Chelsea Sack Manager Andre Villas-Boas

In developing news, Chelsea has sacked manager Andre Villas-Boas.

The last straw was Chelsea’s 1-0 loss in an unconvincing performance yesterday against West Bromwich Albion. His Chelsea side also faces possible elimination from the Champions League after a 3-1 loss in Napoli.

Villas-Boas said yesterday that he was not sure if he would still be in charge at Stamford Bridge before the mid-week FA Cup replay against Birmingham City.

A club statement read: “The board would like to record our gratitude for his work and express our disappointment that the relationship has ended so early.

“Unfortunately the results and performances of the team have not been good enough and were showing no signs of improving at a key time in the season.

“The club is still competing in the latter stages of the Uefa Champions League and the FA Cup, as well as challenging for a top-four spot in the Premier League, and we aim to remain as competitive as possible on all fronts. With that in mind we felt our only option was to make a change at this time.”

Roberto Di Matteo will be temporary charge of Chelsea until they find a new manager.

But now that Andre Villas-Boas has left, who do you think should take charge of Chelsea FC?

24 thoughts on “Chelsea Sack Manager Andre Villas-Boas”

  1. Well I just saw on soccernet that Abramovich is getting set to throw his millions and millions of dollars at Pep Guadiola. Is Guardiola a good coach though? I think anyone could coach Barca with the amount of talent they have.

    We shall see though.

    1. Should hire Rijkaard.He was the one who created that Barca team and won the 1st of the 3 ucl trophies they got these past 10 years.

      1. If Soccernet says Pep, then it won’t happen. Remember when Real Madrid has signed Neymar?

        Barca’s results since Rijkaard left (and Rijkaard’s results in Turkey) don’t support the idea that the Dutchman was so all-fire vital.

  2. Kinda makes you wonder if the old guard at Chelsea just wouldn’t play for him and wanted him out. Honestly not that far-fetched of an idea. Heard similar things about Liverpool last year which I’m inclined to believe for uh, various reasons.

  3. Whoever comes in is still going to have the same problems. The old guard has to be cleaned out. They’ll have to buy to surround the future core (Mata/Sturridge) with. Development has been terrible. Their youth players are everywhere but Stamford Bridge (at Swansea, at Hamburg, etc.)

    1. One interesting point about Chelsea’s youth players is that Josh McEachran is at Swansea, but he can’t even get a spot on the team there. Gylfi Sigurdsson is far better. The few times that McEachran has played for Swansea, he has looked average. He’s young, talented and needs more experience, but Chelsea’s youth isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be in my opinion.

      The Gaffer

      1. It seems all fanbases vastly overvalue their prospects, and Chelsea’s is no different. Kind of the nature of that beast. Because they haven’t played yet, there’s nothing to dissuade your notion they’ll be great. Unfortunately or those assertions, Chelsea’ best young player was developed by City.

  4. this has to be in the top ten of manager screw ups.i think you have to clean house take your lumps and build for future.the Gunners are looking good for 4th and CL bid.

  5. I was thinking exactly what the first poster said when I heard Chelsea lost. I know it’s far fetched but I think they lost on purpose. They were getting sick of him. After all the confrontations and what not.

  6. The blame is definitely on the club’s decision makers. They either are guilty of believing that the old guards only can win the UCL and Premiership and/or they didn’t support AVB 100%.
    Take Man United as an example: when he cleared out the “drinking superstars” (McGrath, Whiteside, etc) the Board supported him 100%. This prevented “players revolt” as players knew that the board was fully behind the manager.
    Chelsea made the same mistake as they did with Scolari. I hope Pep wouldn’t be tempted to go to Stamford Bridge. Probably, they’d get Benitez though.

  7. i don’t think Pep would take that job look at what happens when you win the double next year you get axed.why would you want to leave Barca to come to a team to rebuild no way not going to happen.

  8. “Mancini’s first 40 games for Manchester City: Won 20, Drawn 9, Lost 11.
    AVB’s first 40 games for Chelsea; Won 20, Drawn 10, Lost 10.”

    You have to wonder what Abra’s thinking. It’s one blow-hardy move after another from this impatient owner. Now he wants Pep, ha! It’s a shame they can’t sack owners because this guy’s a disgrace.

    1. you’ve got to remember before mancini came in man city were just a mediocre team. this is chelsea, the team that has challenged for the title almost every year for the past 7-8 years

      1. But the team is getting old and older. When Mancini came, City bought a lot of good players, Toure, Silva, Kolarov, Balotelli, Milner and Dzeko. The foundations were there (Hart, Richards, etc)
        When AVB arrived, his only transfers were probably Romeu and Mat. Others were “Chelsea FC Transfers”

        1. So he had the slightly augmented core of a second place team?

          I think Chelsea and its fans understood a third or fourth place season was in the offing. In order to salvage that understanding, they’ve exorcised AVB. I don’t know if it was the right decision, but it’s easy to defend.

          And possibly right. When you’re behind Arsenal after the crap year they’re having, you can’t just say “but this squad’s getting old.”

  9. IT hurt to see chelsea football club suffer this way with happy fans being make to be put to shame, Jose Mourinho
    and the blues should be together for better for worst , he is the only coach the knows how to bring chelsea from back to forward , but only if mananger should work as manager and owner should work as owner not as a coach

  10. AVB lost absolutely nothing. He gained some experience,a lot of money and will most definitely be inter’s manager next year. I don’t blame him. If the owner came down and said you will follow this man or u can leave, I believe yesterdays result would have never happened.

  11. I think chelsea has their few minutes of fame under the special one.

    The owner is driving the club into the ground. It really is becoming a massive joke.

    someone said the “gooners are looking good for 4th”… i.e. Looking good to go another season without a trophy.

    Hard to see how chelsea will get out of this, Hiddink maybe? and another few hundred million in the summer should do the job.

    1. Few minutes of fame? What on earth does that even mean?

      It’s really not that hard to see Chelsea get out of this. The old guard need to go and Chelsea fired a manager who will probably one of the best managers in Europe in the coming decade.

  12. Few minutes of fame-hyperbole for the real fact that chelsea had a flash of success but based on their business philosophy under Roman will never lift their status to the heights of Liverpool and United , in england.

    IF chelsea fall outside the top four it will be far more detremental than it would be for a club like Liverpool.

    If chelsea are to become a serious side, they have to develop and proper academy, give a manager at least 3 seasons to build a squad, instill his playing philosophy etc and they need to have a more suitable fiscal policy. If you spend crazy money every time you have a problem, because you don’t have the patience to BUILD you’ll keep going around in circles.

    A healthy club is based on consistency, faith (in the manager), unity (among the manager, players, owners etc) and a healthy squads from the first team down to the academy.

    Chelsea have NONE of the above.

    seriously what manager would really want to go there? Someone like Rafa because he’s out of a job? The suggestion of Pep Guardiola is the biggest joke I have heard all season, chelsea has nothing that could attract him besides money, which he has plenty of already.

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