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FOX Soccer’s Kyle Martino Joins NBC Sports Network: No Great Loss

Kyle Martino STL FOX Soccers Kyle Martino Joins NBC Sports Network: No Great Loss

The entry of NBC Sports Network into the coverage of soccer has resulted in a few changes in the landscape. Today, the Associated Press reported that Kyle Martino is joining NBC Sports as their lead analyst for Major League Soccer coverage.

This follows after ESPN announced late last week that Kasey Keller has joined their team as an analyst. Robbie Earle, meanwhile, will be a pre-game, half-time and post-game pundit for NBC Sports.

FOX Soccer’s loss of Kyle Martino isn’t much of a blow. Martino was a lightweight pundit who wasn’t remarkable in his analysis of the Premier League when given the opportunity to share his input. Plus, Martino will probably be best remembered for his role as the host of the ill-fated Soccer Talk Live show, which was absolutely awful.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens to the cast and crew on FOX Soccer’s Goals On Sunday program. Typically a combination of Rob Stone, Warren Barton, Eric Wynalda, Keith Costigan and Kyle Martino would take turns. But now that Martino is out of FOX, it may be better for FOX Soccer to not hire any additional pundits at this time, since they have an abundance of talking heads.

What do you think? Did Kyle Martino have any redeeming qualities about him that FOX Soccer will miss? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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14 Responses to FOX Soccer’s Kyle Martino Joins NBC Sports Network: No Great Loss

  1. King Eric says:

    he had no business being there to begin with and will not be missed. best of luck to him, but let him stick to mls.

  2. Sacto Blues says:

    Bring back Nick Webster

  3. CTBlues says:

    NBC dropped the ball on this one.

  4. Prince says:


  5. jtm371 says:

    no skin off my nose don’t watch pre or post match fsc shows and no interest in the mls.just another clown style over substance.

  6. scrumper says:

    He can also take Costigan with him and the new idiot Rob Stone “Cold”, who seems to have a fixation on ultimate fighting referring to the goal as a “cage”

  7. Jeff says:

    Well, maybe no loss for European coverage. But I love Martino as the color guy on MLS games. He knows the players, the league, and the game. Very good news on this front.

  8. iFan says:

    Oh Wow! You mean there’s one less pundit who’s going to insult my intelligence? How can I go on???

  9. Jean says:

    How you guys gonna like the new “Inside the Grass” analyst?? Oh boy, this year is gonna be fun :D

  10. Dan Nieves says:

    Decent for MLS, what concerns me most for this upcoming year, as it relates to the NBC (formerly Versus Channel) sports channel, is that it is on the highest package for Dish Network. How about making this channel part of a sports package (which it’s not) or at least put it one tier pkg lower, so I can meet it halfway! This SUCKS!! Back to Martino, I personally prefer Wynalda. Definitely not Terry, I mean Harkes same thing I guess.

  11. francis8 says:

    There are few if any quality football talking heads who are american. Ives and Trecker seem knowledgeable but they aren’t really ‘TV friendly’ (trying to put it nicely) Robbir Earle is a good get for NBC though.
    I know all the MLS boosters are saying they are glad to be off FSC but I doubt that that ratings will suddenly blow up moving to NBC. Yes the production quality will be way better, but it’s the product on the field that pulls in viewers and MLS lacks in that regard

  12. Joseph says:

    i personally dont watch the half time shows. fox for me has ruined it. its like youre about to watch an nfl game instead of a football match. the new american guy that hosts it hasnt a clue what hes talking about most of the time. the two “commentators” that do the italian games now are painfully hard to listen to.

    get the radio talk show back on FSC and get andy gray in. keep the english guy and wynalda. get rid of the rest. get people that know what theyre talking about. in fact, give me a shot. i will definitely be better then most of the guys doing it now.

    they should also change the scoreboard at the top back to the way sky have it now. dont know why i dont like, but i dont.

  13. DaveR says:

    I will miss the banter with Kyle Martino. He is a funny, knowledgeable guy. Some of the comments on here are pathetic.I would love to see any of the posters on here sit in front of a camera and discuss football(soccer) without tripping over their tongues or freezing up in a state of panic. I have to laugh at the poster who refers to Warren Barton as simply “the English guy.” or the guy who completely dismisses any of the FSW shows yet bothers to even make a comment such “who?”

  14. k j brod says:

    At least he sounds like a soccer lover. Rob Stone sounds like he’s doing E! TV News.

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