Sign Up For A 7-Day Free Trial to FOX Soccer 2Go

Beginning today, FOX Soccer 2Go — the live soccer streaming service from FOX, available in the United States via computers, iPhone and iPad — is now available as a 7-day free trial.

FOX Soccer 2Go, previously named, offers live streaming of matches from the Premier League, FA Cup, Carling Cup, Champions League, Championship, Serie A and Ligue 1.

FOX Soccer 2Go is your ticket to watch the majority of live Premier League matches in the United States. The only EPL matches that aren’t shown live on FOX Soccer 2Go are those shown live on FOX Soccer and ESPN2/ Matches shown live on FOX Soccer are shown on delay on FOX Soccer 2Go.

When watching live matches on FOX Soccer 2Go, you can use the interactive features such as being alerted when goals are scored in other games, watching highlights of goals in-game, reviewing stats, participating in an online chat, and more. To see some of the features, watch our preview video.

Here’s the schedule of matches on between now and February 26. Note: All times Eastern. Premier League teams in bold. All games are live unless noted.

To get the 7-day free trial to FOX Soccer 2 Go, click this link.

Tuesday, February 14:

  • Lyon vs APOEL, Champions League, 2:45pm
  • Bayer Leverkusen vs Barcelona, Champions League, on delay after 5pm

Wednesday, February 15:

  • Parma vs Juventus, Serie A, 12:30pm
  • Zenit vs Benfica, Champions League, on delay after 2pm
  • AC Milan vs Arsenal, Champions League, 2:45pm

Friday, February 17:

  • Inter Milan vs Bologna, Serie A, 2:45pm
  • Reading vs Burnley, Championship, 3pm

Saturday, February 18:

  • Chelsea vs Birmingham, FA Cup, 7:30am
  • Millwall vs Bolton, FA Cup, 10am
  • Norwich vs Leicester, FA Cup, 10am
  • Nottingham Forest vs Coventry, Championship, 10am
  • Everton vs Blackpool, FA Cup, on delay after Noon
  • Ajaccio vs Brest, Ligue 1, 1pm
  • Caen vs Evian, Ligue 1, 1pm
  • Dijon vs Nice, Ligue 1, 1pm
  • Lorient vs Lille, Ligue 1, 1pm
  • Nancy vs Toulouse, Ligue 1, 1pm
  • Sochaux vs Auxerre, Ligue 1, 1pm
  • Sunderland vs Arsenal, FA Cup, on delay after 2:30pm
  • Marseille vs Valenciennes, Ligue 1, 3pm
  • Perth Glory vs Newcastle Jets, A-League, on delay after midnight

Sunday, February 19:

  • Crawley Town vs Stoke, FA Cup, 7am
  • Cesena vs AC Milan, Serie A, 9am
  • Stevenage vs Tottenham, FA Cup, on delay after 11am
  • Bordeaux vs Lyon, Ligue 1, 11am
  • Saint-Etienne vs Rennes, Ligue 1, 11am
  • Liverpool vs Brighton, FA Cup, on delay after 1:30pm
  • PSG vs Montpellier, Ligue 1, 3pm

Tuesday, February 21:

  • CSKA Moscow vs Real Madrid, Champions League, Noon
  • Napoli vs Chelsea, Champions League, on delay after 5pm

Wednesday, February 22:

  • Basel vs Bayern Munich, Champions League, 2:45pm
  • Marseille vs Inter Milan, Champions League, on delay after 5pm

Thursday, February 23:

  • Derby vs Leicester, Championship, 2:45pm

Saturday, February 25:

  • Newcastle vs Wolves, Premier League, 10am
  • QPR vs Fulham, Premier League, 10am
  • West Brom vs Sunderland, Premier League, 10am
  • Wigan vs Aston Villa, Premier League, 10am
  • AC Milan vs Juventus, Serie A, on delay after midnight
  • Manchester City vs Blackburn, Premier League, on delay after midnight
  • Chelsea vs Bolton, Premier League, on delay after midnight

Sunday, February 26:

  • Norwich vs Manchester United, Premier League, 8:30am
  • Stoke vs Swansea City, Premier League, 10am
  • Liverpool vs Cardiff City, Carling Cup Final, on delay after 1:30pm
  • Arsenal vs Tottenham, Premier League, on delay after midnight

Sign up today for the 7-day free trial of FOX Soccer2Go.

