Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 28: Open Thread

If you live in the United States, hopefully you’ve remembered to move your clocks forward one hour this morning. With the U.S. Daylight Savings Time in full effect, the two big matches kick off at 10am ET today. Manchester United hosts West Bromwich Albion at Old Trafford, while at the same time Manchester City plays Swansea at the Liberty Stadium in South Wales. This could be another typical Sunday with both teams winning. But, on the other hand, West Bromwich Albion and Swansea City are two teams who can play football and could spring a surprise, having a major impact on the Premier League title race.

Manchester City starting lineup: Hart, Richards, Savic, Kolo Toure, Clichy, Barry, de Jong, Yaya Toure, Nasri, Silva, Balotelli.

Manchester United starting lineup: de Gea; Jones, Evans, Ferdinand, Evra; Young, Carrick, Scholes, Rooney; Hernandez, Welbeck

In team news, Swansea City will be without pacy right winger Nathan Dyer who is suspended after picking up a red card against Wigan Athletic. Defender Ashley Williams is a doubt due to illness.

In the third and final match of the day, Norwich City plays at home against Wigan Athletic. Life at the bottom of the Premier League table is looking very pessimistic for the Latics, but a win would see them jump two places into third from bottom. A win for Norwich would see them jump five places into eighth spot. Not surprisingly, there’s a lot on the line for both clubs. And just as yesterday’s Wolves against Blackburn was entertaining, so too should this one be.

As always, before, after or during matches, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below. Here’s hoping for an excellent performance from Swansea City even if we don’t get the three points.

19 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 28: Open Thread”

  1. SWANS ROCK city game on city fans.i can hear the cries now we want tevez.that karma sandwich does not taste so sweet now!

    great day for the Swans enjoy your beverage of choice and maybe a couple.

  2. Well, Gaffer, the pressure is off the Swans now. It certainly isn’t going to take more than 36 points to stay up. They can just play out the season trying to continue to improve their game without the R word coming into the conversation.

    Congrats! :-)

  3. What’s karma or Tevez got to do with anything? What a bitter little person you are.

    Swansea played well in the first half without doubt, the penalty was justly saved though as it wasn’t a pen at all the player went down to gain it and wasn‘t fouled. All in all though Swansea deserved the win. City paid the price for just passing the ball around outside the box with not much urgency at all very frustrating this is something that they seem to do away a bit to often for my liking. When I seen that Savic was to play I feared the worse and he didn’t let me down on that at all being the one who gave the ball away for the goal. He’s played something like 5 games and been the weak link in every one of them surely we could have played Yaya or Richards in there? Savic’s just not ready yet. Swansea have the second best home defence in the league so it was never going to be easy. But again well done to Swansea. Rodgers is doing an amazing job there and it’s their home form that should keep the up. The football they play in parts is top notch they just need more clinical finishers and I think they would stay up comfortably and maybe even challenge for a place in Europe if they can keep the best players that is.

    As for the title I see Utd dropping points just same as City have indeed as they have. For me it will boil down to the derby which indecently I only see City winning.

    1. not bitter at all just glad to see city get what they deserve the crap from balotelli and tevez this they say karma is a bitch.UTD will be ahead by more then 3 points when they meet in April.if Mancini sticks to his guns on tevez i could careless but when he took that clown back i hope they lose the tittle and it seems their on there way to doing that.careful how you judge people when you don’t know what you think you know.ENJOY

      1. You are clearly as bitter as a bitter thing, and believe me that is very, very bitter indeed!!!!

        What is this ‘crap’ you talk about from Balotelli? Also why should Tevez’s behaviour be held against City? The Manager has handled the whole situation brilliantly and that‘s not just my opinion but that of many.
        What do you mean when you say ‘he took that clown back’? He didn’t give or send him away you know! What are you talking about? What do you want them to do give him away or tell him to go away so he’d be able to quit the club or sue the club for breach of contract which would give him legal grounds to leave for free? It’s pretty clear you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Why do you kepp waffling nonsense about people or a football club you clearly haven’t a clue about? ‘Karma is a bitch’ is it really? Well I can think of many more clubs that bitch would be visiting before she got any where near City! Your just a bitter, twisted, drivel talking clueless City hater, well done for that!

