256 Days With Chelsea: Was Andre Villas-Boas Given Enough Time At Chelsea?

Jose Mourinho came to Chelsea in 2004 fresh from an European conquest with Porto. His protege, Andre Villas-Boas, came to Chelsea in 2011 fresh from European conquest with Porto. Mourinho won two league titles, two League Cups and an F.A. Cup in his three years at Stamford Bridge. Mourinho’s protege lasted a scant 256 days and leaves behind a club sitting fifth in the league and facing exit at the Champions League round of 16.

Was AVB allowed enough time? Chelsea’s veteran-heavy lineup needed rebuilding. Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United faced a similar problem entering this season and has managed to work in Danny Welbeck, Phil Jones, Ashley Young, Tom Cleverly and David de Gea into his first team squad while still challenging for the title. Young stars like Juan Mata and Daniel Sturridge have shined for Chelsea this year, but the club is in danger of missing Champions League qualification and the attendant millions. Roman Abramovich cut a diamond-laced cord, as he paid Porto £13 million in compensation to Porto for the supposed wunderkind. But, until UEFA’s financial fair play rules come into full effect, it’s all just yacht fuel money for the increasingly impatient Abramovich.

What say you, did AVB deserve more time to rebuild Chelsea or did Abramovich give him the boot before matters got worse?

8 thoughts on “256 Days With Chelsea: Was Andre Villas-Boas Given Enough Time At Chelsea?”

  1. It’s time that Chelsea cut ties with the old guard. It’s clear that Ashley Cole is not worthy of a top team’s first XI anymore. Much as Lampard seems to come through at times, I think he and Terry could go out together. Drogba was the reason I chose Chelsea as a team two years ago, but it’s time to move on. Even if they finish out of the top Four, it would be beneficial for them in the long run to get younger and stronger. They definitely moved too fast on AVB.

  2. Villas Boas deserved more time, to be sure, but he also deserved an owner who would let him do his job, and if anyone thinks that Abramovich can do that, then they’ve buried their heads in sand for the past 3 managers. A person who takes this job, at this point, is insane, and you have to wonder what was going through AVB’s head when he signed on, apart from the £’s.

  3. Anyone who has seen John Terry play his last five games for Chelsea and wants him out is quite frankly MAD! Lamps should be retained for experience and as a sub (this should be explained to him) if he wants that,as he’s not a 90 minute man anymore.Drogba has been a star but wanting 6 million a year to stay,should be let go and Sturridge should be given his chance down the centre.
    That’s my humble opinion anyway.
    AVB? Too young in experience terms for such a big job and hadn’t experienced any downs with Porto.Seemed a bit arrogant and I think Fergie has achieved transition at United because he commands respect but also respects others when they deserve it.Same a Mourhino.

  4. He deserved more time to make them a mid table club. More time to annoy the playing staff. More time to blame the refs. I dunno but failure is failure now matter what point in the season. Roman is counting on “new manager bounce” to see them through the Champs league and into the top four.

  5. AVB should’ve been given more time. BUT Roman just wants instant WIN, INSTANTLY!! AVB will find another job, maybe at Inter or what not, but still, he won’t be on TV with a suit

  6. Honestly I couldn’t be happier the man is gone. I really believed he could help Chelsea transition into a young dynamic club that would play excellent football. Now they’ll be stuck another year or two with the aging guard and set the rebuilding back even further. Here’s to temperamental ownership and the lack of vision. Huzzah.

  7. We all know the core group of players basically run the club and have got managers fired in the past. Im just surprised the owner hasn’t made terry player-manager or something.

  8. I would be horrified to see what AVB could have done to the team I loved with more time. He was a trainwreck.

    There is a difference between wanting to energize a team with new energy and completely turning a blind eye to strategies that have worked well and won championships in the past. All Villas-Boas did was create conflict and tear down a winning team.

    I direct your attention to the league tables of the last two seasons. Disgraceful.

    Good riddance, says I.

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