30 thoughts on “Sign Up For A 7-Day Free Trial to FOX Soccer 2Go”

    1. I’ve been using it since last summer, and there have been no issues since the kinks that they worked out since last August-September. I’ve been watching Swansea City (among other teams) week-in week-out since.

      The Gaffer

  1. wait, so it runs from today until february 26th, but we only get seven days…

    I see what they are doing here. I’m expecting quite a few people getting stuck with a $20 charge from fox in about 8 days. I’ll pass on the free trial unless i don’t have to give my credit card info (which is a pipe dream).

    1. Matt, that’s correct. The 7-day free trial window is from February 14 to February 26. You can pick any 7 days in there.

      Almost all free trials ask for a credit card. There’s nothing irregular about that.

      The Gaffer

    2. You are at least able to easily cancel it online, without having to wait on hold on the phone.
      Just set a calendar reminder in your phone or computer to remind you to cancel.

  2. No Android app = EPIC FAIL. Not gonna pay for something that ignores Android users as if they don’t exist. Not to mention you pay for it yet they withhold matches from you simply because they want you to buy their TV package. Doesn’t make sense. Let those that want to watch on TV watch and those that want to watch on the web watch.

    1. Mark, it makes perfect sense. FOX generates most of its advertising revenue from its TV network (to pay for the rights to show the Premier League, which costs millions each year). If it shows those games on FOX Soccer2Go, people are going to unsubscribe from FOX Soccer, the TV channel. The end result would be a smaller TV audience and less revenue for FOX.

      I would love it if FOX Soccer 2Go showed all games live, but the business model isn’t there yet.

      The Gaffer

  3. For everyone getting mad about there being no Android app, don’t get mad at Fox, get mad at your handset carriers. One of the reasons I got rid of my Android phone was there was too much fragmentation between OSes amongst each Android device…this one uses Ice Cream another uses Honeycomb another uses another hybrid version …it’s not fair to you guys that you have to not be able to get certain apps because too many differences between devices.

  4. So I’ll be out of town for the Spurs-Arsenal Match. Can I sign up for the free trial and watch it the following day, or will that be too late?

    1. They usually have the games available for several days after they’re played, so you could watch it the following day, yes. Sign up for the free trial before the 26th so your 7 days will end after the 27th.

      The Gaffer

    1. Correct, Roger. I believe that’s because they’re streaming the Sky Sports feed (or ITV feed) instead of the international feed, so they don’t want to have Sky (or ITV) logos on the screen.

      The Gaffer

  5. Foxsoccer2go has improved quite a lot since the beginning of the season but you still get a problem or two with their site from time to time. Still not perfect and I hope someday they will be trouble-free. Still, it’s the only way to watch games shown on FS+ if you don’t get FS+. It also allows you to watch other EPL games not shown on FS or FS+.

    1. No promo code necessary. Just click on the link in the article. And then click on the signup link on the next page. US residents only.

      The Gaffer

    1. The article says it’s only for February 14-26. It’s not false advertising. The offer ended a while ago.

      The Gaffer

  6. I travel alot internationally. If I sign up can I watch anywhere in the world. Also, don’t laugh, but is there an app for BB in the future?

    1. If you try to log in from outside of the United States, you’ll get a message saying that it’s blocked outside the US. If you can log in via a US VPN, you can gain access to it anywhere in the world.

      I haven’t heard anything about a BB app. I think they’re focusing on Roku and Android next.

      The Gaffer

  7. Why can they not provide it free to people who already pay for FSC through their cable provider? Much like the watch ESPN app is free. I theres a game on ESPN2 live Sat morning, but I’m out of town, I can still watch for “free” via my phone or tablet. I wish Fox provided this type of customer service as well.

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