Man United 2-1 Liverpool: The Day Class Left The Stadium

I don’t care which side you happen to support. If you’re a Liverpool or Manchester United supporter, or just a neutral viewer, this is a dire day in the Barclay’s Premier League. It’s the day we saw petulance win out over professionalism, pettiness over peace.

Today the Manchester United-Liverpool derby became less about the history of the rivalry but rather more about the real or perceived struggles of two players to overcome hardships caused by the other. On one hand, you have Patrice Evra. On the other, you have Luis Suarez, a man who intentionally handled a ball away from goal at World Cup 2010, and racially abused a player.

What Suarez admitted he said was vastly inappropriate. If Suarez was a person with any sense of understanding, upon hearing he may have offended another human, he would have apologized for his words and explained his lack of intentions to harm Evra. Instead Suarez and his club went after Evra, accusing the player and United of lying to get Suarez banned.

Fast forwarding to today, if either manager was going to diffuse the potential for fireworks, it was going to be Kenny Dalglish. Evra has been the team’s captain recently, and in such a big match you would expect him to start. Liverpool had a pretty solid attack in recent weeks without Suarez, including the 2-1 FA Cup victory at Anfield against the Red Devils. King Kenny could have gone with Andy Carroll at the front. Instead, he decided to start the lightning rod, and the Uruguayan’s reputation plummeted from despised to utterly detested in one single move.

When it was Suarez’ turn to grasp the hand of the Frenchman Evra, he moved right along to David De Gea. Evra reacted by grabbing the striker’s forearm, as if to say, “You really are an idiot, aren’t you?” That led Rio Ferdinand to deny his own hand to the Uruguayan; Ferdinand himself watching his own brother go through a similar situation to his teammate.

The match itself was almost a sideshow. United rode two second-half goals from Wayne Rooney, while Suarez found the net in the late moments of the game to complete the 2-1 scoresheet.

However, the entire match was marred by that handshake. The announcers couldn’t stop talking about the tension. The crowd was endeavored to boo Suarez, just as the Kop had booed Evra a couple of weeks earlier. A few of the players scrapped in the tunnel at halftime, and after the victory Evra shamelessly made the celebration about his personal struggle (even doing so directly in front of Suarez).

We can’t go without mentioning Kenny Dalglish. If Dalglish had any inkling that Suarez would refuse to shake Evra’s hand, he should have sat him. This should have been non-negotiable. With everything that’s happened, the two players and clubs needed to move on. We’re talking about professionals here. A professional would have grabbed Evra’s hand and said, “I made a mistake, let’s move on and make this storied match a good one.” Instead he extended this beyond the realm of an isolated event, and now lends to question what he really does believe.

As far as Evra’s display after the match, I do think he should have stood the better man and shown more decorum. I don’t blame him though. Evra appeared to have every intention of shaking hands and making peace, only to be rebuffed by Suarez.

Finally, regardless of the position of Suarez and Dalglish, Liverpool Football Club is American owned. Sympathizing with a situation where someone appears racist doesn’t fly well in the United States. Luis Suarez has now compounded the headaches for his club by refusing to be a sportsman towards Patrice Evra in this match.

Maybe this will all blow over, maybe not. I think we can all agree that this misunderstanding has been handled as poorly as anyone could envisage. Maybe John Terry needs to evaluate the way this went down, and find a way to make peace with Anton Ferdinand. I think we all can learn something from this train wreck. Show some class — unlike Suarez.

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      1. I have countless times. Explain what the stills show then, because they break down the event in slow motion essentially.

        Regardless, Evra acted like a petulant child at both halftime and then again post match. Not to mention he has a checkered history himself (crying wolf and refusing to get off the bus at wc 2010).

        My beef with this is Evra gets off with this squeaky clean image when nobody but him and suarez really know what happened. Evra’s behaviour today just further muddies an event that again only they know what happened and we never will, yet most think they do.

        1. Evra acted without class at the end of the match. He completely overdid it.

          For the handshake, Evra’s hand was out but Suarez completely walked past it. Watch the video.

          The Gaffer

          1. That’s a good shot Joe. Evra lowers his hand in the Video from above as Suarez moves his hand across it so clear it’s untrue. Suarez does move his hand fast though but is this because Evra has lowered his hand and he thinks he has been shunned? I think your wasting your time though as these all seem to know better from watching the video that shows absolutely nothing except for Evra grabbing Suarez’s arm in anger. Let them have their witch hunt!

          2. Sorry, Gaffer, but you’re way off on this one. His hand is clearly about three inches lower and pulled closer to his body than it was with the three players preceding Suarez. This was calculated to create a stir and, sadly, Suarez failed to make the best of the situation by falling into Evra’s calculated ploy. The mind games continue.

          3. Gaffer, I just got to see a much better angle on Sky, and I have to agree with you. Even though Evra’s hand is lower, it looks like he left it out there for Suarez to shake and Suarez made no attempt. I’ve stood up for Suarez throughout all this stuff, and I do think there is a bit of a witch hunt going on, but today he was his own worst enemy. He should have taken the high road and shook Evra’s hand.

        2. Matt, you’re such a moron. If you can’t see with your own eyes that Suarez was the creator of all this racism mess, and then expanded upon by not shaking Evra’s hand, then you’re a blind fool. And so is Uncle Kenny.

        3. You can make a still photo look however you want it to… the fact is Suarez pied him, and we have talked about it for far too long…

      2. Gaffer Evra lowers his hand, if you went to shake someone’s hand what would you think that meant? Suarez put his hand across where Evras was he moved it fast but I take that to mean he thought Evra didn’t want to after he lowered his. Have a look at the above camera angle it’s so clear he shakes the three before well above the waist then lowers it and pulls it into his hip why did he do that? He didn’t with the previous three! I couldn’t careless either way just a observation.

        1. I cant believe after having watched it at least 10 times now that its is even being debated that this even remotely is evra’s fault. Firstly the height was fine, Secondly look at suarez eyes on the approach, he has no intent of shaking his hands, thirdly look at evra’s hand, it is in an open position ready for a shake, far more obvious and intentional than even danny wellbecks, fourth, why would evra try to bring him back to shake his hand if he had no intent? you would have to be a moron to think otherwise. why would evra grab luis arm, if evra decided to snub him then he would have, look at what rio did? he snubbed and didn’t grab his arm, he intended after seeing what suarez did to not shake his hand.

          Slow it down? look at stills…lol what a joke, look at his eyes, he is not even look at evra.

          Kenny again backs up my previous post outlining the fact he has no class, and does not lead by example. Saying he didn’t see it, then for every other interview refuses to discuss it, and commenting that liverpool are “lucky” to have suarez. As a manager of a club the size and standing of liverpool it’s not enough to say all I care about is football, thats all I have to focus on, all he has done is show he is not capable of the duties do modern day football manager, maybe just a position coach if all he cares about is football…what a joke!

          The pre-game handshake is supposed to highlight sportsman ship and professionalism, it should not be optional, how you can look at the video of the incident and honestly think that evra was in the wrong needs their eyes checked and access to some form of psych assistance….oh by the way 5-0!! coys!

      3. your article and comments reek of bias ‘Gaffer’.

        I’ve visited this site from time to time but this will be my last, i put up with your sh*t analysis for a while but i can’t put up with with your misplaced agenda in this case.

      4. I guess when the Gaffer holds his hand out to shake someone’s hand, he holds it closer to his balls than the person that has his hand extended away from his body(which is what the pictures and the video show when it is slowed down..and hell…it shows that at normal speed as well.). Neither of them wanted to shake hands, but Evra gets to fill the role of victim forever since he grabbed at Suarez afterwards. Bravo for letting one-side of the story tell the whole story. I guess all of the chants of murderers, skinning Suarez alive, and Hillsborough references heard within the telecast are just part of the experience of Old Trafford.

