Who Is Better: Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

messi ronaldo Who Is Better: Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

While Barcelona’s historic run in the last few years and Lionel Messi’s mesmerizing form have gotten most of the coverage in the media, one player appears ever closer to helping Real Madrid dethrone the Catalans as La Liga champions. This star player is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo who has flourished and has been on an absolute tear since moving to Los Blancos after a successful spell with Manchester United.

What the Portuguese forward has done in terms of scoring goals surpasses even the great Lionel Messi. While Messi is undoubtedly the world’s best player and perhaps one of the greatest to ever play the beautiful game, Ronaldo was the Spanish league’s top scorer last season. Below is a list of his achievements since joining Los Blancos:

1) Ronaldo has scored an incredible 98 goals in just 89 La Liga matches. Last season, he achieved a remarkable tally of 40 league goals in just 34 matches. This season, he has already managed 32 goals in just 26 league games.

2) In three years, he has scored 19 goals in just 24 European matches. Ronaldo won the Champions League with Manchester United but his objective is to lift the European trophy with the Madrid side. That would be a historic achievement since it would reaffirm Real at the top of European football with a total of 10 European Cups if they can win this season.

3) In the 2010-11 season, Ronaldo became Real’s all-time leading scorer for a single season with a total of 53 goals in just 54 matches in all competitions. That surpassed the previous record of 49 goals for a Real player set by the legendary Ferenc Puskas.

4) Last season, Ronaldo also broke the record for all-time goals scored in a single season in La Liga. His 40 goals were two more than the previous best record achieved by two players, including Real’s Hugo Sanchez.

5) Ronaldo has won the Golden Shoe award twice, once each with Manchester United and Real. In doing so, the Portuguese star became the first player ever to win the award in two different European leagues.

There is no doubt Ronaldo has been one of the world’s best players in the past several years. He has won almost every individual award there is in football and has achieved remarkable things as an individual with both Manchester and Real. However, and despite his many trophies with Manchester, his trophy stint in Spain has so far yielded just the single Copa del Rey triumph last season.

Ronaldo will be measured by the league titles and the Champions League trophies he wins with Real. At this point, he has been overshadowed by Messi and rightfully so. Los Blancos have not been able to defeat Barca in league play since Ronaldo joined the club a few years ago. Real’s sole triumph over Barca was last season’s Copa del Rey final. Otherwise, the Catalans have eliminated Real in the Champions League last season and in the Spanish Cup this season while beating their bitter rivals at their home turf in Madrid earlier in league play this season.

Ronaldo still has the chance to achieve a league win over Barca when the two clubs meet at the Camp Nou. He can finally displace Barca as champions in the domestic league barring a sudden collapse by Los Blancos. Real’s lead in the league is comfortable enough for the club to afford a defeat in Barca and still win the championship as long as Jose Mourinho’s players remain consistent in the other fixtures.

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104 Responses to Who Is Better: Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

  1. Robyn says:


  2. Ranjith radhakrishnan says:

    Ronaldo is the bst i’m sure he’ll lead real to win this seasons la
    liga title.

  3. Leo says:

    The picture answers your question: Ronaldo kneeling for his king.

  4. deepsouth says:

    excuse me…the world is asking if MESSI deserve join the “pantheon
    of the four”…di stefano,maradona,pele and cruiff…or even if
    MESSI is better than pele or maradona and u keep comparing ronaldo
    with MESSI???…or u are fadeaway or u dont see much football in
    the last years…(BTW…someone has discusses if ronaldo deserve be
    between the best of all time???…give me that article

    • saeid says:

      messi=xavi and iniesta…………………….Ronaldo=Ronaldo

      • Joe says:

        Last year Xavi and Iniesta assited 7 out of 53 of Messi’s goals
        last season. ozil and di maria assisted 17 of ronaldo’s 53. Messi
        also has made the most assists in europe in the last 2 seasons
        (more than Xavi and Iniesta). Inernaltionally, Messi has won the
        U20 WC, and the Olympics wheras Ronaldo has won NOTHING. Their
        goalscoring rates for their national teams are also almost
        identical.Messi scored a hattrick in his last argentina game Please
        explain how Messi = Xavi and Iniesta after reading this evidence.
        Thank you.

