Real Madrid Getting Closer to La Liga Title?

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo made sure to leave his mark with a second-half double to lift his club to another away win. Los Blancos won 3-2 at Real Betis after trailing 1-0 early on. This precious victory leaves Real with a considerable advantage over bitter rivals Barcelona who are in second place but have been inconsistent throughout the league season.

There are a number of factors behind the rise of Los Blancos in the domestic championship ahead of Barca. Star player Ronaldo is having a great season and has scored an incredible 32 goals in just 26 league matches. The Portuguese forward will be hoping to win his first La Liga title and has been unstoppable in the domestic competition. His goals have been crucial in leading Real to the top of the table.

Ronaldo’s heroics are one of the reasons behind this successful domestic run but below are a few other important conditions which helped create the suitable environment for Real to assume leadership in Spain:

1) Away Form: Real’s players have shown a tremendous consistency away from the Santiago Bernabeu while recording 11 wins in 13 matches and managing a total of 34 points. In comparison, Real have amassed 36 points at home. Los Blancos suffered a single defeat away from Madrid.

2) Prolific Attack: Real’s players have scored a total of 88 goals in the league which is 15 more than Barca (the Catalans played one less match). Ronaldo scored 32 goals but both Gonzalo Higuain and Karim Benzema have scored their fair share of goals. Higuain has scored 17 goals in 24 league matches while Benzema’s tally is 13 goals in 22 matches.

3) Team Work: While Barca might have more talented individuals, Real’s players have been performing more as a team with Angel Di Maria and Mesut Ozil contributing 13 and 12 assists respectively in the Spanish league.

4) Defensive Ability: Real’s defensive line is the second best in La Liga, behind Barca only who have conceded only 19 goals. Madrid have conceded 23 goals. Real’s ability to combine a productive attack with a solid defensive wall has helped the club reach the top of the standings.

5) Jose Mourinho: The controversial Portuguese coach has kept a low profile this season compared to last year (his first in Spain) and to his previous seasons in both Italy and England. Mourinho has focused more on motivating his players, preparing for opponents and getting the best out of the players at his disposal.

While Mourinho can be annoying for many fans (and not just the Barca supporters) with his theatrics and statements, he remains determined to overcome Barca in Spain and eventually Europe. It is no secret that Mourinho has always wanted to beat Barca and the Portuguese probably counts his European success over the Catalans while with Inter as one of his best achievements.

Behind Mourinho’s strong feelings and dislike for Barca is most likely his belief that he deserved to be hired as the coach of the Catalan club a few years ago. He takes it personal whenever Real lose to Barca. The Portuguese often blames referees and speaks of other conspiracies when Barca win but he is now closing in on a precious league title.

The current run in La Liga has Mourinho talking about extending his stay in Madrid only a couple of months after he was growing frustrated with the criticism from the media and some of the Real supporters, in particular after clashes with Barca which usually finished in a defeat for Los Blancos.

9 thoughts on “Real Madrid Getting Closer to La Liga Title?”

  1. All hands were on deck for Spanish referees to hand over the league
    title to real, last week end they denied betis 2 penalties, we also
    so it at menstalla against Valencia etc. Even alonso confirmed that
    he has handed the ball inside the box, guti said it on his page
    that Ramos was a good goalkeeper and a depender.dear referees apart
    from the love you have for Madrid you are also killing the beauty
    of the game.betis too want to qualify for European games you are

    1. Babangida othman hav u forgetten so soon hw barca take win batis,if
      u hav forgoten let me remind u,barca where lead by 2 goal to
      nothing all of a sudden during d second half batis responded and it
      bcome 2 – 2,after dt wat happen barca gave d guy underseve red
      card,and letter on d day a pen wic is not.wat would u say about
      dt?, and 4 d case of valencia madrid were by 3 goal valencia score
      a counselatn goal wic we agread is a goal,bt d second goal pablo h.
      Crosses d ball out of line.wat of dt?

  2. Babangida….what a load of rubbish. you obviously don’t live in
    spain and follow la liga for many years. You obviously follow
    barcelona who have been crying like babies over the referees. Let
    me remind you that many decisions have gone against real madrid
    when playing against barcelona. barca are manipulative dirty
    players in particular Dani Alves. They really deserve oscar awards
    for their acting on field. There will always be bad and good
    decisions in football… get over it. regardless of real madrid
    they deserve to win la liga this season as they have been playing
    better than ever and far more consistent. I do agree they were
    lucky to get out of jail with Betis but hasn’t that happened to
    Barcelona as well???? MANY TIMES!!!! barca have had bad refereeing
    decisions go in their favour. so please get over your crying!!!!!!

  3. If I don’t follow la liga I do follow florentina Perez who said it
    is of no use winning the league if we cannot beat Barcelona at
    Santiago bernabeau. Perhaps you did not answer my question of
    questioning referees that betis too wanted to qualify for European

  4. Jose Mourinho is the key. He knows how to play tough, strong and
    for points. Average Inter team was European Champion under his
    wings, I just don’t see Barca managing to overtake Real this year.

  5. @ Cristiano… So you slate Barca and Alves for diving but ignore
    Real and Cristiano and Di Maria and Marcelos and Pepes diving to
    name but a few and also the thuggish tactics of Mourinho getting
    the likes of Pepe(idiot) , Alonso, Marcelo, Carvalho, Khedira ,
    Ramos, Arbeloa, basically the whole team to kick, foul and stamp
    their way through a game v Barca….. What do you expect the
    smaller Barca players to do??? Just let them away with it… dont
    be stupid…. Barca are obviously going to react to your disgusting
    tactics and last season we had to listen to you complain
    incorrectly about the refs even tho Real brought it all upon
    themselves with their disgraceful tactics and the whole world were
    disgusted by them…. well now this season Barca are pointing out
    how you are GENUINELY getting a ridiculous amount of decisions off
    the refs…. personally i dont think we should lower ourselves to
    Reals standards and blame the refs altho there is a crazy amount of
    decisions. Last weekends two pens was just unbelievable but thats
    football…. Can you imagine how Mourinho would react tho if it was
    the other way round…. Real are a team of thugs with a sc*mbag
    manager….. Dont get me wrong tho theyve done brilliantly this
    season and Mou is a winner…. Its is a shame for football tho…

  6. Real is on top because they have been more consistent. Barca has
    been hurt with inconsistency, partly because of injuries. I
    question point number 3 that the author makes. Real have played
    with great teamwork. You imply that Barca’s not played as good as a
    team? I dont get that. I think a team that can average about
    65%-70% possession is a great example of team work. Granted, Messi
    scores a lot, but others score too. So I dont think reason #3
    regarding team work makes sense.

  7. People re accusing me of tellin the truth, but they can’t stop me
    from writing the truth. La liga referees discovered that they can’t
    stop Barcelona from scoring as such they decided not to allow
    Madrid to drop pts. We are waiting and we will see by good grace of
    GOD, Madrid will visit Sam mames, el madrigal, Vicente caldron and
    Malaga, tricky home matches against osasuna, real sociedad mallorca
    & Valencia and they most visit they husbands at camp nou. La
    liga is far from over. Ladies and gentlemen as the day and day
    passed we ll witness the turnover.

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