        Let the video tell another side of the story that no one else is considering, which is the modus operandi of almost every UK journalist after the display…and apparently even this site refuses to even consider.

        Yes it is another side of the that isnt told on this site…even mentioned as a possibility. Does this mean that it is refutes the idea that Suarez didnt try to shake his hand? No. Does it raise doubts that not all things are as they seem? I believe that there is ground for some doubt. Regardless, is it Suarez’s responsibility to diffuse a situation that he believes he is not guilty of? If this case of racism went to trial based on the FA report (which I have taken the time to read) , Luis would have most likely never been found guilty.

        It is understood that LFC has not handled the PR on this tire fire very well, but the media has made it worse than it ever needed to be. Handshakes are absolute BS at that level …It isnt like these guys are going to share orange slices and capri-sun after the game. If you want handshakes, do it after games like every other sport.

        But hey…
        I am sure SAF and Evra are having a laugh about this incident after giving Peter Schmeichel call to talk about proper race relations in a ManU jersey and told him that he was proud to have him wear a United jersey.

        1. Brillant, DeathCabfrWoody… Of course you won’t see critical analysis on a self declared, agenda driven, Manc sympathy site

          1. Not sure what you’re talking about, but this isn’t a Man Utd sympathy site. I support Swansea City, and have criticized United plenty of times in the past when needed.

            The Gaffer

          2. Firstly, there actually isn’t anyone speaking here, which is why you can’t hear anything…
            Secondly, ‘The Gaffer’ (self-styled is that?) doesn’t understand what ‘Manc sympathy’ means; but what it doesn’t mean, is that you support Man Utd, cretin!

      5. Now that Suarez just admitted he’s “sorry” for not shaking Evra’s hands, hopefully Matt’s conspiracy theories can be put to rest.

      1. I’m sorry but that shows absolutely nothing pal as Suarez’s arm is covering what happens I will try to find the above angle shown once on SKY I have it recorded so if somebody knows some where I can post it on line I’ll post the link for you . Then you may see that just because lots of people tell you black is white doesn’t always make it so!

          1. Matt, I’ve watched the video a few times. Evra held his hand out, but dropped it slightly when Suarez approached. But it was still out there, and Suarez made no attempt to shake it and moved right past Evra.

            The Gaffer

          2. At last gaffer the only place you can see that is the above angle! And if slightly is 5 or 6 inches then your right. If you had, had a problem with someone and were told to shake their hand as walking passed and as you went to do so but they lowered theirs as you were going to what would you think they were doing? Be honest.
            This is all a right pile of crxp. Evra initially changes his mind (if not why did he drop his hand?)but not fully Suarez also though that to be the case clearly a his hand move across where Evra‘s was faster. It’s just load of pointless crxp for the media to show the same replay that looks bad and doesn’t really show anything so they have a story out of practically nothing. Well I suppose it’s good for a debate!

          3. Yes matt that is the angle, I have the video of it I swear it’s as clear as day. You do have to ask why if it exists media sources aren’t putting it out only the one that shows Evra angry? Strange but I sure someone will post but even now people are saying ‘he did it just except it’ so it won’t matter anyhow the tar is already all over Suarez just waiting for the feathers now.

            1. I’ve seen three separate videos of the handshake, and I stand by my initial assertion which was that Suarez made no attempt to shake Evra’s hand.

              The Gaffer

          4. coming from a website called “this is anfield”, I’m not sure you can take anything posted about this issue seriously as it’s clearly not objective. Everybody disagreeing needs to watch this video and scroll to about 30 seconds, where you get a clear shot of the incident


            Obviously his hand is not as extended as it was for others, but it’s still out there to shake. And would you expect him to extend it without any hard feelings? I wouldn’t. If a club, millions of fans, and the person who racially abused me called me a liar for weeks on end and I finally had to face him, I would be furious and I’m not sure I would have been able to act as gracefully as Evra did. It doesn’t excuse his classless behavior at the end of the match, but anyone who says it was Evra and not Suarez who missed the handshake is clearly a scouser who can’t separate his feelings from the issue and be objective, or a complete tosser out to wind people up

          5. You may stand by that assertion all you like gaffer, after all why not it’s a lot easier than to say that all may not have been what it first seemed in this case! But the fact you have now said you have seen Evra lower his hand taking it away from Suarez tells me that even you yourself had seen Evra’s doubts about this hand shake and by him doing that you must know means that it was the two of them had a problem and not just the one, yet you continue to be 100% against it being this two total morons rather than one. I will say again i couldnt really Are less as if either one one them doesn’t want to shake hands that’s their beef and theirs alone both have the right the right to say no. It’s easy to tow a line with the others isn’t it, comfortably reassuring that the many are with u.

          6. Evra lowered his hand and pulled it towards the hip this is something he didn’t do for any one else in that line up. So gaffer if he didn’t even think about it why do it only when Suarez is next? Yet again I couldn’t care less but I know what I saw and no tow the line bbc analysis will change that. Both players were at fault, yes one should have known better and with the previous problem mostly being his fault would have made sure he lowered his own to grab Evra’s where ever he put it. It took two to do this tango and only one has taken the flack.

    1. Well there’s a coup indeed for this site ! Imagine Alex Ferguson writing a post hand shake analysis. I’m surprised ye didn’t make more of it. The real Gaffer just rode into town eh.

  1. Let’s hope New England Sports Ventures, the American company that owns Liverpool, starts pulling some strings to cut or move this talented but classless player. Liverpool is a storied club and should be an example to the rest of the league on class, but unfortunately this Suarez debacle has begun to tarnish the club. I’m curious as to the reactions and opinions of the Liverpool fans to this recent scandal.

    1. Mine is quite simple.

      The stills in Matt’s post quite clearly show that Suarez had his hand lowered to shake Evra’s hand and Evra pulled it back to his side.

      Combine that with reports that Evra supposedly tried to enter the Liverpool lockerroom at halftime then acted like a moron at the end of the match and I have to wonder which player is truly tarnishing which side’s storied history.

    2. Thank you for saying something that needed to be said. The American Owners of both clubs have a duty to act here. We are lucky in the US that what is going on in the EPL DOES NOT HAPPEN in US sports. While Suarez was clearly the instigator and Alex Ferguson has not supported Evra’s behavior both teams should have acted to head this junk behavior off before it started. SAF,(and I am not a detractor of his) with all his skill and knowledge should have warned his team in advance that if Suarez acted up do not take the bait. Act with class at all times.

      This was a great day for the American’s in the EPL and we in the US expect the best from American owned clubs. If this was an American sport we could expect the commissioner to act quickly to punish what was shown on tv today to an international audience. I would think the public in the UK would speak up and act to stop what becomes a negative world wide image of England.

    3. Oh dear, Becca L… don’t know what the pointless photo is doing in your Gravatar; but but your claims about Suarez are as relevant as your assertion for NESV should ‘start pulling strings…’ – They don’t exist!

    1. Chicken Vindaloo, there is no way on earth that we’re not going to be writing about an incident like this. If we didn’t, I’d have a ton of readers asking why we didn’t provide an opinion about the incident.

      If Suarez had shook Evra’s hand, we wouldn’t be talking about it, I’m sure.

      We are not part of the problem. We’re reporting what happened.

      The Gaffer

      1. amen to that they shake the situation is over.bottom line suarez added fuel to the fire and kenny has compounded it with his comments to the BBC.SAF called out Evra about the post match celebration maybe kenny can catch a clue.

      2. You want fair reporting? When are you going to publish the article on the drugs cheat, Ferdinand; as he, like Evra, withdrew from the handshake?