  5. renaldo says:

    For the people who think barca is a great team….I don’t think
    they so great football was playing before messi an barca never beat
    real look an real success 9ucl cup to barca 3 32madrid la liga to
    barca 23 oooo what a shame they aren’t tht great in stat
    huh….madrid an man united is the best clubs ever along with ac

  6. Efrain says:

    Duh, MESSI

  7. brian says:

    I am sick of this comparison !! Why dont you ask C.Ronaldo ? He
    will tell you who is the better player both individually or
    team-wise !! Its Leo Messi !! Leo Messi = Legend of the
    game.C.Ronaldo = great Goal-scorer

    • saeid says:

      hi brian.you think that messi is better right?i ask you,why he cant
      be a legend for Argentina????

      • GOAT says:

        And maybe I could ask you what cristiano has done for Portugal.
        Stop thinking inside your bucket. This is not what thy’ve done for
        their country it’s about individual performance. So quit bringing
        up the national team card coz it definitely doesn’t work here. You
        should that question when cristiano does something for his country

      • Cr7 Fanatic says:

        Look people I know youve heard this before but look Messi I have to
        admitt is one of the best to ever play the game but think about
        this, take iniesta, xavi and dont forget one of the best
        midfielders in the last decade Fabregas out and put messi in. Some
        people think Ronaldo is a ball hog I have to admit sometimes I get
        frustrated when he has a option to pass to either ozil Kaka or di
        maria, but I am warning you dont say he doesnt pass. Go look at the
        article ” Is Cristiano Ronaldo footballs most underated genius?”
        and then come back to that topic. Ronaldo has to play every single
        damn game in his life since 2009 with criticism about being the
        second best footballer in the world, and being called a ball hog.
        Ok now after that short little paragraph its time to decide who is
        the best. Cristiano ronaldos Raw amazing talent versrus Messi’s Raw
        amazing talent. With out no doubt in my mind Messi get the hek out
        GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This little 25 year old
        overated justin bieber should get lost. Ronaldo will win the ballan
        dor and after that messi will shut his mouth. CR7

  8. nufi says:

    messi world best

  9. Mattus says:

    Ronaldo is beyond doubt the better athlete, he is the complete
    player, who is able to do everything that can be expected from the
    world’s best. Messi on the other hand relies too much on his one on
    one skills and can therefore be stonewalled by proper defense. In a
    nutshell, Messi without backup from star players in his squad would
    be an above average player, where as Ronaldo in the same situation
    would still be a superstar.

    • GOAT says:

      People like you never actually watch football but just read
      articles with other people’s opinions. Better athlete you say, you
      haven’t watched messi play I think you should. Especially the games
      against real Madrid and whilst you at it try and find Ronaldo, your
      better athlete, on the pitch.

    • Shaun says:

      Dream on sweetheart, dream On!!!!

  10. messiisbetterbtw says:

    lol I can’t believe this is still worth a discussion when the
    answer is so painfully obvious. Yawn.

  11. saeid says:

    ronaldo is the best player in the world you all know!!!!!! if messi
    things he is better,he must changes his team and then we will see
    how he playes…..

    • GOAT says:

      for your own info, pele literally spent his entire career playing
      for santos, changing teams doesn’t mean anything and Ronaldo left
      Man U when they were going through a bad patch right when they
      needed him, Madrid is a great team with or without him but he makes
      them better and same could be said for messi.

      • jimmy says:

        u comleteely right. best said they are more style individual style
        Messi has best direction change, speed and tricks,but Ronaldo has
        the best free kiks and performance and fake tricks!!!!!!!!!!! they
        are almost equal in goals , its just Messi is more beloved like
        Pele he more dedicated unlike ronaldo like model

  12. saeid says:

    fuck Barca…………………………long live madrid

  13. Chogla india says:

    Lol messi is mentor of cr7 u all better know accept the fact ask to
    cr7 he also admire messi

  14. shabcaan says:

    wwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaw messi

  15. salisu yusuf says:

    d answer is clear who is nilin on d pitch orrr he has turn 2
    defender lol 10 4 lyf messi d genieus

  16. Urki says:

    Just asking the question is already an insult for Messi…

    • YINKA says:

      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!_____________________ IT IS

  17. khazeem says:

    despite am barca fan.i like ronaldo,cuz he’s a grt goal scorer.but
    d truth as show it’s self.MESSI is d best player av neva see
    .despite of his talented goal scoring.and, if care is nt taking he
    will surely collect d best player 2more tym.

