Future Of Fox Soccer Report Uncertain After Fox Sports World Canada Plans to Shut Down

The future of the popular nightly soccer highlights show Fox Soccer Report is up in the air after Shaw Media recently announced that its Fox Sports World Canada network will cease broadcasting on April 30, 2012.

“We are currently in discussions with Fox Soccer Channel in the US, however, about the possibility of continuing to license the Fox Soccer Report, a one-hour program which is produced by our team in Winnipeg and licensed internationally,” said a statement from Shaw Media.

Fox Soccer Report is produced by Fox Sports World Canada, which is owned by Shaw Media. The show itself is created in Winnipeg, and recorded nightly from the 30th floor of the CanWest Plaza. The 60 minute show, which was formerly called Fox Sports World Report, airs nightly at 10pm ET.

What are your thoughts? Are you hopeful that FOX Soccer will be able to reach a decision with Shaw Media to continue running the show from Canada, or does it make sense for FOX to consider hosting its own show from its studios in Los Angeles? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

Spotted on Canadian Sports Media Blog.

59 thoughts on “Future Of Fox Soccer Report Uncertain After Fox Sports World Canada Plans to Shut Down”

    1. What a shallow opinion. OMG I need everything in HD!!!!!!

      I’ve been watching this program since before there even was an FSC and it’s been a great source of information and analysis thru the years.

  1. I watch the Report quite often, FOX Soccer definitely needs a hour replay show covering the World of soccer. Bobby McMahon is a pleasure to listen to.

  2. For the most part highlight shows are what they are but I really enjoy Bobby McMahon’s analysis. I hope it continues on past April.

  3. This is a nightly appointment for me, so it would be greatly missed. I like the tone of the show. The quality of the talent is quite vast. Bobby McMahon, Eoin O’Callaghan and Derek Taylor are quite good, Asa is one of the worst sports anchors on TV today and Michelle Lissel is a bit of an empty vessel herself. How many sports anchor teams have grow a cheezy moustache week? They are a personable lot and don’t do the ESPN overhype thing.

  4. The fact its not in HD turns me off from watching it. I am so use to watching everything in glorious 720p and 1080i that it actually hurts my eyes to watch standard def especially on a 60 incher.

    1. I respect that but the talent on Sky sports is quite poor for me in comparison-empty happy talk- and bimbos aren’t enough for me

      1. Yes Sky Sports news can be quite boring at times cuz they only show highlites for which they own UK rights – no FA cup or Europa lge for example – plus there all that darts and horse/dog racing crap! My fave SSN edition is the Saturday one w/ all the Npower league action. Maybe Fox could get Sky to produce a version for N.America with all the hilites included. Love the busty babes too!

  5. HD/SD are you kidding me, Yes I love HD, but having a sports/news show format like ESPN, but with the focus only on soccer will definitely be missed. I don’t care if it’s in L.A. or Canada; as long as it stays on the air. Although, being in my backyard (L.A.) would be kinda cool. Overall, don’t let it go.

  6. I like F but.. sorry.. let it go… show updated SKY SPORTS and I would be more than happy.. my one concern is the gem in this who is Bobby Mcmahon… best north american pundit around…. he needs to be picked up by the FSC people asap….he should be the voice of FSC… get rid of the rubbish of Rob Stone and company and center your punditry around this class act…


    1. Again, no. In 30 minutes on sky sports, we got 11 minutes on football. Plus, that ” what the papers are saying” segment is nauseating fluff.

  7. Oh, I fear the loss of FSR and Fox taking over and turning it into an NFL type Bradshaw, Madden, robots clashing every 2 minutes after a commercial break. FSR is well put together, appealing, useful information and the other posters are correct, McMahon is a pleasure to listen and watch. In fact just retool and call it the McMahon Report (pronounced repoor, just like Steven Colbert).

    Not in HD? Who cares, it’s better than an alternative news. Technology can sometimes spoil us.

    THen there’s Sky Sports News. Tough to find the screen with all the scrolling marquees and graphics smothering the TV. Plus, I don’t want to hear about rugby or cricket.

  8. I prefer to watch GolTV News or Sky Sports. Love the scrolling scores and news on the bottom of the screens.

    Need to scrap the Report and move Bobby to LA or NY and produce a show in HD. I also would really enjoy if they had in depth interviews with players and coaches, not the normal press conference bits.

  9. I don’t care about the SD/HD stuff I just like the highlights and Bobby. Sky sports is boring and I don’t care for any of the other British sports (sorry). I have been watching FSR religiously for a while now and would be sad to see it go.