  2. I’ve already pointed that out here matt but it’ll do no good as most here will just go with the common consensus. People mostly will only take what a story hungry press turn it into. It is clear as day that Evra lowered his hand to avoid Suarez from the higher camera angle. He shakes three players hands keeping his hand way above the waist then when Suarez approaches he very clearly drops it down and pulls it into the body to avoid the hand shake. It looks like neither wanted to do it as you say. I think it’s Evra’s reaction afterwards (the grab) that causes the reaction from most watching as it takes away from what actually happened. I can’t understand why he did that it looked like he was deliberately trying to draw attention to it even though he was as much to blame. I guess the press love this kind of thing give them a witch to hunt.

    1. I am an unbiased observer (in fact I was rooting for Liverpool in this match). Suarez shunned Evra, NOT the other way around. Spin it as you like.

      1. I’m not spinning anything Earl I’m using my own eyes! I really couldn’t care less about it I don’t follow either. If either one wishes not to shake the others hand that’s their prerogative and no crime, these two clearly don’t like each other one bit.
        I have never been a sheep and never will be I don’t let the opinions of the many sway me. Evra lowers his hand that’s a FACT that I just can’t see any reason for. You wont see this if you only watch the incident you need to watch the hand shakes before to see it go and watch these three or four and then tell me he doesn’t lower and pull his hand (still open granted) into the body.

        1. Why — even though you didn’t support either team in the game, you’re a Manchester City supporter, so of course you’re going to be biased against United.

          The Gaffer

          1. Don’t be so silly I couldn’t care less! No one is gonna get banned! Honestly when you see the vid of the still from above you will be shocked, your own video shows nothing. I think you gonna get a suprise Gaffer. As the media out lets will keep putting the same angle out for but sombody will post it I have it but don’t know how.

          2. @Why?

            View my post above with the best video evidence. Stills can be manipulated easily and make it seem like something that it’s not. Video evidence can be tampered with but not if it’s from SSN, and it’s not nearly as ambiguous as stills.

          3. @kearnkoff

            The video I have is straight after the game from SKY tv it seemed to stop the pundits for a second they they just. Carried on. It isn’t doctored in anyway I assure u niether are the stills here mostly taken from that above clear video.

          4. @Why?

            I didn’t say the stills were doctored. I said they could be doctored easier than a video. What my real point was, if you read my post, was the last part when I said that video evidence was “not nearly as ambiguous as stills.” Hence, a still can be misinterpreted or used to prove two or three polar opposite points, whereas looking at video evidence really leaves only one clear answer to an objective viewer

            My post above uses video that is also from SSN right after the game

        2. Why? Are you the only moron that can’t tell that Suarez shunned Evra’s handshake? Evra reached up and grabbed his arm when he didn’t shake, the commentators noted that it was Suarez who didn’t shake hands, those who interviewed SAF and Uncle Kenny knew that it was Suarez who didn’t shake hands, SAF labeled Suarez a disgrace to LFC for not shaking Evra’s hand, I mean for Pete’s sake, Kenny and Suarez apologised for Suarez not shaking Evra’s hand!!!

          1. I put it to you that you are the only moron here as your the only one who lowered yourself to petty name calling. The commentators told you did they? Well I didn’t need them to tell me anything I used my own eyes I don’t need a sheep herding affect to guide me on whose wrong or right and don’t follow any of those teams unlike yourself.
            They apologise cause they are wrong, but that doesn’t mean Evra played no part does it or was right does it? They had to apologise other wise they will do more damage to the clubs world wide reputation as the media was getting ready to go into frenzy mode. I never said Suarez wasn’t a pratt here. The point I’m pointing out is that in this case so was Evra not only for his part in the hand shake but apparently right through the game, at half time and after the final whistle. Now jog on moron.

    2. Kudos mate. The evidence is there, just the story thatwould follow it isn’t as good as the one everyone is on right now.

      I am just waiting for one mainstream or even semi mainstream media publication to actually look at this objectively and not just regurgitate the same premise over and over and see what happens

      1. I’ve looked at the video objectively (I’m a Swansea fan), and it’s nonsense. Liverpool fans need to accept defeat, accept that Suarez skipped Evra’s hands, and move on.

        The Gaffer

        1. Just one quick question and comment.

          In every NA sport incidents like these are scrutinized in the slowest motion possible to actually break it down without any other distractions a full speed video would discern.

          Why is it then, you outright dismiss still photos and zoomed in and slowed down video that clearly show Suarez at no point withdrew his hand (yes i know he moves by quickly) and these shots clearly show Evra moves his hand back and down when he sees Suarez is next. Given the tension and nerves, I can understand why both would be hesitant, but to paint Suarez as the only culprit here when there is evidence to the contrary in this instance is being close minded and borderline silly?

          1. Evra, just before he shakes Jordan Henderson’s hand. Notice that it’s outstretched and away from his side…

            …and then Suarez approaches. Now notice where the hand is. And notice where Suarez’ hand is.

            It’s ridiculous that we have to be analyzing this. but if The Gaffer and Earl are going to stick their head in the sand…

        2. You’ve dismissed EVERY clear bit of evidence that Evra did indeed drop his hand and pull it closer to his body as Suarez approached him. By not simply admitting that this is supported by the videos that have been posted, you’re just regurgitating a story line that prompted you to jump to the conclusion that “Class Left the Stadium” and that Suarez is the sole actor responsible. Please. Have some backbone and admit that you’re in the wrong to make such a categorically one-sided claim. Suarez wasn’t exactly making himself available, either, but to whitewash Evra’s obvious contribution to the row is ridiculous.

        3. All you people saying that evras hand was there despite being clearly lower and suarez snubs him, why does suarez have to make the extra attempt to shake his evras hand when evra lowers it? Why couldnt evra just keep it the same height like all the previous liverpool players? Clearly this shows neither player wanted to shake hands yet evra took advantage of it and media singles out suarez

    3. I admit I’m an LFC supporter, but I am not a blinded supporter who is blindly supporting Suarez…I agree with the FA that it is more likely than not that something inappropriate happened. But, I’ve watched the handshake numerous times in slow-mo and looked at stills and I still cannot see Suarez refusing to shake Evra’s hand. It looks to me that Evra pulled his hand back and Suarez just moved on to De Gea and then Evra made a boneheaded move by grabbing Suarez’s arm. Why did Phil Dowd get in Evra’s face immediately? Of course, he may have sought out Suarez too, but it’s not on video, but Dowd was all over Evra.

      I think the media are guilty of either being pro-Utd/anti-LFC or being very lazy in not at least admitting there’s a possibility that Evra could be at fault for this particular issue.

      Again, I’m not entirely sure that it was Evra or Suarez, but I’m about 80% leaning towards Evra b/c of video & stills.

  3. Ah… poor Chicken Vindaloo doesnt want to hear about it…. boohoo….well, here is the real story! I think the problem is with Kenny Dalglish. He is out-of-touch with reality and he looks to me like a racist. His player, Luis Suarez, admitted he said the N word but STILL maintains he did nothing wrong and his team-mates even wore t-shirts with his pic on to back him-up! Dalglish backed him again after today’s shennanigans while Alex Feguson said he should never play for (a team of such standang as) Liverpool again. Dalglish is the disgrace! He should have sat Suarez down (a long time ago) and told him WHY he served an 8 game ban, why it is WRONG to say that word in England or ANYWHERE, why he HAS TO shake hands BEFORE and AFTER the game and that he is a role model to kids all over the world! But? Maybe all at Liverpool should look across the park to a team with class and dignity…. and two amazing Americans… who dazzle and delight!

      1. Suarez admitted in the report that he called Evra a negro.

        Also, quoting from The Guardian, the commission found that Suárez used the word “negro” or “negros” seven times during the flashpoint with Evra in the second half of the 1-1 draw and described the Uruguayan’s evidence as “unreliable in relation to matters of critical importance”, highlighting “inconsistencies between his accounts given at different times as to what happened”.

