Feuerstein’s Fire #94 – Tuesday 8 PM EDT / 5 PM PDT

Join Daniel Feuerstein as he talks North American Soccer at its finest!

Feuerstein’s Fire #94 – Tuesday, March 20th 8PM EDT – 5PM PDT

– Arcadio Marcuzzi of Lefooteur discusses the first official MLS match in Montreal

– Patrick Quinn discusses the Rapids 2-0 start with Oscar Pareja as head coach

– Discussing the media on Soccer in the USA

– Red Bull Hour: Discussing the two goal loss at Real Salt Lake

Tune in below on Tuesday night to hear more about these exciting topics within our leagues!

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2 thoughts on “Feuerstein’s Fire #94 – Tuesday 8 PM EDT / 5 PM PDT”

  1. Sorry dude I listened to a couple of your podcast. I don’t mean to
    offend. I wish you the best, but you really have no business
    anywhere near audio-visual equipment (especially the microphone).
    Keep the podcast going, but find someone that can actually do a
    good job. Best Regards.

    1. Sadly JoeJoe that’s thru Blog Talk Radio people, if you keep
      hearing some problems. It happens sometimes during a live stream.
      It’s o.k. if you didn’t like it, honest opinion from you. No

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