        ‘careful how you judge people when you don’t know what you think you know.ENJOY ‘ WTF is that supposed to mean? LOL!! clearly the words of a philosophical genius NOT!

        1. it is obvious your on tilt.balotelli putting himself above the team stomping on a opponent.throwing water bottles shooting off fireworks in his house going to strip bars the night before a match.your right he has been a model citizen.tevez calls your manager a LIAR and a dog and refuses to go into a match.once again your right another model citizen.i feel sorry for you because your only going to get more delusional the more city falls behind least you and noel will have each others shoulder to cry on.ENJOY !

      2. Not bitter? LOL ‘it is obvious your on tilt’ this more of the bubbles and nonsense that make makes no sense what so ever pal are you for real? You’re a piss poor troll!

        Because you say Balotteli was ‘stomping on a opponent’ (your opinion) or shooting fireworks and went to a strip club the night before a match that means he’s somehow putting himself above the team? Or is scum? Not that either of these two are true of course but don’t let that stop your bitterness, anybody with half a clue might know this just by reading or watching interviews but lets say even if he did these things many kids his age do daft things while young but I’d like to know why would that make him think he is ‘putting himself above the team’? Don’t you see how stupid that is?
        Tevez never called Mancini a dog or a liar. He said that Mancini treated him like a dog and that there was confusion about him refusing to play, you really need to learn to understand what you’re reading as plainly you don’t, so your obvious tilt is pure bitterness and twisting things!

        If this Karma that is going to bite City where is the Karma for Utd and say Anderson who smashed his supper car into a wall and had to be dragged out of it unconscious and drunk ?Or what about Rooney as he definitely put himself above the team when he asked for a transfer and went public on this also saying that the club were not matching his ambitions? Or how about him paying grubby prostitutes for sex and cheating on his wife with a grandma? Or maybe screaming obscenities into a live TV camera in prime time? Then there’s Giggs, I could go on and on! Are these things that your ‘model citizen’ should do? Don’t light fire works or go to clubs (Two days) before a match even if you don’t drink as that clearly makes you scum! I’m just trying to show how pathetic what you are saying is. So please tell me why isn’t your bitterness and the clear hatred in your karma theory is not spewing out towards Utd? I tell you why because your jealous, twisted and City hating bitter little person. So well done keep up the hating as that’s clearly what it is!

        P.S. Why would City’s fans feel sorry for themselves? Even if they don’t win the league, which I personally think they will, they are a team that have a great story behind them that is nothing short of a miracle, an unbelievable story, one that means City fans are living the football dream! They have come from nowhere and years of mediocrity to be one of the top teams in the country within 3 years and you think their fans might feel sorry for themselves? Please do me a favour!
        City fans are living the dream that all real fans hoped for, not the glory hunters as they took the easy route and jumped onto a bang wagon that was already there I talking about the fans born to a club. Getting the power to compete with the teams that are kept at the top with totally over loaded payments is impossible.
        I can see by your wording that you are not English or American, maybe your just not the best with written language who knows, so which team do you glory hunt for? My guess is Arsenal.

        1. you do make me laugh with all with all your nonsense(might want to check your spelling) all fans will make excuses for their players.if you think the crap that balotelli and tevez pulled did not show they are selfish and are only out for themselves well then i will save might must be a fanatic when you don’t think balotelli stomped S Parker.just remember enjoy your second place my favorite wordsmith.ENJOY!

          1. I might want to check my spelling?? Not only is your spelling piss poor you make no sense what so ever. Now if it’s your poor grammar, bad punctuation, maybe English is not your first language or is it that you’re just plain daft? I have no idea. I mean I don’t expect booker prize entrees here but at least try to make some sense.

            ‘.you must be a fanatic when you don’t think balotelli stomped S Parker.’
            I mean WTF? If you mean what I can only think you do as it isn’t very clear then many people don’t and didn’t agree with you, including ex refs and players are they all city fanatics as well?

