Is This Arsenal’s Away Shirt for the 2012-13 Season? [PHOTO]

Is this Arsenal’s away shirt for next season? There’s a leaked photo of what appears to be Arsenal’s away shirt for the 2012-13 season circulating across the Internet (see above photo).

The shirt appears to be blackcurrant and navy blue or black in color. Designed by Nike and featuring a rounded collar, the Arsenal away shirt looks fairly decent except I can’t get the image of Freddy Krueger out of my head. Maybe having an away jersey that looks like something out of Nightmare On Elm Street could intimidate opponents? Good thinking Gunners.

What are your thoughts about the shirt? Do you think it’s the real thing? If not, what colors do you think Arsenal should be using for their away shirt? If you think it is the real shirt for next season, how does this one compare to previous Arsenal away shirts in your opinion?

Don’t forget you can take a look at the Arsenal home shirt for next season before it’s officially unveiled.

Spotted on Arsenal Insider.

24 thoughts on “Is This Arsenal’s Away Shirt for the 2012-13 Season? [PHOTO]”

  1. Love it and hope it’s true, but I have doubts because how would this contrast against teams in which our home shirt would clash with. For instance, you couldn’t wear this shirt or our home shirt against Man Utd.

    Also, I don’t think that the home shirt that’s circulating the blogosphere will indeed be the shirt. If you look at the picture with Arsenal, Man Utd, and Barca’s supposed home shirts for next season, you’ll see that the nike boots the mannequins are wearing are all from over a year ago. At least I hope they’re not, they’re terrible. And no way Arsenal will be wearing black or dark blue socks with the home kit.

  2. idk, still seems too red for the away, what happens when we play teams like stoke and sunderland at their home grounds? i guess the thirds, which would be the blue ones from this season? I was hoping for another yellow one, like 2010/11.

  3. 100% fake .. The whole idea behind having a home and away jersey is that it Should be of diff colors…Or are we playing naked against manure, pool, stoke, Sunderland

  4. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is the new away kit and of course it won’t be worn against united etc due to colour clash. Arsenal can then make more money from the release of a third kit. Or our current away strip will be demoted to 3rd so the new away kit can boost sales. It’s not the first time it’s happened and won’t be the last. Also this kit looks alot like the 3rd shirt from 07/08 season, just without the collar and white writing rather than gold. RIP OFF!

  5. Its a fake!! First off, the jersey seems to be “floating” on the staircase. Second, why would we want such colors which only make us look like our opponents like Man City, Man U and all that?? Were it the case, I would prefer our current away colors done in a different way though. We are gunners, we are different, period.

  6. Nice one…its seems to be different then previous..and its look nice and superb than older….one more disadvantage is make sure A.C.Milan is not playing with them….hope if arsenal play in A.C.Milan home…ground both look identical…may be game problem will occur….!!!!!!

  7. Freddy Kruger is red and green, not to mention a tattered sweater with much bigger stripes, so unless my eyes deceive me, that is nothing alike.

    Could be a 3rd kit, no way a 2nd kit.

  8. I just wish the away jersey would always be yellow, but I know they need to change it up to sell more shirts.

  9. Why would we have a red home kit and 50% red 2nd choice kit? Seems we would be using a 3rd choice kit a lot if this is real.

  10. You’re all idiots, it’s for when we play teams who wear a lot of white. The shorts and socks will be dark blue so the kit will mostly be blue. It will be worn against teams like Fulham and Swansea, and the third will be worn against the likes of Man Utd and Liverpool. And it’s not a money making scheme as it’s a rule that teams partipating in European competitions have to have 3 kits anyway.

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