  18. eduardo says:

    Messi = excellent Ronaldo = excellent My personal preference
    overall: Ronaldo. Messi not complete enough, not charismatic,
    neither sympathetic. My personal opinion about Messi: I do not like
    him; don’t like Maradona either. Pele by far the best last 50

    • Lost Soul says:

      By those standards Mother Teresa would have made a great football
      player. She had a lot of Charisma & sympathy. Stop watching

  19. Ostay says:

    I’v promised myself not to comment on dis foolish question
    again.simply because everybody knows dat messi is da best at
    24….imagine comparing ronaldo 26 with messi 24….wat a
    shame…..no sense for pple sayin ronaldo is better cos una dey
    close eyes dey watch messi play…..messi is complete wit
    everytin…but ronaldo is selfish

  20. Rahman mahmud o says:

    Am very disapointed in all of u dat sayind dat cr7 is better dan
    messi,shame on u,wt else do u wnt 4rm messi,he is d ovarall world
    best 4 gud 3time.an braking many record.an he play very wel all d
    time.pls tink of dis very wel.oooo.messi contin,may God wil help
    u.up up up messi.messi dnt mind dem u ar better dan cr7 sure an
    everybody knws.10qz.

  21. luckydon says:

    wo.oooo! Let us stop being selfish..oooo! Pls let us watch football
    with sincerity. Let us stop being centimental or hvin hatred on
    someone let us say d fact dat messi is d best player 2 (C.
    Ronaldo)Ooooo wt a mesless messi, d world wil criticis about u but
    God wil tak u 2 a greater height. I luckydon suport u, u’r d best.

  22. Lost Soul says:

    Ronaldo has to stop bombing in big fixtures before he even deserves
    to get a mention alongside Messi. As much as I hate Barcelona,
    Messi is still in a different league altogether. Ronaldo is more of
    a glorified Ibrahimovic.

  23. legzyguy says:

    Cr7 can do evrything on the pitch but can’t do everthing on the

  24. Ziggy says:

    C.ronaldo is nt only a world player or d greatest footballer bt a
    complete, scintillating, magnificent & colossal unique
    footballer who can use both leg and head.

  25. Joe Brindley says:

    Who cares who is the best? I’d take either one of them on my team.
    They’re both fantastic.

  26. MABOI TUWANI says:


  27. kaycee says:

    one tin is certain barca will always take position so forget about
    barca vs real mad and look at other matches u will see dat CR7 is a
    better player than messi.

  28. eric says:

    Where is this information about Messi? Well done being biased. Your
    point was not proven. All you did was list facts about Rolando. You
    need to do a comparison.

  29. merhawi says:

    messi is best 4ever how can cr7

  30. ALUKO EMMANUEL says:


  31. Seedor says:

    Cr7 ofcorse ronado play in a team with less superstition compare to
    barcelona, who parade a magnificient player such as xavi, iniesta,
    puyor and the most suprisining the passer of the game in cesc

  32. Kibrom says:

    Two of them are historical players

  33. Hammad says:

    Ronaldo is better than Messi without a doubt

  34. Hammad says:

    Ronaldo is the best player in the world HALLA MADRID!!!!!!!!!

  35. abbey popoola says:

    4 me i thnk ronaldo is d greatest

  36. CR7BLOWS says:

    CR7 is nothing compared to Messi. All you people are idiots because
    you see someone dancing over the ball and shooting it from 45 yards
    out and think they’re Jesus on the soccer field. No, that’s the
    stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Ronaldo doesn’t even compare to
    Messi, who gives a fuck if he’s got “really cool looking hair” and
    OMG his moves are just sooooooo good. No, Messi would tool on
    Ronaldo any given day, just like he will in the next hour. Messi is
    without a doubt the best player in the world.