            Excuses, for what?? 1, Balotelli didn’t go out the night before a match, fact. 2, Balotelli never set any fireworks off ,that was his brother and friend, fact. 3, All players foul and occasionally get sent off this is not for Balotelli, fact. So wrong on everything here. No excuses needed. Why do you try to twist facts?
            Now Tevez what ever he pulled is his problem and out of City’s hands. If he chooses to go on strike there isn’t much the club can do about it except fine him and stop his wages which they did. So what you are trying to say when you mention him God knows. Yet these are the reasons you site for your hatred of City. You spit out your vile bitterness towards them while at the same time obviously forgiving the Utd players for far worse things (above). Hmmm I guess that says a lot about you! Or is the reality that you just hate City but don’t want to look like the bitter little chap you do?

            City have been second before this season, in the next few weeks I can see the lead changing again and again. in fact the game today makes very little difference in what needs doing. City are in the exact same position as before the loss. If they win all the games they are Champions same as before the odd point doesn’t come into it! Of course I don’t expect you to get that.

            Wordsmith? What are these words that are hard for you to understand? I mean I can see you are a bit challenged but hopefully this is simple enough for even the thickest of the thick to take in. Then again hopefully you will come back repeating yourself wrongly yet again for another kicking! Please do but think of something new like how City are buying it and Utd earned it all etc.
            Why won’t you say what the team you are currently glory hunting is? But you are soooo funny though.

            P.S. I hope these words aren’t too challenging for you but if you do need me to simplify anything let me know. I’m sorry but I had to use some words with 4 syllables LOL

  4. Great day all round for us. The pressure is really on city next week against Chelsea as they could be 4 points down by the time they kick off. While they have been under pressure all season to maintain their lead next week will be even greater. Would anybody bet against Chelsea getting some kind of result, I know I wouldn’t.

    At the end of the day though city/Utd just need to be within 2 points of each other going into the game in April and it’s up for grabs. I said on here at the start of the season if utd where top after the spurs game we would win the title, a week late but I stand by that statement. Of course today’s result counts for nothing if we don’t do the business next week against wolves.

    1. I thought the pressure was on the team at the top to keep the lead? Or is it only the case if it’s City as it was before today, well according to SAF, Utd’s players and the media lol.
      I certainly would bet against Chelsea! They only just about managed to beat Stoke at home who were a man down for most of the game! No disrespect to Stoke but Chelsea should beat them at home comfortably not need an advantage that they did. Utd will drop more points

      I hope it does all boil down to the derby game which I hope has no dodgy decisions to ruin it. That would be the most exciting end ever. So let the best team win.

      1. kind of sucks when you have no response to facts about balotelli and tevez and what clowns they are.oh well enjoy the rest of your Sunday in second place.ENJOY!

  5. The pressure has been on both teams all season to match the others result. It gets even greater when one team extends the lead or closes the gap then the other has to respond the following day. We have been in that scenario a couple of times this season and it’s always nerve wracking. I’d rather both teams played at the same time but it rarely happens these days.

    I’d day from a leaders Point of view its greater on utd right now than it was on city simply because we only have a 1 point lead. City always had a 3-5 point lead and knew worst case scenario they could drop points and still be top, right now we don’t have that luxury.

    Funny I had the same thought about either team winning it on derby day because of a bad/missed call. Losing the league by 1 point to Chelsea a couple of years ago after TWO bad decision still pi$$es me off. With a bit of luck we will be celebrating winning our 20th title at ethiad stadium or whatever it’s called, that would almost be as sweet as winning it at klanfield for me.

  6. Well I hope you are wrong on Utd winning it at the Etihad obviously but I don’t think it will be won till the last game as it will be that close and slip ups could still be made but that derby will be the key the team that wins that will be hard to stop.

    P.S. If it is any consolation when Chelsea won it by one point Drogba was offside for a goal but by the same rule Macheda clearly handled the ball into the net for Utd’s goal so it shouldn’t pi$$ you off anymore as in the end it was evened out in the same game and the result was the correct and fair one, which I’m sure you will agree with after seeing the vid.

  7. Swansea played incredible football and have done all season. Swansea may not have their manger fit much longer. I have to say if Harry does go, I will be lobbying levy to go and get Rodgers, infact I wouldn’t be surprised after today if Daniel Levy isn’t alleyway figuring it out.

    Can u imagine the quality of football Rodgers could produce with spurs players and budget ??

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