problem with the club. Namely, the majority of players purchased within the last two years are simply not good enough for a club with winning ambitions.

Players including but not limited to Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing and Charlie Adam are not capable of pushing Liverpool to the summit of the Premier League. They are Premiership quality players, but they do not have the requisite skills to challenge perennially for the big trophies. Despite this considerable problem, and the clear struggles the manager is having with his squad and the media, Liverpool will be back on track in no time.

If you consider the fact Liverpool has dominated the majority of their matches, there is reason for optimism. The most recent fixtures notwithstanding, Liverpool has generally outplayed and out chanced their opposition, only to be punished for their flagrancy in front of goal. If a quality striker or two can be brought in to supplement Luis Suarez’s play-making, this problem should be solved.

On the defensive side of things, Liverpool has conceded the fewest goals in the league outside of the Manchester clubs. Their backline should not undergo significant change this summer, so more of the same can be expected in the next campaign.

With regard to youth, Liverpool appears to have one of the deeper pools of talented prospects. Jay Spearing, John Flanagan, Martin Kelly, and Jonjo Shelvey are all very promising. Some of these players are already making a positive impact with the first team, and they only represent a few of the elite youngsters in the club’s ranks.

As such, it would be very surprising if Liverpool struggled again next season. Amidst the gloom of a pair of reversals against lowly QPR (lost 2-3) and Wigan (lost 1-2) it might be difficult to see, but the future looks bright. If Liverpool can end this season with some positive results in the league and another trophy, the uneasiness amongst the Kop may disperse. However, even if Liverpool maintains current form, the club is only a quality player or two away from competing with the top 4 once again.

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  1. The players not performing is an issue, but they are talented players and have all produced at other clubs. The real problem is the system and the manager. Liverpool fans won’t admit that King Kenny isn’t good enough for the modern game, but it is the truth.

    U can’t spend 60 million plus and not know how to play them. Best way to the club around is to move on from Kenny and get a manager that knows how to use the multitude of talent or at least assess talent correctly and not spend the millions. Either way you look at it the system is manager responsibility as well as player purchases–both failures so far.

    (As if that wasn’t enough I believe Roy hodgeson had more points than Kenny at the point Roy was fired–hardly progress)

  2. They are closer to the relegation zone than the top of the league. This was supposed to be liverpools year with king Kenny back and no European distracions and yet the get worse by the week. How can any Liverpool actually think the future is bright.

    They need a manager who’s understands the modern game and tactics. A striker who can lead the line and play on the shoulder of the last defender, someone who is a out and out poacher who can actually put the ball in the back of the net 25+ times EVERY season and some decent wide players who can get past the fullbacks and get some decent crosses in, that’s just for starters.

    Just as importantly they need a new stadium ASAP. They are just falling further and further behind each year and if they keep going like this they will never catch up to the rest of the league. Time for the owners to actually deliver on some if those promises.

  3. I agree entirely with the author. I also hope you are correct about this team only needing 3 or 4 players.
    I also feel we wasted alot of cash on average players. You don’t put out the kind of money we did on players needing to develop, they should at least perform up to the level of cash spent on them right off the bat.
    As for KD, I hope he is a great manager. But there are managers in the Premiership doing alot better job with alot less resources right now.

    1. I agree. KD’s desire to bring back Liverpool’s glory through UK players has misfired. Downing, Adam, and Carroll have not been the quality they promised to be and their price tags were far too high for what they’ve produced over the course of their tenure at Liverpool. There is some promise showing in younger players. I’m not calling for KD’s head just yet, but I do wonder if he can figure out a way to maximize the players he’s bought.

  4. Wow. Could you ride them any harder?? Only a fool would think the future is bright for Liverfool. Unless they make a quick U-turn, it’s only going to get worse from here.

  5. Here’s the thing , they spent over a hundred million to finish outside the top four, how much more money does King Kenny need to actually get there? A real quality player or two could cost much more than what was spent last year. And to be fair they need more than two players.

    There’s something about the nonsense Dalglish says after these matches that borders on the absurd. Coasting on his legacy of the 80s only gets you so far. There is a disconnect between how he is being questioned and what he thinks he should be asked.

    It should not be about bringing back the glory years, it should be about Liverpool starting to be a force again. So far Dalglish and Fenway Sports Group have not gotten it right.

  6. I think you have more pain then glory in your future.did not get a good return on your money invested last year.The league tittle and CL are a long way off.I don’t see how you turn it around in one year.You only have 2 players that would bring any money in the transfer market L Suarez and Pepe Reina.You have a tall hill to climb good luck i think you will need it.

  7. the Biggest mistake made so far was giving KD the job full time, way to many people thinking with their hearts and not with their heads when that was decided.

  8. The only way liverpool will get better is with a new manager
    Bring a manager who can make the team play attacking football that ends with goals,not just aimless possession,bring players who are creative which basically rules out 98% of english players’
    a quality player or 2?in out current state no quality player would even consider us
    this is the worst i’ve seen liverpool in the past 8 years that i’ve watched them

  9. Remember after Roy was sacked and people were pipping AVB for the job?

    Well… he’s available and has something to prove.

    1. I’d love to see what AVB’s no-nonsense rebuilding approach could do with Liverpool since our owner isn’t anywhere near as meddlesome as Chelsea’s.

  10. Carroll is dragging down team- he belongs in the non leagues at best. Time to spend some money on two real strikers.

  11. The author used Spearing and “talented prospects” in the same paragraph and lost credibility right there. Spearing is a nice bloke, but belongs to the likes of Darlington, Harchester United, Doncaster, etc.
    Alexi Sanchez who has slotted in Barca’s style of play is a “talented prospect”, Spearing isn’t!

