Arsenal Home Shirt For 2012-13 Season Revealed: New Leaked Photo

A new photo of Arsenal’s home shirt for the 2012-13 season has been leaked on the Internet.

The iconic red shirt of Arsenal will again feature white sleeves. But this time, the sleeve design features red, white and black hoops. The rest of the Arsenal home kit for the 2012-13 season features white shorts and black socks. The design also matches the mock-design that was unveiled last week.

The photo of the Arsenal home shirt is from an industry trade show.

What do you think of the new shirt design? Post your opinions in the comments section below.

H/T Todo Sobre Camisetas

23 thoughts on “Arsenal Home Shirt For 2012-13 Season Revealed: New Leaked Photo”

  1. It’s not a black stripe. It is a dark navy blue stripe. Regardless, still looks like an old Man U shirt. Giant let down by Nike.

  2. May we should sign a deal with the Warriors (who?) that Liverpool have signed a deal with. I mean it can’t get any worse than this commemorative Man Utd kit… I’m all for adding inflections of colour but this it so not cool. If Nike are having so m,uch trouble coming with designs let’s keep the shirt for longer than a single season shall we?

  3. Not feeling the dark colour accents. I know it can get tricky to work with change when a strip must have red body / white sleeves, but there has to be a better answer than this.

  4. Great vision by Nike – black armband is clearly there to mourn the loss of Wenger, RVP and any hope of Champions League football!

  5. Of the three kits posted, the best would be the M.U. jersey and shorts and the Arsenal socks — nothing from the horrible Barcelona kit.

  6. Horrible, horrible, horrible! What is wrong with these designers at Nike? Whatever their qualifications, they obviously have no idea whatsoever about the history or tradition of Arsenal Football Club. This is really a pet hate of mine, as the last few Nike home kits have totally uninspring & unimaginative. I could design a better home strip in my dreams & would gladly offer my services gratis. And there’s the rub I suppose, in so much as Arsenal receive significant (though insignificant compared to Barca & Man U) revenues for prostituting themselves to these talentless idiots!

  7. this will be the kit next year, look under the sleeve/ arm pit area there are shiney lines which are nikes new air hole technology that has just been released on all thier new international kits for the euro’s. it might just be a idea by nike but definitely a real nike show room picture. my opinion it will be the kit mark my word.

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