Chelsea to Play Celtic at Yankee Stadium This Summer; Blues to Also Play In Philadelphia

More details have been revealed regarding Chelsea’s tour of the United States this July.

In addition to what we already know about the Chelsea summer tour, we now know that Chelsea will play Glasgow Celtic at Yankee Stadium in New York, according to ESPNsoccernet. Plus, Philadelphia has been added to Chelsea’s tour schedule. The Blues will now visit:

  • Seattle,
  • Washington DC,
  • Philadelphia, and
  • New York.

No dates have been announced as of press time.

Playing at Yankee Stadium in New York will certainly be a great photo opportunity for Chelsea, but how practical do you think it will be for Chelsea to play in a baseball stadium? Celtic played at Fenway Park against Sporting in 2010, where large crowds cheered on both teams.

Also, if you’re planning on going to see Chelsea play in any of the cities above, let us know in the comments section below.

Thanks to EPL Talk reader CTBlues for the news tip.

23 thoughts on “Chelsea to Play Celtic at Yankee Stadium This Summer; Blues to Also Play In Philadelphia”

    1. Andrew, you’re correct. Good catch. However, I hadn’t reported the news yet on this site, so it’s still worth reporting. I wasn’t aware of the Yankee Stadium game myself.

      The Gaffer

  1. I will probably go to Philly or the Bronx to watch a decent match this summer and to cheer against the blues of course. Would be nice to see a match in Yankee stadium as long as they are not ridiculous ticket prices.

  2. I would love to see how they fit the field into Yankee Stadium. They played a college bowl game there last December. I don’t remember how the field fit onto the playing surface. Also, the picture on this article is the previous incarnation of Yankee Stadium. That stadium no longer exists.

    1. They have the NewEra Pinstrip bowl at The Stadium and the got from home plate to center field for football so I would think they would do the same for soccer.
      Also my guess is this will take place during the week of the MLB All-Star game because the Yanks are on the road from July 2nd to July 8th and they have July 9-12 off for the All-Star break. This will give them enough time to convert the field back and forth.

      1. Don’t think it will take place the week of the MLB game, because Chelsea don’t fly out of London until the 14th or 15th. More likely the week prior to the Yankees – RedSox series.

  3. that article is from March 8th. The Philly game is not set in stone yet. NYC/DC/Seattle are.

    that being said NYC will be fun and if Philly is included it will be fun too. That’s what summer tour is all about. Catching up with other Chelsea dudes and drinking ourselves stupid.

    Anyone in the Philly area looking to meet up Philly Blues are at Tir Na Nog 1600 Arch every match day.

  4. I went to see Chelsea in Seattle a few years back, and will go again this summer. Philly is also a possibility as my brother lives out there and I was an away supporter for Timbers @ Union.

  5. I pray for this everyday. Saw them play Milan in Baltimore 3 years ago and M&T Bank was completely filled, if not sold out. It was one of the better friendly’s I’ve seen by other foreign clubs coming to the U.S. Unlike the 2010 Inter v. Man City match in Baltimore, which was half empty and not very exciting or competitive. Earlier speculation suggested Chelsea would play at PPL park, which holds a little more than 19K instead of the Linc at 45K. I really hope it’s not at PPL unless season ticket holders get first right to buy tix, otherwise, it may be impossible to get a ticket or very expensive.

  6. Funny thing about this is on the non-baseball event section and new section on the Yankee’ssite doesn’t have any mention of the game.

  7. I would love for Chelsea (or any European team) to come to KC. Had over 50k at Arrowhead to see Wizards (as they were at the time) v ManU. Had about 18k see Newcastle at their new park last year.

  8. Hopefully prices won’t be too out of control but I sincerely doubt this. Any event at that stadium seems to cost an arm and a leg. The crowd should be brilliant for this match though. I

    1. Thanks CTBlues. I saw it earlier today, but it’s been one of those hectic days where I haven’t had a chance to post it. I’ll post something shortly. Should be interesting to see Chelsea and Spurs over around the same time in the States.

      The Gaffer

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