        The Gaffer

        1. Nobody should be condoning Suarez’s behaviour it was wrong end of. The word negro in Spanish literally means black but I do not for one minute believe he didn’t know it as a bad name in when use in English, when in Rome as they say.

        2. Right, Gaffer, and there were NO inconsistencies between what Evra initially said, what Ferguson said (the really bad n-word, which was false), and the fact that Evra had the benefit of seeing all of the video evidence in advance when no such accommodation was made for Suarez. Sure, yeah, that’s just about a clear cut as it gets, eh?

  4. In the World Cup Uraguay-Ghana match when Suarez should have used his foot he used his hand. Today when he should have used his head he “moved” his hand.

  5. This is a sad day for Liverpol FC. I am a lifetime fan but after seeing that display, I am done if they don’t do something and get rid of the cancer that is Suarez. I think what is even more shocking to me, is that Dalish is still supporting him. This whole thing is killing Liverpool as a brand. At this rate, skin head punks will be running around sporting Liverpool FC kits.

  6. Evra and Ferdinand showed no more class than Suarez, at the pre-match handshakes and after the match. It’s as simple as that. If they had the class they want everyone to think they do, they wouldn’t have done what they did. Ferdinand is not even involved, so refusing to shake Suarez’s hand is completely unprofessional, whether his brother is involved in a “race row” or not. If Evra was honest about everything, he wouldn’t constantly provoke Suarez, he’d stay above reproach and do his job. Everyone involved stooped to the level of their “opponent,” and it is a damn shame.

  7. I thought Rooney’s reaction to the whole thing was interesting. He actually patted Suarez just before the kickoff and has declined to take a side in this controversy. I think it may have something to do with the fact that he hasn’t always got along with Evra. Maybe he knows Evra too well to come out and support him publicly.

    By the way, I found Fergie’s comment about how disgraceful Suarez is and that he should never play for Liverpool again because he has disgraced the club. This from a manager of a club where Cantona physically assaulted fan and Roy Keane purposely tried to end the career of a player. Short memory. Maybe he thinks physical abuse is not as bad as shunning a handshake.

    Suarez acted very badly given the hype about what might happen. I don’t think Daglish knew that he was going to do it. At least I don’t think so as he said in his pre-match press conference that he expected a handshake. Liverpool definitely need to do something about Suarez’s behaviour as it is not helping their image. An Argentinian friend of mine actaully predicted that Suarez might not shake Evra’s hand.

    Unfortunately all this controversy overshadowed how well United played and how pathetic Liverpool were. It’s safe to say that even after spending so much money Liverpool are miles away from getting anywhere near the top again. The scoreline flattered Liverpool.

    1. Well, that should be the story here.

      United bossed the game, Liverpool’s defence couldn’t handle the pressure, and the Red Devils came away with a deserved result.

      Instead, we’re still talking about Suarez and Evra. And before I go any further, let me just state that I find Suarez’ histrionics on the pitch tiresome.

      He has a reputation as a diver and it’s a well deserved reputation.

      But the defence for Evra in this post by Earl is about as laughable as some of Suarez’ dives. Even if you think Suarez wronged Evra during the pre-match handshake (which he didn’t), that’s no excuse to spend the rest of the day taunting Suarez.

      But I guess Evra doesn’t know how to be the better man and neither does Fergie.

    2. Just FYI that Cantona was provoked – I don’t condone what Cantona did but Matthew Simmons’ season ticket was confiscated and he was banned from Selhurst Park.That indicates that Simmons wasn’t completely innocent.

      Agree with you that Suarez’s behavior is not helping Liverpool’s image.On the other hand, the celebration didn’t help either. Fergie himself said that Evra shouldn’t have done the celebration at the end of the game.

  8. I think if Suarez didn’t want to shake Evra’s hand, then Evra should just let it go and let others judge the incident the way they feel. and not be least bit bothered about it. So what if this guy doesn’t want to shake hands, forget it. Why need to grab the hand and boil the incident further? Class and respect has gone out of the window and while there is nothing left in Suarez, Evra has lost some as well. Remember back when Samir Nasri refused to shake Evra’s hand, Evra just smiled at him. That’s how he should have dealt with this, I feel.

  9. Yeah Evra should be ashamed of himself right now hot making this about his own personal struggle, get a fcuking grip mate.

    “MUFC defending champions, LFC defending racism”

    1. Yep.

      Lost in all this is the wholly worthwhile question of “Who Cares?” Suarez maintains his innocence in a ‘he said he said’ dispute. He’s served his penalty, offered an apology, etc. He’s more then in his right if he feels he is innocent to avoid shaking Evra’s hand.

      Conversely, if you think what Suarez did was so reprehensible (the alleged racial stuff, not this handshake fiasco) then you can’t honestly tell me that a stupid arranged handshake prior to a match is going to do an ounce of good to remedy the situation.

  10. At this point liverpool supporters are delusional. You can’t keep pointing to still frames yet also ignore the video at the same time. In some cases a still frame can help. In the frames somebody posted above you have absolutely no idea who is moving their hand in which direction. If you just went by those you have no idea if Suarez is pulling his had back or reaching toward Evra. So at this point, why not look at the video? From that you clearly see Suarez pull his hand around Evra and right towards De Gea. In fact, I’m 99% positive the last still photo from the post above shows Suarez reaching towards De Gea not Evra.

    I really like the comment somebody posted on twitter regarding those stills:

    “If you took a freeze-frame of a video of me doing squats, it’d look like I was taking a s**t”

    All things considered, Suarez is a petulant child, as are many Liverpool supporters. Evra probably should not have celebrated like that. But, can you really blame him after the treatment he received at Anfield just because he actually publicly stood up against racial abuse?

  11. The stills certainly look like Evra had his hand withdrawn as well, but who’s to say that his hand wasn’t in the exact same position a split-second before the first 2 stills? Upon seeing that, however, the videos do a little less for me as those angles do have Henderson blocking the moments leading up to their meeting. Regardless, as a Liverpool supporter and huge fan of Suarez, I thought it was definitely low class to act that way, no matter who snubbed who. That doesn’t make it acceptable for Evra to act the way he did, however. I’m sure in Uruguay, Suarez would probably do as everyone has said and refer to someone as “negro” with no malice, but I’m also sure he should be aware that in Europe it is likely to offend. It shouldn’t have been said, but truthfully, was it any worse than Evra saying “Don’t touch me, South American”? Was Evra really saying this as merely a point of fact that this is where Suarez hails from, or was that slurring Luis’ heritage? They’ve both come off looking classless to me, but everyone outside of Liverpool is ignoring Evra’s role for the most part. The end-all-be-all for me is that this is all a bunch of whining. How many times have I been on a basketball court and been called “white-boy?” There’s trash-talking in every sport, how damaging can one person’s words really be? Call me whatever you want, I don’t care, I’m still going to go out and do my job.

    1. …and for f*@&’s sake, what does the handball that he correctly received a straight red card and Ghana still tripped up and lost the game on their own have to do with any of this? How in the world did you decide to toss that gem into the article?

      1. Anyone who has followed football long enough would say sauarez did the correct thing in the world cup, but yeah it has nothing to do with what went on today. Sometimes there are good red cards and that was one of them.

  12. Might help to see the video on this you-tube link.

    Evra definitely has his hand down. Much further down than for the previous hand shakes.

    He is looking right at Suarez and seems like he is ready to offer his hand, but is waiting for some indication that Suarez will shake hands.

    It is unclear what Suarez sees. He may have been doing the same, waiting for an indication that a handshake would happen. And when none came, he walked by.

    Evra then offers his hand, a split-second after Suarez’ hand has passed by. He definitely does offer it, and seems genuinely affronted that Suarez doesn’t respond.