  37. Victor says:

    Every body is the best in his own house.so messi is the best only
    in barca.but if think he is the world best, let him go to another
    country and prove it cos ronaldo was best in england an he is doing
    it in spain now .

  38. nvs says:

    @all i play for trabzonspar i started playing this year at d age of
    20.mostly comments are in favour of messi in terms of goal scoring
    ronaldo is way ahead than messi usually converts all possible
    opportunities . messi is not more than perfect midfielder although
    he is a good striker too but assist makes him the best player till
    2011. if u see magical dribbling from any foot it is none other
    than c ronaldo he used to score best free kicks in d world no one
    can even think from what range he can score what messi posses is
    with simples dribbles he can pass forward through any defence he is
    brilliant in these skills c ronaldo lacks such skills due to his
    fast pace he is underpowered here but overall c ronaldo used to
    play for united he has his reign against all because he was a
    midfielder there today messi plays from midfielder position while
    his position usually fixed as on left wing but i never saw him at
    striking he used to assist and create good move overall impossible
    to call upon who is great but i think ronaldo is biggest
    entertainer and used to score antiques while messi plays plethora
    of moves but these are not such entertaining than ronaldos special

  39. RealMadridLoverCR7 says:

    Cristiano Ronaldo is by far the best…. he scores better goals
    than messi and makes goals from anywhere he wants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    while messi is just a twerp and just goes running in and tries to
    score. messi without iniesta and xavi is nothing man!!!!!! the
    evidence is right when argentina plays he aint do anything. Ronaldo
    in Portugal is the same and even plays more than messi long live
    Madrid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and

  40. steve says:

    Ronaldo the best ,live long Real and C.Ronaldo

  41. Badamasi mahmud says:

    Somes are tinkless how cn u compered messi wt ronaldo, ronaldo cn
    do many tins which messi cn not do & jst luk at hw ronaldo
    pases & skils u wll see am sure ronaldo is d best no doubt hala

  42. Yomi says:

    Barca will be unbeaten club with CR7.


  44. RINSHAD says:


  45. arox says:

    wow!pipu talkin just as if dey watch d back of t.v,comment accordin
    2 fifa rating.MESSI is a gOD!!!!!!!!!

  46. Odiniru emma says:

    I have heard d agument abt Cr7 and Messi. All i can say is dat both
    players are good and lets nt gv credit wit sentiment. Within our
    hearts we knw d best player. TANK U ALL MESSI’S CRITICS U HAV
    REALLY BIN HELPFUL.bt lets nt 4get dat messi being d World best
    play d best footbal

  47. adesanya sabbath says:

    of course messi

  48. messi says:

    messi is better than ronaldo

  49. Samuel kayode says:

    Thanks 4 all ur criticism about who is d best C.RONALDO will ever
    being the best talk on fantastic goals of cr7,his free
    kick,skills,legover.atleast messi cant withstands this.hence,
    ronaldo would ever being the best.

  50. Rahsque says:

    Messi is far bether than ronaldo= 1000000%

  51. austine chully emejor says:

    ronaldo is the world best player

  52. Baderinwa adekunle says:

    Ronaldo is better,My view is just that ronaldo is better he has
    certain qualities better than lionel messilike Long shots,head
    power and accuracy,free kick accuracy, 1 on 1 finish,pace just
    mention.for me ronaldo is better

  53. jon says:

    pipi ronaldo

  54. jon says:

    agu ronaldo

  55. wazzap says:

    Do you know why everybody here is supporting Ronaldo? That’s
    because people who know a decent amount of football just don’t go
    on the internet to discuss who is better. They know it is just
    ridiculous to even compare. Ronaldo fans on the other hand, have to
    go on the internet, make a whole debate. Say Ronaldo is better for
    his “stepovers” and “looks” when true stars such as cruyff,
    maradona, pele, neymar, wenger, aguero and TONS more people have
    said Messi is better. If you compare how many goals Messi has
    scored on Ronaldo whether it was when he was in Madrid Or United,
    and how many goals Ronaldo scored on Barcelona, you will see that
    Messi has scored TRIPLE what ronaldo has scored. There is no
    tournament in this whole season in which Ronaldo has beaten Messi
    at in nor assists or goals. Please end this discussion now as it is
    getting very pointless and all of us know the true answer. Maybe
    you like Ronaldo more for his style,personality. but dont go near
    saying he’s a better player than Messi.

