Manchester United Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season: New Leaked Photo

A new photo of Manchester United’s home shirt for the 2012-13 season has been leaked on the Internet.

The iconic red shirt of Manchester United will again be centerpiece. But this time, the design features tartan print, which is most probably a mark of honor to celebrate Sir Alex Ferguson’s 25 years as manager of Manchester United.. The design also matches another photo of the Man United home shirt, which was leaked over three months ago.

The photo of the Manchester United home shirt is from an industry trade show.


What do you think of the new shirt design? Post your opinions in the comments section below.

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22 thoughts on “Manchester United Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season: New Leaked Photo”

  1. Me likey. I was figuring they would just have the same shirt as this season and add a different collar. Good on ya Nike for switching it up a bit, even if it is just a checkered pattern.

  2. Not loving the socks. I often prefer a collar; this one would be better with a black one. Unless that mannequin is packing, the cut of the shorts looks tight.

  3. Forgot to mention – the Ferguson tartan, modern or ancient, is a mainly dark blue and green affair with a thread of red. making “a tartan” kit and calling it Fergie’s tribute kit is poor form. I’d rather they put a buttoned collar on the kit and insert the appropriate tartan inside the placket or as a collar’s underside if they wanted to make a Fergie tribute kit.

  4. OK. I’ll say it. Maybe it’s because I’m a neutral. I don’t give a rat’s ass about anybody’s uni. It’s about the game, not what they’re dressed in…..e.g,. whatever Andy Carroll is dressed in won’t change a damn thing. ;-)-

  5. Horrible. Nike have made some terrible kits for United but this one is taking the p*ss. This season’s shirt is actually one their better efforts but it will be retired after only one season.

  6. It’s dirty and horrible the checkered design is terrible the could do something like a devil in a darker red in the side like in the Leinster rugby jersey there’s a harp in white

  7. Hi! i dont like the new 2012/13 shirts, i do agree that sir alex must be honoured but not with a shirt where we can all play checkers or chess on.I do feel that the home shirt should have a tartan strip on it on the side of the badge in black/white checks,the away strip in black with red/white check strip on the side of the badge,third kit white with a diagonal strip from left to right in red/black checks. UNITED 4EVER

  8. I designed a better looking one and emailed it to Nike in the hope that they acknowledge it and change the so-called design (if any), because this is absolutely hideous and look more like pajamas! Even though I appreciate the reason behind it that they want to honour Sir Alex’s years of loyalty and contribution to Manchester United, this is over doing it and it would back-fire on the players’ performances like the grey kit of the mid-90s.

  9. U should) not disappoint us over an awkward issue that can be rectified (change it please don make me beg)
    it c a dull one can’t scare off opponents let it be the purity of pure REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED

  10. It’s actually a tribute to the 18th century cotton mill industry in Manchester.
    Manchester United Football club’s success has been founded on the traditional values of respect and hard work. Those values are what made Manchester the city it is and from the mid 18th century the cotton mills there were prolific in the industry. From those mills came the gingham fabric, an iconic check that like Manchester United is famous around the world and is now — for the first time — used on a Manchester United home shirt.

  11. I had some tea towels stolen from my washing line last summer & they’ve just turned up lookig like a football kit. Are Nike taking recycling to the extreme?

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