DirecTV Offers Soccer Fans Free Preview of FOX Soccer Plus February 20-26

Mark your calendars! FOX Soccer Plus will be available as a free preview to DirecTV customers from February 20-26, 2012.

The free preview coincides with the 7-day free trial of FOX Soccer 2Go that’s available to US residents. On DirecTV, FOX Soccer Plus is channel 621. During the February 20-26 window, soccer fans will be able to watch live matches including:

Tuesday, February 21:

  • Bologna vs Fiorentina, Serie A, 12:30pm

Wednesday, February 22:

  • Siena vs Catania, Serie A, 12:30pm
  • Basel vs Bayern Munich, Champions League, 2:45pm

Thursday, February 23:

  • Derby vs Leicester, Championship, 2:45pm

Saturday, February 25:

  • West Ham United vs Crystal Palace, Championship, 7:30am
  • QPR vs Fulham, Premier League, 10am
  • Genoa vs Parma, Serie A, Noon

Sunday, February 26:

  • Norwich vs Manchester United, Premier League, 8:30am
  • Stade Rennais vs Lille, Ligue 1, 3pm

After the free preview is over, FOX Soccer Plus is available at $14.95/month.

DirecTV has long been the best source for soccer coverage in the United States. A perfect example of that is all of the Europa League games it’ll be showing live this afternoon. DirecTV currently has a $29.99/month offer. More details can be found here or by calling 1-888-652-3835.

H/T Thanks to EPL Talk reader Fog for the news tip!

29 thoughts on “DirecTV Offers Soccer Fans Free Preview of FOX Soccer Plus February 20-26”

      1. I suffer with you Gaffer. Comcast in Detroit is terrible. I’m not sure I’d pay for the channel since Comcast is already so expensive for cable and internet but a free preview wouldn’t be bad. I still don’t have FSC in HD!

  1. I’m not sure it’s emabarassing, but it’s certainly enough to keep me from buying the channel. Let’s say that I purchase the channel and keep it for the 10 months of the season, I’m charged $150 for the year. And that’s probably on top of the $15 a month I ‘m paying for my Fox Sports Pack to get FSC. So $300 a year is out of reach for most of us (I assume). Additionally, the channel might show 1-2 games a week of interest (speaking as an EPL fan), unlike the regular FSC or foxsportstv. So yeah, they need to bring the price down to attract new customers.

  2. I get Fox Soccer Plus HD as part of my sports package on Cablevision which is $7/month and Fox Soccer HD is part of the basic digital cable package.

    1. Wow, that is an outstanding package. I’d have to say that Directv might still have the edge (the uefa channels are amazing and free!) My family have a similar setup with Time Warner in the Milwaukee area.

      1. My folks pay for that and I pay for DirecTV because Cablevision added Fox Soccer HD 4 months after the season started in 2010 so I’m stuck in a 2 year contract. I also never thought Cablevision would add Fox Soccer Plus HD because the refused to add Setanta.

      1. That’s one thing I don’t advocate is watching games illegally. FOX has forked out millions for the rights to show the games in the US, so the least we can do is pay for the privilege of watching the games legally.

        The Gaffer

      2. A lot of the time I can’t watch them live, so the DVR is quite handy. Call me crazy, but I don’t like sitting at the computer to watch games either. I agree with the Gaffer too, sorry for ya.

    1. Not a word, unfortunately. Now that NBC owns Comcast, and NBC is a competitor of FOX, who knows if/when it’ll happen.

      The Gaffer

  3. I love Fox Soccer Plus. This works out perfect for me because I’m ending my Dish Network contract tomorrow and returning to DirecTV, where I was a customer for many years. This means I can delay subscribing again for a week.

    I can see where some soccer fans may feel this channel is too expensive, however for me, its worth every penny. I’m a huge rugby fan as well, so Fox Soccer Plus is my source for European rugby. And now that I got DirecTV again, I get Super Rugby, Currie Cup & The Rugby Championship (formerly the Tri Nations) for free.