  56. dc debate z pointless coz Cristiano z betta dan Lionel.thnk bwt
    it,wat wud messi be witowt xavi nd iniesta?y doesnt he score as
    many goals wit argentina as he does wit barca. cme on ppl

  57. Judith says:

    U mother fuker don’t u know dat ronaldo is best player in the world
    never seen before

  58. evan says:

    ronaldo is so a champ vote for ronaldo boo messi

  59. callam says:


  60. gabriel says:

    best dribbler in the world allergic to not scoring goals and his
    name ronaldo i mine messi is just a child to ronaldo

  61. nasib says:

    i like the tecnike football of Ronaldo i like Ronaldo best dribbler
    in the world is Ronaldo

  62. ronaldo is best playre in the world

  63. only the silver medal at the Olympic Games in London has won, the
    New England Patriots. he was in training for the first time to join
    the team. Under the direction of Dan Phillips running

  64. Guy says:

    Ronaldo is much better he has better dribbling, shooting, and he can actually defend unlike messi

  65. Dranco says:

    1st of ol in ur comparism u cant Messi vs Madrid n Ronaldo vs Barcelona bcz Messi arrievd 1st in la liga.Messi hs little skill compared 2 Cr7,da only thng he z superior in z speed.Goal scorin,dribblin, tykin free kicks r da thngs dt CR7 hs.Yes indeed CR7 z da most complete footballr in da world n da best football in da world.Yes he hs gud luks,so wht?

  66. OBEY OBEY says:

    messi is the king of football, like him or not. even living legends always say messi is great. he is tha man of tha moment. ronaldo is in the sama class with bolt because he is good at running

  67. ronny says:

    I feel ronaldo is not only one of the greatest players in the past few years but also one of the greatest of all time his individual records are incredible and there’s no player apart from messi that has achieved up to what ronaldo has achieved I really believe in this player and feel he may be the greatest player that has ever come from portugal although messi may be better based on his performance in the past three years a player is made up of attributes and if you match ronaldo and messi attribute for attribute you’ll see that there’s not much difference infact ronaldo’s may surpass messi’s

  68. messi lover says:


  69. Kazeem dauda says:

    To my own view messi is tactical player and dynamic apart from from been rated as the world best,messi is a player which his performance delighted all fans in football.

  70. ham says:

    callum wood is very gay and fat

  71. ham says:

    calloum has no penis and is propably a homosexual he rapes chinese men

  72. Thomas says:

    hamish’s bum hole felt like a black hole after last night with fred and his mum

  73. tom says:

    i do not agree with hamy i think that callum is obese and is a horrible nazi west ham fan

  74. Thomas says:

    Hamish sucks off old japanese penis and then gets bummed

  75. tom says:

    tottenham will win the league because we is the best team ever fam

  76. tom says:

    hamish had a wank over ronaldo and he said “ronaldo ronaldo rub my nipples” then his mum walked in wearing a gimp suit

  77. tom says:

    callam wood is a fat pig that oinks for his mum and has Eaton his own fingers.he also uses his grease from his overhang to fie his food

  78. Thomas says:

    fred licks mayonnaise off thomas’ spoons and then cooks with them in thomas’ special stew

  79. w, inestar says:

    boss messi is better than ronaldo and he is watch d world best……. Pls let him continu

  80. Fofie kanneh says:

    False he’s not

  81. Fofie kanneh says:

    So he must not be cheated cause it makes us feed to feel bad about socer

  82. enric says:

    cristiano yesss is the best crying I ever see… playing football Messi is the best cmonnnnn wake up.. go to buy some ronaldo underwear you faggots

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