First Look At FIFA 12 On PS Vita Handheld Game Console: Video

I purchased the new PlayStation Vita today. One of the launch titles is FIFA Soccer, so I wanted to share my first impression of the game with you.

EA Sports has done an excellent job of porting this game over for the handheld. And it’s to be expected. Starting the game, you would almost think that this was the console version of the game as it has the same menus and overall GUI as its larger brother. You still have many of the options as well. However some may miss the Ultimate Team mode that, for many, a virtual time sink in trying to build your all-star team.


Gameplay is very fluid although the touch controls may take getting used to. The rear shooting controls are a nice touch to let you accurately shoot balls but the front screen touch is a bit distracting. Thankfully, you can turn these options off if you choose. The other minus is not being able to transpose your face into the game. It’s a miss considering there is a camera on the Vita. There is sometimes an issue also with the frame rate slowing down but it still doesn’t take away from the game experience.

If you are a footy fan and you want to really feel as if you are getting the console experience away from the console, there is no better way than this. For a PS Vita launch title, FIFA 12 still gives you everything you may want out of a soccer title.


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