    Suarez may have felt snubbed. Evra may have felt snubbed.

    It looks more c*ck up than conspiracy on both parts. Both ready to shake but neither willing to lose face.

    Anyway, watch the vid and decide.

  13. Why do handshakes have to be a required aspect of the game. Does the FA agree with Sepp Blater in thinking a simple handshake is the way to get rid of racism? Ridiculous.

    As a United fan, I’m just happy we got vengeance today for the loss at Anfield. United got robbed that game so I’m glad the result reflected over who was the better team. I’m now going to be a huge Villa supporter. Glory Glory Man United!

  14. I see the LFC cultists are out in force telling us that what we saw with our own eyes didn’t really happen.

    You people really are insufferable.

  15. I find Rio Ferdinand’s self-righteousness a little perplexing since he was threatening to withhold handshakes a week ago. I’d really rather see the video technology being used to fix incorrect calls and judge whether goals have been scored instead of all this garbage. How much longer will this case of mass hysteria go on?

  16. I’m not even sure how any human being can condone anything regarding what Luis Suarez has brought to the forefront of a game we all claim to love.

    I am obviously bias — but there wasn’t a single ounce of being that didn’t wish the absolute worst on that man all day today.

    Evra overdoing it at the end? Come off it, you clowns. He went and celebrated with our home support and rightfully so. Pretend Suarez wouldn’t have done the same had fortunes been reversed and it were at **anfield. You couldn’t.

  17. Gaffer, it’s a sad day when the Scousers can’t even acknowledge when their player is in the wrong. then again, they’ve been hopelessly unapologetic throughout, so why would they start showing any class now?

    While I think Dalglish has mis-stepped time and time again to the point where he’s coming dangerously close to testing his “untouchable” title with John Henry, I don’t blame him for playing arguably his best (Definitely top 3) player. Playing Carroll seems similarly legitimate grounds for losing your job if you ask me.

    This one sits entirely on Suarez, but I will add one name to the blame game – The FA. Knowing that the “will-he-won’t-he” game was being played on both sides of the divide, it would have been very simple to solve by sending a quiet message to both managers – he who refuses the handshake gets a two match ban. Now that we’ve made this clear, the manager of the player who refuses also gets a one-match touchline ban. To do anything other than respect a sporting gesture is to bring the game into disrepute.

    Now, I think the pre-match handshake is a crock. If I were running the show I’d get rid of it altogether. But since it’s there and there was talk that both Evra and Suarez might refuse the handshake, there was an easy solve available. The FA did not take it.

  18. Suarez was convicted by the FA by unfair means – the measure being the civil law system. The FA have a conviction rate of about 99%-FACT which highlights there is an inherent fault in their means of trial.

    Looking at the stills and videos it could be said Evra dropped his hand before Suarez tried to shake it and you could say he refused to shake Evra’s hand.

    Judging by the look on Evra’s face, his aggressive grabbing of Suarez’ arm, his behavior at half time and at full time, which was condemned by Ferguson, it is clear to see Evra was guilty of incitement.

    John Terry was accused of having an affair with teammate and friend, Wayne Bridge’s wife. Wayne Bridge refused to shake his hand. Wayne Bridge was clearly seen to be the innocent party and therefore there was no media storm surrounding the incident.

    IF Suarez believes himself to be innocent, he is in his full right to reject social pressures and reject the niceties of a pre match handshake with a man he claims to be his slanderer.

    THERE WAS NO CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE in the FA investigation. So whether Suarez is innocent or guilty, is only known by two people. Himself and Evra. I cannot reject 1000’s of years of social, legal and logical evolution in the trial of accused persons to accept a judgement made by non legal experts, made up of Chelsea and Manchester united executives, who are head of a FOOTBALL organization.

    As regards selling Suarez. If Liverpool start winning trophies, qualify for the champions league etc and have general success with Suarez getting a few game winners, all this will be forgotten about. You may disagree, but in my opinion people are fickle and will follow winners and so IF Liverpool were to become successful , they would have an influx of new young supporters regardless of what has happening in these incidents. Sad but true.

    Liverpool’s tactics lost them the game today. Suarez as a lone striker was ineffective. Liverpool did not have enough of a presence up front, and so the ball could not get past midfield with much effect, giving the incentive to united to attack. When they went 2 goals down, they’re heads dropped and their response was poor.

    When Carroll, Bellamy and Adam came on the game changed. It was too late to recover a point or win. However, it was clear to see the strength of Liverpool’s squad, and though deservedly beaten today, I would argue they had the players available to win but didn’t choose the right ones to start and made changes to late.

    Come the end of the season I expect liverpool to be well in the reckoning for fourth place, because of the squads depth and quality. Ashely cole suffered an injury today, the extent of which I don’t know, but he is chelsea’s only natural left back and they don’t have any quality to stand in for him. Liverpools squad will play a more important role in where they finish this season than many realize.

    1. I was just about to pop in the Bridge-Terry issue as well. Shake hands, don’t shake hands, who cares, go out and play. The halftime issue was classless from Evra. I didn’t see the celebration after the game, but he’s certainly entitled to be happy with a win, but as my coaches always said, act like you’ve been there before.

  19. Reading thru most of these, it’s amazing that people are actually ‘taking measurements’ as it were as to where whose hand was where. Regardless, Suarez didn’t make any move to really show that he could move past the incident. Then there was the reported fight at half time when Evra allegedly attempted to talk to Suarez. Regardless of how you guys measure arms and hands and fingers. The ONE THING…THE ONE DAMNING THING IS THIS. SUAREZ NEVER LOOKED EYE TO EYE WITH EVRA. Look at the clip below right at the 2:16 point. Evra is looking at Suarez…Suarez is looking at the ground. Even at the end of the game if he wanted to show just a SPECK of class, he could have shook his hand. Even in AMERICAN football, coaches and rival player handshakes are seen as part of who has some class and who has none and thee have also been some significant incidents when rivals left the feel and snubbed each other. Today, Suarez had a chance to show some humility and decided against it.

    1. Damning is a little harsh, don’t you think? Watch the clip that the Gaffer posted at the top of this massive comments section and you can clearly see that the entire way down the line Suarez had his eyes down looking at everyone’s hands, not eye to eye. I for one feel like a proper handshake is firm and not released until eye contact is made, but at least Suarez was consistent down the line. The link the Roy posted a few posts up seems to be the best angle to me. Evra definitely lowered his hand and appeared to be sizing up whether or not Luis was going to shake his hand, and perhaps it was the lack of eye contact that led him to think it wouldn’t happen. The link also shows Suarez clearly move his hand towards Evra and then skip over to De Gea. I think it’s still up in the air there if he wanted to make it look like he was going to shake his hand and was going to skip over the entire time or if he saw Evra’s hand lowered and uninviting and moved on at the last second. Bottom line is they both lacked class today.

  20. All you people need to come on back down from Mt. Pious and get a grip. Sure Suarez is antagonistic, but that’s why I love him. He plays with emotion and he cares to his core about his club. Anyone calling for his head should take a step back. This is about football, not about morality. This whole incident stemmed from Suarez using a term that is at its core no different from any other derogatory term. Yet because we are so bent out of shape on racism vs other types of isms, people call for his head. He does respect Evra, and has every right to not shake his hand. There is no need to feign respect. Why are we all do sensitive?

  21. Good and balanced comment. This is bigger than blind loyalty to a club; there must be some Liverpool supporters out there (a magnificent club with a magnificent and honourable history) who are uncomfortable with the behaviour of Suarez. His refusal to shake hands with Evra was utterly despicable. Some degree of understanding may be extended to Suarez, his first language is Spanish, he is new in England. But this, in many ways was not about Man u and Liverpool, or even about Evra and Suarez. It was about Daglish. Now there’s a lad who badly needs to grow up. I am not a Liverpool fan, but I celebrated him returning to the club, and sparking a major revival in their fortunes. What a player, and what a manager. Sadly, he has fallen precipitously in my estimation since.