  10. I hope FOX finds a way to keep the show going. Certainly would be a boost to keep it on and MAYBE in HD, which isn’t much of a big deal for me since I own a 32″ and I only have FOX Soccer (legally) via my NY home. 😉

  11. Gotta at least keep Bobby on air! Overall FSR is important for American viewers and FOXneeds to try and continue this format. Definitely do nt want a silly show like their NFL clowns!

  12. It’s the one show I try to see everyday, Although, ever since they switched to soccer only, on a slow newsday, it’s been hard to stay tuned, past the half hour.

    I would bring Bobby to L.A. Change the format in latter half-hour, perhaps more interviews & weekly features.

  13. Fox Soccer Report was instrumental in shaping my footy obsession, and I hope it continues. Sure the production quality isn’t the best, but I can’t think of a show in North America, or even the world, that covers every competition – usually with full highlights. The banter is always good, and the presenters actually seemed to know the game. Case in point – the back and forth with Bobby is always quality.

  14. Bobby is the ONLY talent asset FSC has on this channel. If they lose him they have nothing. He is by far the best analyst on football in North America. I hope they move FSR to LA and let it continue.

  15. I find the report to be a great way to get info on leagues and players that aren’t normally on TV. The analysis is great and I hope it continues to air.

  16. Please move it to LA, so we can watch highlights in HD. I like watching FSR, but, like others are saying it’s in SD.

  17. The production quality of the show was poor enough for me to stop watching. And aside from McMahon, I think the only way to describe the talent on that show is “well-meaning.” I’m sure they put a lot of effort into the show given the limited resources available, but it was a crappy show. The whole problem with Fox Soccer is/was their lack of ability to go from a game straight to analysis in the studio featuring personalities viewers could trust. That’s beginning to change, but there’s no reason not to have a well-produced show featuring analysis of EPL, MLS, etc. from a Warron Barton or Eric Wynalda. Get Rob Stone and some other chick to host it. It’s not rocket science. I’m sure contracting out is far cheaper, but you get what you pay for.

  18. It’s the only nightly review program in North American – so it will be missed.

    However, the content isn’t great other than a few shots of analysis from Bobby. Taking 20 minutes to read some articles on blogs such as this one, the Guardian, ESPN Soccernet, etc will get you to the same place.

    I haven’t watched it in ages. I even used to listen to Bobby’s podcast, but he’s usually with the Irish lad. The Irish lad can not, for the life of him, stay on subject for more than a minute. I understand banter and the need to inject some silliness into the show, but if you are asked what you think of something – get to the point within a minute of so. It’s infuriating – so I don’t even listen to that anymore.

  19. The only time this is worth watching is when Bobby McMahon is on. That man knows his football! All the other people are so incedental. Get him and Steve Cohen to host the nightly report from LA. Or ditch it completely and just show Sky Sports News. But please please please don’t get those pathetic hosts form Goals on Sunday. Give it a British format or steal Rebecca froom ESPN to host.

  20. It is not the first time they are talking about shutting down the show, we will see what happenned, I missed the beautiful Italian lady who was doing the show not so long ago, she is with another network now I believe.

  21. From a TV perspective, the show has obvious shortcomings. But its better than the competition. GolTV has a good show, but I want to see a host. Its hard to connect with Mr. Voiceover guy that we never ever see. Bobby is great. The rest of the talent is mediocre. Sky Sports is too busy and I don’t care about half the sports they talk about. No one else on TV ever talks MLS. So Fox needs to figure out how to keep a nightly soccer show on the air. As far from fulfilling its potential as it is, I would be really sad to see the FSR go away.

  22. I live in Stoney Creek, Ontario and can no longer find The Soccer Report on Bell expressvu. I was an avid viewer and find goltv et al pallid in comparison to the reporting on FSR. Essentially, there is no comparable show that covers UK/Europe/MLS with intelligent commentary and insightful coverage. GolTV is tedious. I miss the FSR show at night and the fact that it ran for hours in case you missed the first one. Shaw needs to restore coverage and spend the money.

  23. I hope fox soccer keeps it or replaces it with something similar and hires Bobby McMahon. I wouldn’t mind sky sports as long as they show all matches not just ones they have live rights for.
    Fox Soccer (US) – please replace one of our regular presenters like barton with Bobby McMahon – he is top quality and I have met anyone who doesn’t like him.

  24. I love fox soccer report. It’s one of the best programmes I have ever seen, mainly because its the only one I have, and it makes me really foxy. Going to miss you, you foxy thing.
    From Mr Davies
    AKA Ollie Pollie.

