Chelsea to Face Benfica in UEFA Champions League Quarter-Final

The draw for the quarter-finals of the 2012 Champions League was made this morning. Premier League’s only representative, Chelsea FC, will face Benfica of Portugal, to be played March 27/28 and April 3/4.

The path to the final has also been announced. If Chelsea beats Benfica in the quarter-finals, Chelsea will play the winner of AC Milan against Barcelona in the semi-final.

In the other quarter-finals, APOEL will face Real Madrid and Marseille plays Bayern Munich. The winners of those two matches will play each other in the semi-final. The draw could set up a Barcelona against Real Madrid final, the first ever clash between those two sides in a Champions League Final. But, of course, Champions League football is never as predictable as that. Or is it?

What are your opinions? Do you think Chelsea can beat Benfica? And which teams do you see advancing to the quarter-finals stage, and who will play in the final? And who do you want to see in the final? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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25 thoughts on “Chelsea to Face Benfica in UEFA Champions League Quarter-Final”

  1. Yes it is posible for chealse to beat benfica but they can go beyond semi-final, the final for this UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE is between three club they are; barcelona, bayarn munich and real madri. Quote my words

  2. Real madrid can rest their players (10 point lead at home), have an easy opponent in Apoel, Mourinho is incredible vs German or French sides with Ozil and Khedira (and Sahin if he ever plays) knowing alot about Bayern and Madrid can force Barca to play their best squad at the next clasico in the league because if both teams win until that point then that game will be the one that Real Madrid can win the league and Barca do not want them celebrating it on their field.

  3. And again Chelsea has a chance of playing Barca in the Champions League. I think Chelsea can beat Benifica, but I would be amazed if they could beat Barca.

  4. Barcelona are on top of their game. They will be the first team to retain the cup especially with the services of their wonderkid Messi, it is very much possible!!

  5. I also find it funny how last year when they put ManU vs Chelsea they said it was to garantee an English club in the next round, but this year they have Barca and Real on opposite sides of the bracket.

      1. I agree. It is not a good draw for Barca and Chelsea have too much going on. They might do it but it but it looks like a poor bet. For Barca to repeat they’d likely have to triumph over Milan, Chelsea, & Real Madrid/Bayern winner…..seems unlikely. All have different games that are suited to beat Barca on certain days. I’d guess Madrid narrowly tops Bayern but whichever prevails is probably the best bet to lift the trophy. Chelsea is, suddenly, more mercurial than ever..which means dangerous for foes but they have an insane remaining fixture list and they cannot afford more than a few draws and a loss to qualify for next year’s CL w/o winning CL (and Arsenal and Spurs have slack remaining fixtures). Chelsea could beat Milan/Barca winner but sensible prioritization would emphasize league position given the massive financial ramifications of not qualifying (especially in light of financial fair play rules).

  6. One thing we should all know is that, epl is very difficult than la-liga or anyother. Chelsea can be able to beat benfica nd still ave the strength nd power to fight nd win barca cause, they are strong, wise nd intelligent. Please, lets make merry to the epl side. D BLUES!!

  7. It’s hard to pick against Barca. Granted they’ve had numerous slip ups to lesser teams in the league this season, but that happens to the best teams.

    Over 180+ minutes, I don’t see any side besting Barca. Real has run wild over La Liga, yet still cannot overcome Barca in a head to head match.

    In terms of confidence, I think AC (based on the way they played Barca in the 3-2 group game), probably ahas the best shot of knocking off Barca.

    I like Bayern, especially up front. Gomez is probably the best striker left in the competition (I don’t classify Ronaldo or Messi as out and out strikers). Robben and Ribery add a lot of flare to the attack, but you have to be a bit weary of the Bayern defense. Also, if they come up against Barca, they would be heavily outgunned in the midfield, most likely starving their attacking players of the ball/service.

    Chelsea look to have gained some momentum, but Napoli’s defense was always questionable, and they cracked. Do you really Chelsea’s midfield keeping pace with Barca over 2 legs? At least Essien looks to be returning to form at the right time.

    Minus the APOEL – Real draw, I think this is going to be a great round of UCL play.

  8. Too early to tell what’s going to happen as injuries and how hard each team has to play domestically will determine a lot. Right now, Real Madrid have the luxury of taking it easy as they are 10 points in front of Barcelona.

    While I expect Real Madrid, Chelsea and Bayern to get through easily, Barcelona will be tested against Milan. With the second leg in Barcelona they have the edge.

    Suspensions for the semis should also be considered together with injuries at the time the semis are played.

  9. Barcelona, aren’t you ashamed for referee to play your champion league games? please try to be a credible
    team based on merits.your victory should be transparent.

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