    Enjoy the free week. Enjoy all the soccer and take a few moments to watch a little rugby. You may find that equally enjoyable.

  4. 15 dollars a month is a TOTAL ripoff. No one can deny this. Back when I still subscribed to TWC, I paid $4.75 for FS+ and about 5 other channels, including FSC, Tennis Channel, Speed Channel, NHL, NBA etc. That’s LESS than 5 dollars for FS+ plus other great sports channels. Who in their right mind would pay that much, unless they are extremely lacking in available cable options in their area. It also shows rugby half of the time, which is great if you’re a rugby fan, but even then, overpriced.

    There’s always stream sites. That’s how I watch MOTD.

    1. $15 a month is not a total ripoff. If you compare it to the $4.75 that you paid to Time Warner, yes, it’s more. But your beef should be with DirecTV, not FOX.

      “There’s always stream sites.” Yes, but if everyone streamed games illegally, the TV networks wouldn’t be able to afford to buy the rights because the TV audiences who watched the games would dwindle to nothing.

      The Gaffer

        1. I agree Jason. I love my readers, but I don’t think people watching illegal streams is helping anyone.

          FOX Soccer Plus is a godsend for rugby fans, and definitely a nice-to-have for soccer fans.

          The Gaffer

  5. $15 per month is unquestionably a rip off for the games they actually show. On the other hand it’s annoying when a top game (usually Liverpool or Spurs it seems) is shown on FS+. This preview is great because it includes the Norwich v Man Utd game though.

    Not especially advocating illegal watching but they only way to make them see the error of their pricing is to fight against it, my favorite analogy would be the American’s not fighting back against King George because it was illegal LOL.

  6. I do agree with others that $15 a month is a rip off. For $15 a month, you would at least expect to have the channel in HD all the time.

    1. To me, it’s all relative. It wasn’t that long ago when we paid $25 to watch a game, such as the FA Cup Final or an England game, on PPV. So, $15 for a month doesn’t seem outrageous to me especially when I can watch my team (Swansea) on there. Of course, it’s all hypothetical because my local Comcast still doesn’t offer FOX Soccer Plus.

      FOX Soccer, the TV channel, doesn’t have the capacity to show all of the games live on its channel, so most of the other live matches are shown on FOX Soccer 2Go and FOX Soccer Plus instead. You could argue that FOX Soccer Plus was an answer to Setanta going out of business in the United States. The TV rights for rugby games and the capacity to show more games may have been an offer that was good to pass up for FOX. You have to wonder whether FOX Soccer Plus will be here in 5 years from now. Or if the games shown on that channel will all end up on FOX Soccer 2Go instead.

      The Gaffer

      1. I believe DirecTV used to have a package for PL matches years ago that was quite expensive. If my memory serves me correct, it was over $200 for the season and it was 2 maybe 3 games a week. Personally, $15 just seems a little high to me for one channel. I can understand your case Gaffer for wanting to pay for the channel (if it was available on Comcast) to see your team Swansea. I think I’m just spoiled though with all the free soccer on DirecTV with the Europa League and Champions League, and of course all the matches on FSC and ESPN.

  7. Blue Ridge Communications in Pennsylvania also has a free trial during that week. It charges $19.99/month, but it’s a full-time HD channel.

  8. But “WE” didn’t pay $25 for PPV. Since “we” didn’t watch.

    I guess it’s the relative price that’s the issue. There are no other DirectTV channels that cost $15 alone, the price for FSC, as mentioned, is much less. I may the choice to not pay but then Fox decides to move some key games to that channel away from the channel that I do pay for. Doesn’t seem right somehow.

  9. I pay the $15 directtv charges, but it is a bit of a ripoff, since they show very few EPL games and when they’re not showing a live game have nothing on at all. Setanta was the same price but they had many more games as well as other soccer programming (including the hilarious I’m On Setanta Sports, the precursor to Special1TV). I’ve really only kept FS+ out of inertia, it’s nowhere near the value Setanta was.

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