  25. I’m very sad to see Fox Sports World Canada disappear. The only positive is never having to see Asa Rehman again, I would turn the channel when he was on. Bobby McMahon will be greatly missed, a piece of my heart and life is now gone. Not sure what to say. Very, very sad about this.

  26. Keep the show. Best source of highlights for daily soccer action, and I love Michelle and Bobby M and much prefer them to Wynalda types of talking heads.

    This is the best soccer show on the air and I hope they keep it in its present format.

  27. Let’s hope that the management at Fox Sports recognize and reward real talent when they see it. Bobby M is one of the best soccer analysts anywhere in North America and even in some cases the UK. He is professional, knowledgable, unbiased and provides true insight into his commentaries.
    Even if the show does not get picked up Bobby M will surely get picked up by one of the major Canadian or US networks.The show format was a great way to catch up on European and MLS games. I enjoyed the bite sized coverage and highlights. I certainly will miss the show.

  28. Good show, hate to see it go !

    I will miss the talking Scott know it all but most of all, the amazing highlights of the top league games in Europe.

    Too bad, was a loyal viewer…

  29. I watched this show when I got up on weekday mornings with a cup of coffee and a cigarette. Really enjoyed it. Although low budget, the show was one of my favourites and as others have already said, Bobby McMahon was both informative and entertaining. I enjoyed the humour of Derek Taylor, who got better as his tenure on the show increased. I was sorry when he left. Great credit to all the show staff who delivered excellent content on a limited budget. Many of us will miss this in Canada. Thanks to everyone involved with the Fox Soccer Report. Everything good comes to an end. I wish all the best to the staff involved.

    I’m curious to know if the show has been cancelled or if it still continues to air in the US.

    1. It’s still being shown in the United States — at least for the next few weeks. The future of the show is still up in the air.

      The Gaffer

  30. Greatest soccer show ever…college soccer players stay up to date, and it is watched daily. Nothing compares….please keep it!

  31. FSR supplied me with footy news from around the globe and it was fantastic for that one reason. I didn’t have to watch, MOTD, then Revista de la liga, follwed by others. It was the one stop shop for football news. There absolutely must be an alternative.

  32. Fox Sportsworld Report is one of the greatest shows on earth. I watched it nightly for years.

    BRING IT BACK, Please :)

  33. FSR will be sadly missed, by me at any rate. Even in the UK, they do not have the equivalent program, Sky Sports is a poor alternative if you are a footy fan. I agree with the consensus, Bobby McMahon is a gem and his insight will be sorely missed, though hopefully not for long……

  34. Proper soccer analysis is rare in North America… The Fox Soccer Report is necessary viewing for real football fans, objective and educated opinions… The only other place I can get this type of information is the Sirius/XM Football Show…

  35. My 11 year old grandson is an avid soccer player and NEVER missed FSR. He and many of his teammates are very upset that FSR is no longer being aired. FSR will be sorely missed by these boys who love the game and could rattle off statistics on team standings and players. Now they are left without an alternative. I can only imagine how many other young players across the country are disappointed by the news that Shaw has cancelled the program.

  36. Used to watch FSR in Canada and am deeply dissapointed. Best soccer highlights show on t.v. I used to watch it daily. Great way to catch up with the day’s soccer activity. Will miss Bobby Mcmahon’s expert commentary one of the best in the business.Hope one of the other Canadian networks have enough sense to pick him up.

  37. Sky sports is way too UK based. Not really interested in 2nd or 3rd English leagues, ireland and scotland, wales, etc. rugby, horses, cricket…. Fox soccer had it all. Showed all the leagues in Europe and the Americas. As of right now there is no channel available that can replace fox sports, unfortunately. Hope they come up with a good alternative, FAST! On another note though, fox soccer report was the only thing I’d watch on that channel. The canadian channel never offered any games besides a few Serie A games, random college games, random snowboarding, etc. Pretty much useless other than the 1 hr fox soccer report.

  38. I thoroughly enjoy Bobby Mcmahon,He has a consumate knowledge of the world soccer scene and enjoyable to listen to.I will be extremely dissappointed if this show is discontinued,the only reason I subscribe to Shaw is because of the fox soccer report.I’ll change providers…cheers

  39. As an American I think it is time we had a soccer report based out of the U.S. I think that the FOX Soccer Report is excellent so it is a shame that it might go off the air but if it does I hope FOX does the right thing and start their own show filmed out of L.A. I think Bobby does a good job but nothing wrong with getting more American broadcasters working the show. Like our soccer we need to develop better American broadcasters. Overall it is great that we are discussing this and soccer is slowly becoming more mainstream.

