ESPN2 To Broadcast Potential Premier League Title Decider Between Man United and Man City

ESPN2 in the United States will broadcast the potential Premier League title decider between Manchester City and Manchester United on April 30, 2012.

The match could decide who will become the champions of the 2011-12 Premier League season. City and United are currently neck-and-neck at the top of the table, and the importance of the late April derby cannot be understated. The Premier League decided to move the match to Monday night in England, which means the game will be shown live on US TV beginning at 3pm ET on ESPN2.

Many had presumed that the Manchester derby would have been shown on Sunday at 11am ET, the time of the week traditionally saved for Super Sunday clashes. Unfortunately, the Manchester Marathon – scheduled for April 30 — prevented the Manchester derby being scheduled for that day. And will be shown live on Sky Sports in the UK on the Monday night instead.

Could it be another 1-6 scoreline? I doubt it. But it’s certainly going to be one of the most anticipated matches of the season especially with Ian Darke and Steve McManaman surely commentating the match for viewers in the United States.

In other mouthwatering matches to be shown late in the season, the TV schedule for Premier League matches is as follows:

Sunday, April 8:

  • Arsenal vs Manchester City, 11am ET, FOX Soccer

Saturday, April 21:

  • Arsenal vs Chelsea, 7:45am ET, ESPN2
For the latest schedule, be sure to visit the complete and most up-to-date schedule of Premier League matches shown on US TV and Internet. And a massive thank you to EPL Talk’s Stacy Richardson for updating the schedule throughout the season. I’m sure that all of you can agree that it’s been a godsend.

13 thoughts on “ESPN2 To Broadcast Potential Premier League Title Decider Between Man United and Man City”

    1. Well, if you’re an opposing striker, it probably is.

      Aguero, Balotelli, Dzeko, Drogba, and Sturridge are probably salivating.

      Torres? Eh, not so much…

    1. It is both astonishing and perhaps depressing that in the 19 years of Premiership competition only four teams have won the title (and Blackburn’s single was certainly a fluke) and that 12 were won by a single team. No wonder Spurs have garnered so much attention of late.

      I take your Bundesliga comment from another thread to heart. Perhaps it is time I started looking elsewhere for my soccer kicks. There is nothing so boring as watching predetermined outcomes…..unless you’re a fan of the repeat champ(s). For the rest of the league it is simply a matter of avoiding relegation.

      Not saying I’m giving up on watching the EPL, but perhaps I need to expand my horizons.

      1. Guy it looks like you will have to get your ‘soccer kicks’ in Outer Mongolia then as UEFA’s FFP rules make sure the top stay top everywhere keeping unbalanced payments where they are. Do they have them in South America?

        1. You think ESPN will pick up the rights to the O M football league? FC Yak might be my team.

          It will be interesting to see how implementation of the FFP rules plays out. Predictions are all over the board. Considering that they were dreamed up by UEFA we can probably expect the worst.

      2. Guy,

        I understand your point about the fact that the league is almost decided at this point of the year but still the EPL is the best quality of play you can get, no league match the quality and the level of play of the EPL, even the overhyped champion league and for that I will watch the EPL until the end of the season.

        1. Oh, there’s plenty to keep me interested in the EPL, particularly the competition for 4th and the whole relegation thing. I’d just like to see some other team(s) at the top. No City or Spurs bashing from me. 😉

  1. Very nice, I get to see Ian Darke and Steve McManamann on the mic, even tho I think Peter Drury and Greg Bruly(sp?) are soccer’s Gus Johnson and Len Elmore!!

  2. I love United but this is not their year. With Vidic out, De Gea hot and cold, Rooney being babied by Sir Alex, “oh, daddy, I have a sore throat, I can’t play today.” and Man City buying every world cup star they can find my boys will end up in second place. Hopefully they will get a quality midfielder and another goal keeper next year and return to glory.

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