    1. Agreed, and this is why mentally small people need to have wise people around to tell them what not to say or do in order to keep their reputations in high esteem. He was called “King Kenny,” and now everyone gets to see that he’s not only an idiot, but kinda, sorta, a dude who promotes racism and illogical “slippery slope” arguments. Shoulda stayed retired old man.

  22. Unfortunately the comments on this article – excellent by the way – show that Liverpool fans have now promoted themselves to somewhere around the same level of crazy as those who think Elvis is alive and that we have never been to the moon.

    Grow up, stop being sheep and following your club and your manager who has been quite frankly stupid. Evra was an idiot for the way he behaved at half time and at the end but there is no doubt that Suarez was at faukt for the handshake incident.

  23. Luis Suarez is a very small minded person, as evidenced by all of his actions that he’s ever made since we all became aware of him around the summer of 2010. If you support him unquestioningly, then you are also a stupid person. I’m sorry, but someone has to tell it like it is. You will not see that you are stupid, but you are. Please do not procreate, you’re killing humanity. Lastly, if you do not know how to write with proper grammar, syntax and spelling then you are too stupid to have your opinion taken seriously. End of story. Go read something you racist world haters.

    On a side note, keep up the good work Gaffer & Co.

  24. wow some of the comments about evra’s hand position.. suarez didn’t make any attempt to shake his hand.. he made Kenny look stupid. Kenny said before the match there will be handshake.. if Kenny knew this would happen he would have requested the same thing as Chelsea vs qpr match .. no handshakes..
    Kenny should take stand now.. one player can’t ruin a great club like LFC

  25. I hate to see L’pool and Kenny Daglish being pilloried. Daglish is perhaps a victim of misguided loyalty, and spur of the moment reaction (on SKY TV; he wouldn’t comment to the Beeb). Having just watched MOTD seems that Kenny expected Suarez to shake hands with Evra. That seems to be the arrangement between the parties. Anyone who knows the amazing and also tragic history of LFC will understand the urgency of putting all this stuff behind them. Perhaps when he thinks about it, Kenny may want a word with Mr Suarez.

  26. 1) ferguson is a hypocrite. what about eric cantona? he let him come back after, what arguably is worse kicking a random fan.
    2) lets say both evra and suarez is at fault. maybe suarez thought the feelings were mutual and skipped evra, like wayne bridge/john terry and samir nasri/william gallas. maybe evra did lower his hand. at the end of the day, neither evra or ferdinand shouldn’t have retaliated. forget it and play football.
    3) you can tell suarez was out of it. he just wanted to play and get it over with. evra took it too personally in my opinion.

    in my honest opinion, evra should man the f*** up and move on. he’s was the acting captain for this match, so he should act like it. it should also be taken into consideration that he was the one who led france’s riot at the 2010 world cup, so i don’t see why people aren’t bashing evra…

    1. re: cantona, again: the fact that Matthew Simmons’ season ticket was confiscated and he was banned from Selhurst Park indicated that he was not innocent.

  27. I’m from Australia so I woke up to this news before I saw it and my first thought was Luis you D@$khead..
    However after looking at the vision and thinking about the whole situation a while my take on it now is:
    Suarez had racially offended Evra and Patrice was obviously aggrieved. So in this, their first meeting since Anfield, all Suarez can do is offer Evra his hand, which I believe he did. It is then Evras choice and perogative to either accept that gesture or to not and is entitled to do either..
    I do not believe Suarez has the sole responsibility of the two to go fishing around for Evras hand..
    Clearly it was an awkward moment, both players probably didn’t want to shake and the stubbornness OF BOTH in that split second lead to no handshake taking place..
    Whatever you think of Suarez as a human I am just baffled by this to lay all responsibility of this episode on him.

  28. I’m not a fan of Suarez, but Evra wanted to instigate some sort of situation. Suarez acted like a goon by not shaking his hand, Evra acted like a brat by grabbing Suarez, trying to get into the locker room at half time and celebrating like a tool after the game. I’m surprised Suarez didn’t react to Evra’s antics.

    Suarez was handed down a suspension and he served it. That’s not good enough for Evra. He wants some sort of public apology and it isn’t going to happen.

    So why did the FA suspend handshakes between QPR and Chelsea, but force the issue with Man U and Liverpool?

    All that happened today is that the press has made Evra a martyr and we will continue to see ridiculous behavior out of him.

  29. Nobody comes out looking good in this.

    Suarez acted petulantly even if he thought the charge brought by Evra wasn’t justified. Right or wrong the FA is the final arbiter and according to the rules of the EPL every club and player has to abide by their decision. Liverpool should have known what he was going to do and taken steps to avert the snub. At least let the FA know that this was going to happen. Suarez has become the villian and this will follow him to every stadium Liverpool go to. I’d be surprised if he weren’t sold in the summer. I don’t think FSG will tolerate this type of behaviour.

    Evra also comes off poorly, even if not as badly as Suarez, for confronting Suarez in the tunnel at half-time. If someone doesn’t want to shake your hand so be it. Why take it further. It makes no sense. I actually didn’t find anything wrong with his celebrations. United players were entitled as they won. Of course, acting like you’d just won the FA Cup was a little over the top.

    Daglish’s comments after the match were bizarre to say the least. He said he didn’t know that Suarez had snubbed Evra’s handshake. He was very defensive and appeared to be rattled by questions about Suarez’s behaviour. I think he’s feeling the pressure of a club which spent a lot money in transfers and most have been a bust. I’d be surprised if he were still manager next season.

    Why Ferguson had to talk about what Liverpool should do with Suarez was definitely not necessary. I am sure he will be reminded about all the issues that brought disrepute to Manchester United while he was in charge and yet all of those players involved continued to play for United. Each club should make its own decisions regarding personnel and no other club should be getting involved. Maybe it’s just Fergie being Fergie and using every opportunity to gain an advantage over his opponents. I still think he should not have made those comments about Liverpool given United are no saints.

    We should all be talking about how good United were and that they are playing like Champions. They outplayed Liverpool who seemed clueless at times. Regardless of what happens tomorrow with Manchester City, after the last two matches United look like they are going to be difficult to have the title taken from them. They have an easier schedule compared to City in the next month which could be vital.

    1. Liverpool fan here. I agree with what you said except that Evra should not have gloated in front of Suarez at the end. Celebrating in front of your own fans is fine, but keep a little distance from opposing players when you do it.

      I’ve enjoyed watching Suarez’ hustle and skill (if not his diving and complaining) but unless he starts showing some maturity and responsibility he’s probably more trouble than he’s worth.

  30. I’m a Liverpool supporter but I’m tired of Suarez and his nonsense. Right or wrong, he served his punishment and should have let it go. if he had been the bigger man today, none of this would have happened.

    Dalglish deserves some criticism as well. I love that he backs his players, but he really needs to sit Suarez down and explain to him that the most important thing is to do what is right, not what is easy.

    Nothing bad ever comes from being the bigger man in situations like this.

  31. My theory is that Evra had planned to snub Suarez before he was beaten to the punch and that’s why he reacted the way he did. I say that because Rio appears to be pulling his hand away even before its clear Suarez has snubbed Evra… Either way, they should have just shaken hands and gotten on with it. Both sides were fortunate this didn’t escalate into something much, much worse.

  32. Today should have been about Thierry Henry’s farewell game winning goal, clearly the real story of the day and we’re talking about such negative rubbish. Let me be be frank, they are both KNOWN throughout football to be arrogant dicks that many don’t like. They deserve each other.

    Let’s move on already.