  40. Get rid of ASA REHMAN immediately, there are not enough words in the english language to describe how AWFULL this guy is, when he shows up on FSR immediately i turn the channel and actually i dont even watch the show much because of this guy. Someone also mentioned this in their comments and has been bothering me since the new rebranding of FSC, i love the new rebrand and the gold and blue color scheme and is very much refreshing in comparison to the old black and gold colors and graphics . But what i still dont understand is why did they not rebrand FSR they kept the same outdated logo and graphics, i mean what are they waiting for?, its so stupid to watch the channel and see the new rebranded logo everywhere and than when FSR report starts they bring back the old logo and graphics.

  41. I hope the show stays on the air. To bring it to LA wouldn’t be so bad I think, as long as it stays on….I love the show. I dvr it everynight and watch it the next day. Yes I question the appointment of people like Asa…nice guy but man is he bad on tv. He needs to choose a different path and was lucky to get the jo in the first place. Bobby is a genius and a shining light for the show. The rest are pretty good too. Wynalda’s in your face ways are sometimes entertaining and eoin is good too…..
    But after a lot of consideration I’ve decided to apply for the job myself…I’ll move to either LA or Canada, my wife is on board..
    Just email me back and we’ll agree on a fee.

  42. …apparently it’s history – as of NOW! Tonight was the final show – very sad.
    I always was a fan of Soccer Genius Bobby McMahon’s analysis, and stories,
    and Michelle Lissel is a real cutie! Have to agree with previous comments
    regarding Asa, but he was great viewing for my insomnia!

    Cheers, Paul L. ; )-

  43. FOX Soccer News Debuts Tomorrow Featuring Pundits Bobby McMahon & Thomas Rongen
    By The Gaffer on August 16, 2012 (EPL TALK)

    FOX Soccer News will debut on Friday, August 17 at 10pm ET on FOX Soccer hosted by Brendan Dunlop, who is best known for his work on The Footy Show (see video). Taking turns as host of the show is Canada’s former women’s national team forward Kara Lang. The pundits who’ll be appearing on the show include Bobby McMahon, Thomas Rongen and Colin Miller (former captain of Canada’s national team).

    FOX Soccer News features set upgrades. Segments of FOX Soccer News include a weekly roundtable discussing the biggest stories in the global game, an “Ask the Expert” feature where viewers can engage directly with analysts, and “Play of the Day” in addition to the show’s global power rankings.

    For the first time, FOX Soccer News has on-the-ground reporters in the United Kingdom covering the biggest story lines from the Barclays Premier League and European competitions. The show is also home to domestic action from across North America, with insights from MLS, the CONCACAF Champions League, Mexican Primera Division, along with South American domestic football and CONMEBOL international play. Late updates will be included in the West Coast edition of the show at 10:00 PM PST.

  44. Fox soccer news on the east coast is 10 pm, too late with my schedule, not that I would watch it anyway.
    Bobby an expert ? not exactaly, good talker but sometimes not up to speed with whats going on.
    As for the much lamented, by some, FSR it was allways amerturist at best and biased most of the time regarding any team that wasn’t in the top 2, 3, 4, in there respective league, you can pick which league.
    The best thing about Sky Sports News is the in depth coverage of, lets face it, FSC”s and FS plus’ main programing, ie EPL. To loose this is to loose the glue that bonds the EPL games together, not forgeting the transfer deadline day shows.
    Why not keep showing Sky sports news @ 7.00 PM ET as well as FSN @10 pm ET.
    No Sky News @ 7.00 ET and I will probably just watch just the games of my team they broadcast.

  45. I really liked the report and the Canadians did a good job on the whole. Derek and Eoin were the best and of course Bobby. I’m going to miss that group. They were low key and not full of it like can be seen on some of the US based shows. Hope they don’t screw up the new show.

  46. Was viewing the ‘New’ FSC “FoxSoccerNews” the first week, and it was always
    going to take time to get used to the new personel, BUT a very pleasant surprise
    was the inclusion of Mr.Bobby McMahon, and EVERY single night!

    However, this week started out with Bobby ‘via satelite’ from other studios in Winnipeg,
    and now these past several nights – he’s been completely missing! MIA – with no
    explanation on when he’s coming back!

    So, I have to now wonder if he has left the new show – already!? LOL

    Also, cutie Kara Lang who was a regular on the show its first couple weeks – is also MIA!
    She has been these past several evenings replaced by a very annoying guy (don’t know
    his name). Also the main anchor (don’t know his name either) is now the only original
    host/analyst left, and the show’s ONLY a couple weeks old! LOL

    If Bobby doesn’t come back soon – I’m gonna give the show a miss, and just watch Sky
    Sports News at 2am.

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