Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 25: Open Thread

Manchester City has a chance to regain the top spot in the Premier League today when they travel to Villa Park to take on Alex McLeish’s side. The Scot’s job is rumored to be on a razor’s edge as is the jobs of the two managers involved in the Black Country derby played earlier in the day — Mick McCarthy’s Wolves against Roy Hodgson’s West Bromwich Albion. Depending on what happens today, it could be a stressful 24 hours for one of the managers in the Birmingham area.

Aston Villa are hopeful Mark Albrighton, Gabby Agbonlajor and James Collins recover from injuries in time to face Manchester City, while Vincent Kompany returns for Manchester City against Aston Villa. Samir Nasri could also be back after a groin injury, and Mario Balotelli’s four-match suspension is over.

Before, during and after today’s games, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

31 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 25: Open Thread”

  1. Wolves are lucky to be level at halftime. West Brom will kick themselves for not scoring more than 1 goal at the half. Terrific goal by Fletcher who once again he is a fantasticgoalscorer. Just when the Wolve’s fans were about to jeer McCarthy and the team they score just before the half. Should be a good second half.

    1. There really was a bit of bad luck with the goals. Mind you, Wolves tactically were poor, but at least 2 of the goals took a deflection or two as it headed to goal. Keeper Wayne looked asleep too, you have to assume Mick’s days are officially numbered.

  2. Wolves don’t know how to defend. Definitely going to be very tough for them to survive.Not sure if McCarthy can still keep his job since something has to give and it’s easier to change managers than players.

    1. I watched the first half, and then had to leave for church. Can’t believe the final result. And in a derby to boot. Tough times for Wolves supporters – especially with the added pressure of Molineux being rebuilt in the anticipation of greater times ahead.

      The Gaffer

  3. Hard to imagine how he has survived. As much as this game became a blowout like the Spurs game yesterday they where still enjoyable. The on the field action in the EPL can not be beat.

  4. Can’t the ref of the Villa/Citeh game see the almost identical kits of both teams and make one of the sides change? They are hard to distinguish on 1080 HD.

    Like Everton/Chelsea yesterday: navy blue v. dark blue, trying to score on dark blue goal nets…

  5. i know i am jumping the gun by 2 or 3 years but what about David Moyes as the replacement for SAF.your hard pressed to find someone who has done what he has done with so little money.just staying in the top half of the EPL is a huge feat.just something to think about the Villa/City match has not offered much.ENJOY!

  6. What was the deal with the poor quality of the pitch at The Stadium of Light yesterday? And did that seem to play a role Mertesacker’s injury? One of analyst on the podcast (I forget his name, but a good analyst) is a Sunderland supporter and I hope to hear him address this tonight. Does that stadium lack the investment of the other 19?

  7. I think the poor quality of the pitch had something to do with the weather in that part of the country. Otherwise that pitch is fine. It’s still nowhere as bad as the DW Stadium that Wigan play in. That is a terrible pitch.

  8. City may have got 3 points but didn’t look all that comfortable and at times looked nervy. On present form you have to say that United have the edge even if they are 2 points behind.

    Villa didn’t do anything in the first half and they should have taken the game to City if they wanted to get anything out of this game. They were better in the second half and could have stolen a point if Hart hadn’t made an unbelievable reflex save. Villa are going to struggle for the rest of the season and Robbie Keane won’t be playing for them either as his loan deal ended today.

  9. There were a lot of postponed matches in the lower leagues this weekend because of frozen pitches. I would imagine it would have something to do with resources of smaller clubs, but that doesn’t really explain Sunderland. Perhaps the weather was particularly cold in the north this weekend? We don’t really have anything to compare it to since Newcastle were away to Spurs.

  10. Don’t want to beat this one to death, but FoxSoccer has put 4 men at the studio desk again. They can run a circus if they want, but I don’t have to watch…..”click”

  11. in the game against Liverpool i wanna point out Evans and paul scholes well let’s start with Evans i feel like ppl were on his butt last season and even this season but i think he is becoming a mature player in the liverpool game he was by far the best defender in the united back 4 he’s touch ,composer on the ball and he’s position was fantastic all and all he is becoming a great defender and on scholesy i don’t know what we would have done with out him class is always there even when you are 50 !!!!!!!! GGMU

    1. I always feel like Evans is a few matches away from his next calamitous error be it a sending off or own goal. He will tease you a run of decent form. Don’t be fooled, mate. Recall that Pique left United with little challenge cos Fergie was confident Evans was the heir apparent to Rio/Nemanja. Wish we could have that one back. Pique himself said he could not get matches in behind Ferdinand and Vidic.

  12. ivory coast collapse could mean it takes a while for those squad members to shake that one off. Not good news for man city, arsenal and chelsea. Ouch drogba missing a penalty in the 90 mins.

  13. Villa supporters deserve better than McLeish’s horrid route-one approach. There’s ability in attack wasted in that method and it’s not like the club has the defenders to inspire McLeish’s philosophy. I’ll bet their supporters wish McLeish was top choice for England.

  14. Villa supporters better get used to seeing McLeish there for the foreseeable future. He ain’t going anywhere.If Harry passes on the England job it will go to Hodgson. The FA being the FA will look at today’s West Brom result and say if West Brom can score 5 goals under Hodgson imagine how many the national squad can score under him. :-)

    1. What are the odds the FA waits for Mourinho whose sure to leave Spain after a possible league and Euro double, appointing Pearce to keep the seat warm for him? Mourinho’s next challenge lie with a national team setup.

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