    BTW shouldn’t handshakes MEAN something? Doing it for the sake of doing it is worse than not shaking someone’s hand because you have issues with them. Nasri did it to Gallas and everyone moved on, hopefully the Mancs and Scousers can and stop acting like idiots.

  33. I’m curious to why the non handshake is a bigger deal than everything else that happened. Rio didn’t shake Suarezs hand and there is hardly a mention of it.

    What’s worse, not shaking someone’s hand or going after another player at halftime and then trying to instigate that player after the game by jumping around like a 4 year old? Why is the focus on the handshake? Seems like a double standard to me.

    The excuse that not shaking someone’s hand caused all this doesn’t fly with me.

    1. If you come to my house and you refuse to shake my brother or greet him, what makes you think I would give you the time of day?

        1. Nice to see you left out the precedent to what made you pay a fine and get an 8 game suspension in the first place…no one cost you anything but yourself.

  34. You know what they say, God don’t like ugly. Liverpool, from its fans to their manager, have made their bed and they are none too comfortable to lie in it.

  35. I agree with Dave that a handshake should mean something. Forcing people to do it is contrived. Everyone knows it means little to nothing given the animosity between some players. Let the players who want to shake hands do it in the tunnel before the game starts or on the field while warming up during the coin-toss. For me it’s not a big deal if players shake hands or not. I’d much rather see them behave properly during the game. I find it a lot worse and unsportsman-like to have players viciously kick opponents resulting in serious injury. Simulation is something else I find to be worse. It can alter the result of a game.

    Snubbing another player’s handshake shows bad manners, nothing more, if you’re required to shake hands. Everyone is talking as if Suarez committed an immoral act. I can think of lots of players on every team who have done worse and brought disrepute to themselves and their teams.

    As a Spurs fan we have had our share of problems with player behavior. I see this as just another proof of how spoiled these brats are. The fact that Evra retaliated the way he did and acted as he did during halftime says as much about him as it does about Suarez. We should not forget that most of these professional athletes are overpaid prima donnas that act without regard to what’s right or wrong. Evra himself was responsible for a mutiny in the French squad during the last World Cup.

    No one can stop these athletes from behaving badly because they have a talent and we all want them to play for our clubs. I don’t know of any club that has a policy that they will never sign a player that has lied, cheated, behaved badly, etc. Clubs are not looking for players with moral leadership and they continually sign players of questionable character as long as they have talent.

    Today it’s Suarez, tomorrow it will be someone else. This cycle will continue because we enable them with our support, mostly unconditional, of our clubs.

  36. The front page and all of these comments should be regarding the 1978 World Cup that was fixed so that Peru could ship 13 political dissidents to Argentina to be tortured allowing Argentina to beat the Peru national team 6-0; exceeding the four goal differential needed to continue and reach the Final to beat Peru. I don’t care who shook whose hand.. I don’t care what someone claims to have said. Two South American Countries ruled by Fascist Dictatorships tortured dissidents and exchanged them in order to fix a World Cup. Argentina and Peru should be banned from the next World Cup; Conmebol should be stripped of a birth and the two national teams should be disassembled for the next 2 years.

    1. Or we could be writing and talking about the issues in Syria, but neither has anything to do with the English Premier League.

      The Gaffer

  37. Great article Gaffer(as usual). I am truly amazed at the reaction and support of this racist.
    First the term negro is a derogatory one in all of Spanish speaking America. No one needs to act that way
    Second the fact that you idiots are defending him and trying to turn Evra into the problem is just amazing. Evra is no saint anđ is a professional brat like many wealthy athletes but c’mon. If you shoot someone for no reason you cant say ‘No its ok. Nobody likes him so I shouldn’t get punished.’
    Third to go after the Gaffer for being angry that this hobnobber has poisoned his team, and the premier league is beyond believable. We love football first & this stink nugget continues to harm this game we all claim to love. Defending anyone who harms our game or disrespects it so selfishly is inexcusable.
    Again great article, great writing, correct opinion.

      1. Gaffer,

        not related to this post just the quickest way to let you know.

        I checked out the tv schedule list you had and you listed direct tv as the source for europa league. for those that have cable you can go to the UEFA site and stream directly from them for 10 bucks.

        it’s how i watched spurs play, until they decided they were not interested in it.

        the link below takes you to where you will be able to stream live games once they have created a username. (the details will populate the day of the game next to each game)

        just thought people might want to know the other legit options for viewing

    1. Jjerg,

      “If you shoot someone for no reason …” Evra admitted to instigating the original confrontation at Anfield as documented by the disciplinary panel, so I don’t see how you can draw that logic. On the other hand no matter the word and it’s cultural meaning from the speaker’s origin, if it make a player as visibly upset as it did Evra, you shouldn’t be using it (period).

      I think that today both players marred a derby that was otherwise a clean affair (considering it’s history). Unfortunately, their actions encouraged portions of both sets of fans have shown their ugliest side (i.e. booing Evra at Anfield, making Klansman hood masks). It looks like we’ll be talking about this more for months, instead of what has originally caused us to come to this blog in the first place, the beautiful game.


  38. I’m a Liverpool supporter. Kenny Daglish has got to get control of his players. Whether Suarez was right or wrong or Evra was right or wrong, Liverpool needs to keep their head down, get down to business and start scoring goals. As a general trend in the EPL coaches are letting players run wild, post garbage on Twitter and act out on the field. How bout benching your player if he shouts down a referee? How bout benching your player if he tells you he’s going to shake someone’s hand and doesn’t. In this Suarez made Kenny look like a fool. I’m all for personality but this is getting ridiculous! The news coverage is almost encouraging more drama too! These players are paid a highly professional salary and should act highly professional. And the FA has to wise up too. Why the hell did they (A) have hand shakes at all, (B) after knowing what might happen, have Evra standing there with a little kid and (C) have the teams walking down the tunnel at the same time? Ridiculous. This could have been avoided.

  39. Everyone was wrong in this instance. Suarez needs to be a bigger person, and even if he did not mean to say anything racist (I doubt that) he should shake hands and move on. His suspension is done and its time to look forward.

    On the other hand Evra needs to grow up and take the high road. Even if Suarez would not shake hands brush it off and be a professional, that is what you are paid to do.

    three more points-

    1- Rio needs to mind his own business. He makes hiimself look bad (especially when he has a pretty dodgy past). He should be getting more press then anyone for acting like a child when he himself was not involved in any of this. He needs to grow up and go back to being a professional.

    2- Daglish is doing nothing but harm to his team, I agree with everyone who states this. He is acting like a child who refuses to admit he touched the cookie jar.

    3- SAF is making himself look terrible as well. As a longtime supporter of Chelsea I am biased, but he finds a reason to cry about every game that does not result in a 5-0 MU win. His team has just as little class (or less) as a whole and he needs to learn when to be quiet. If Evra didnt miss Suarez and almost end his partners career he would have been sent off. His team started a brawl at half time and got away with nothing. (Last time i saw this happen i believe a backup goalie was show red?)

    Man U plays a home game every single match of the year yet SAF finds a way to complain. Everyone in this situation needs to step back and look at how they are affecting the EPL as a whole.if SAF claims Suarez should never play another match for Liverpool (im not completely against this) I would refute that he should not be able to lead Man U into another match again. just food for thought.

  40. It’s a handshake. A handshake. I don’t know if I’m in the minority. However, I’m in the school of thought that disingenuous handshake is more disrespectful than no handshake. The decision to forgo the handshake between QPR and Chelsea is the right call. In fact, I believe that is unnecessary. If the players really want to shake hands. Let them do it after the match. Why make the players shake the hands of their opponents. Not all of the shake hands afterwards.

  41. One, I cannot believe people are treating this “handshake” like the Zapruder film is used by conspiracy theorists.

    I am “almost” a complete neutral. I dislike BOTH ManU and Liverpool, but frankly dislike ManU more.