  12. Surely the author of this piece is not a journalist but just a kid at uni,can anyone write this drivel for this website?

    It’s obvious to anyone with even a passing interest in the game that for Liverpool it’s probably far worse than it seems,they have a total lack of quality players and the youngsters mentioned are simply not up to the task either.

    Kenny Dalglish as a player was one of the best in the World,and 20 years ago was till a decent manager,nowadays he’s embarrassing himself with his appalling eye for a player and his press conferences are cringeworthy.Quit now Kenny before you destroy all the goodwill you have in the game.

  13. It’s time to stop excusing Liverpool. They have won just 1 of 7 premier league games, loosing 5 of their last 6, some of which were embarrassing. Many of their big money transfers have fallen painfully flat and Daglish doesn’t seem to have an answer to Liverpool’s problems. And yet there are still articles saying everything is OK. When Arsenal loose 2 games in a row, articles start popping up about how they are truly awful and Wenger needs to go. About 90% of Arsenal articles on this site are about their imminent demise, how their transfer methods can’t compete, and how Arsene Wenger is not the right man. We are watching a manager leading a team that sold off it’s best players, and has been rocked by injuries, yet still is in 3rd place. If Spurs sold Modric and Bale, they would be mediocre at best. If Liverpool lost Reina and Suarez, they would be even lower then their current mediocre position. Is it because we hold Liverpool to such a low standard that we don’t question them when their form is the worst in the Prem league other than Wolves? Maybe its time to recognize the impressive achievement Wenger has accomplished, and start mentioning that it’s time for Daglish to leave.

    1. While I agree what Wenger has accomplished this year in the face of adversity is impressive, there is one major difference between the two teams: RVP. If you swapped Suarez and RVP (each team’s best striker) I am supremely confident Liverpool would be in the top 4. Liverpool are near the top of the league in hitting the woodwork and have dropped so many points at home drawing games they should have won with slightly better finishing. Conversely, there have been several games this year that Arsenal have had nothing going, but RVP was able to put the team on his back and get results to keep moving forward (the second Arsenal v Liverpool game being a prime example).

      I see all these people saying that Liverpool is multiple players away from challenging for a Champions’ League spot, but I think having a RVP caliber forward would make all the difference to getting into the top 4. Whether there is another RVP caliber forward available and whether they would consider coming to Liverpool is a different question.

  14. Um, I completely disagree. Losing to the 18th and 19th teams in the table is completely unacceptable for a team with CL’s ambition and especially after spending upwards of $120M on players in the last year. If we look at the table starting on January 1st, Liverpool would be in 19th place. We have 4 (total!) home wins this year and are on the the worst run of form since we were last relegated some 50 or 60 years ago. I agree that some of the younger players looking promising, but Kenny refuses to play them because he’s to stubborn or proud to bench to his AWFUL buys of Adam, Carroll, Henderson (literally invisible all year) and Downing (the only one of the 4 who has shown some positive games this year).

  15. What?

    Without van Persie you would be in the relegation battle, if there is any team out there that depends on 1 player more than others its Arsenal.

    Bale and moderic were both out for stretches when we actually finished 4th 2 seasons ago, as well as several games this season.

    Talk about needing luck, just look at how many last minute goals u have (as well as goals offside given).
    You should have lost to Liverpool but were lucky. Arsenal fans are as bad as the whinging Wenger.

    We will see where you are when Van Persie goes to Real Madrid in the summer after you finish 5th 2 below spurs.
    Man city, qpr and Stoke will see you drop 9 points minimum…let’s hope it’s more, the less arsenal the better.

  16. The following table is from a Jonathan Wilson article about Dalglish.

    After 44 matches:

    Years Manager W D L Pts
    1991-1994 Graeme Souness 18 14 12 68
    1994-1998 Roy Evans 19 11 14 68
    1998-2004 Gerard Houllier 18 9 17 63
    2004-2010 Rafa Benitez 18 11 15 65
    2011-present Kenny Dalglish 21 11 12 74

    Of course it includes FA Cup games and the like, but so does everyone else’s.

    Patience, time, and more patience.

    1. Liverpool don’t have time on their side. This isn’t the 1980s when the majority of teams competed on a level playing field in terms of money. Every season that goes by they lose ground to the bigger clubs and the so called smaller teams close the gap on them little by little.

      It’s been 20+ years since they won the league can anyone here honestly see them winning it in the next 10-15 years, I sure as hell can’t.

  17. Liverpool have one of the best defense set ups in the EPL, and the defense is relatively young, so they have that going for them.

    This season, posts and crossbars have cost them probably 10 points, so they should have a higher standing, though they wouldn’t be competing with the top two squads.

    Liverpools great weakness is scoring. They do seem to do well in having high possessions, but often, in the offensive end, they just seem to play like 10 defensemen. There was a lot of talk of Charlie Adam’s set piece kicks being worth $100,000 a piece. Well, we’ve yet to see that. His kicks seem like Rory Delap’s long throws… a threat you consider, but something that hasn’t amounted to much this season. Downing, Henderson, and Carroll were developing talent bought at top talent prices, so too much is expected of them.

    But I remember being very down on Lucas, and he has developed into an incredible midfielder with time and maturation. So I don’t feel this is the end of the world. Heck, last season, Administration and relegation were becoming actual fears, so the team is in much better shape now than they were. But they need something up front. It doesn’t seem to matter who starts up front with Suarez. The Reds just aren’t scoring making me believe they need some changes in the midfield to help in feeding strikers. It isn’t the end of the world in Liverpool, it also isn’t very pretty either.

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