    That being said — both players acted like unbridled morons yesterday, Suarez the more-so. Evra almost…almost showed something approximately a small bit of class, but ultimately fell short — BUT he did try to shake Suarez’ hand and the latter still aggrieved over the racism charge stupidly and pointedly refused to do so. And it all went downhill from their with both contributing their share…but again, it started with Suarez with Evra not helping matters.

    And Daglish AND Ferguson did not help matters.

    There’s more enough blame to go around, but Suarez ultimately has the largest share of blame.

  42. Classic blame the victim….again. Typical Liverpudlians. Us against the world. If Evra didn’t want to shake Suarez’s hand, why did he grab him when he walked by? Stop with your childish accusations. It’s all Suarez’s fault. Stop looking for something that’s not there. Matt, get a life.

    1. Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has apologised for not shaking the hand of Manchester United defender Patrice Evra.

      The Gaffer

      1. I wonder if Suarez’ apology for not shaking Evra’s hand will open some people’s eyes to the possibility that Suarez refused to shake Evra’s hand.

        Hard to tell, the way some Liverpool supporters have handled this situation.

    2. Buddy, I am Canadian and live in Nova Scotia. Just as it is easy for you to label anyone who sees this as a bigger picture as Liverpudlian it is easy to see this whole ordeal was kept in the media, driven by the media and thus created a double standard (terry-ferdinand).

      I am not blaming anyone, just pointing out that it is not black and white like you and much of the british media seem to be making it, all the while ignoring how the other racial incident was handled despite that one having enough evidence and backing from others involved to have a criminal charge laid.

      Is it racist that a british player being racist to a black british player had minimal media coverage and the handshake removed while the incident involving a black french player and a spanish south american player was fueled to no end and the handshakes forced upon them? It’s certainly very interesting and convenient anyway.

      Food for thought…

      1. The Terry Ferdinand spat is going to court this summer, hence the block on media coverage since that decision was made.

  43. For some of you who said Evra instigated this thing, are you that naive to think that it wasn’t part of a mind-game ? There are mind games anywhere, in the NFL, HS football, Basketball, etc: there are trash talking, comments like that. This is aimed to get into the opponent’s head. While some of the things said could be nasty, they are not illegal.

  44. so now that Suarez has apologised for handshake snub.. what will handshake conspiracy theorists will do.. do you guys have any other videos to blame Evra for hand shake snub.. LFC did the right thing, Suarez acted selfish and put his club in awful position. Kenny might be wondering why did i trust this guy in the first place.. At least FA was right on one account on this matter, Suarez was inconsistent with his testimony..

  45. I would have to agree with Harry Cee post. Suarez never looked Evra in the eyes. Who really is checking out the positions of the players hands? Suarez found guility by the FA and suspended should of made every attempt to clear his name and image and apologized right on the field. Even if he thinks he wasn’t guilty he should of showed the public that he can change his thoughts and thinking by some positive actions. If you want to get down in the video of the match did anyone see the play where Suarez kicked the ball right at Evra while he was waiting to throw the ball in? All these people talking about Evra being unprofessional celebrating the win after the match. In my own opinion Evra has a right to celebrate on the sidelines a win against a club who stood by and denied that one of their own players racially abused a player from a team.

    1. Suarez was found guilty by the FA… in a report that doesn’t really explain how he was guilty (still waiting for someone to point out damning judgment against Suarez as quoted from the FA report). Evra, in testimony, negatively referred to Suarez as a South American.

      Evra’s performance, from the handshake to his completely classless jumping and celebrating right in front of Suarez (of which you’ll note Suarez just let it go), is more a negative indicator of Evra’s character than Suarez.

      Should Suarez have shaken Evra’s hand? Maybe. I probably wouldn’t have. After what Evra said to him, and what he claims Suarez said to him even after not really knowing the language.

      I’ve read comments that have be very harsh on articles, which I feel are typically unfair. But the article posted here is poor. It lacks to take anything at all in context and castigates Suarez outrightly, despite Evra’s absolute lack of class himself. That is biased and unfair.

  46. i wonder if Kenny might walk away after the season.he has been on the wrong side of this issue from the beginning.why would you want to put up with a donkey like suarez at his age.when you lie to the manager how do you ever believe him again.i sure hope you pool fans take a long hot shower to scrub the grime off from what suarez did to your club.

    1. His reputation definitely has taken a hit. I understand Dalglish is an old-school manager: always defends his players, but there are better ways to support Suarez without making himself look bad.

  47. In other news, Liverpool experienced a huge spike in the number of their fans. Bikers, skin heads and KKK Klansmen were reported to have been in the majority of the new members. After a formal agreement, the new club logo will be an amalgamation of a white hoodie with a skull and bones overlay. More on this story as it develops on YouTube.

  48. Surprised that Liverpool fans have not come out with photographic evidence that proves that Suarez did not issue an apology today

  49. People are acting like this stupid action on the part of Suarez resulted in someone breaking their leg or dying. He snubbed Evra and showed his character in the process. Are we surprised that professional athletes behave this way? The reaction on all sides is way over the top.

    On a more positive note, all the prematch hype and how volatile the situation might get resulted in only two yellow cards. That might actually be a record between these two teams. Both teams concentrated on playing football. Well, with all due respect to liverpool fans, Liverpool were terrible on the day. They looked overmatched in every department.

  50. “As far as Evra’s display after the match, I do think he should have stood the better man and shown more decorum. I don’t blame him though. Evra appeared to have every intention of shaking hands and making peace, only to be rebuffed by Suarez.”

    Really, Earl?

    Suarez refused to shake hands with a man that he sees as wrongly playing the race-card. He’s an idiot for doing it, yes. But like it or not, this is his perception.

    So this removes blame from Evra when he engages in one of the most unsporting / baiting behaviors I can recall in football?

    I see it as a pre-school lesson. Do you let a child tease another because they say, “but he wouldn’t shake my hand”.

    Come to think of it, a lot of football players behavior could be dealt with well by a pre-school teacher.

  51. I’m glad to see that this post brought out a lot of discussion. I’d like to think that the backlash in the media has led to a slight resolution to the situation. The fact this is Liverpool vs. Manchester United takes everything to a heightened level. I never expected that Liverpool fans would take this post well.

    Society does not condone this behavior. We don’t want to have situations where players could lie, but at some point we all can grow up, whether it’s Suarez’ lack of sportsmanship or Evra’s extravagant taunts. I think we all want to see football transcend the race issue one day, better sooner than later. The Terry/Ferdinand situation would be a great place to start. I’d say the ball is in your court, John.

    1. I would think that you never expected Liverpool fans to take this post well because in it you excuse Evra’s unsporting / baiting behavior – despite both players acting like idiots.

      Unsporting / baiting behavior that is apparently justified because Suarez (like an idiot) wouldn’t shake his hand.

      It doesn’t excuse it, and you can blame him for his actions.

  52. Arguments like this make me long for the days of broadcast TV and newspapers in the morning. With that little space for media, there simply wasn’t time to bicker endlessly about the actions of overgrown children. Suarez is an idiot. Evra is an idiot. Now how about the game?

  53. So player A tattles on player B for saying something he doesn’t like. The supposed statement is actionable in a country without free speech rights, where political correctness is enforced by law. Player B is fined and suspended. Now Player B is supposed to shake player A’s hand?

    How about this take: whatever suppose racism that exists in Player B’s mind or in the guilty minds of fans of the EPL has had exactly zilch to do with the professional success of players of all races in the current EPL. There are many races of people who are unpopular with other races of people, and such unpopularity is irrelevant to their success. How about, allowing players to talk to each other without making a legal case out of it?

  54. Every Spanish players should be banned from the EPL, they should all go playing in the most boring league ever, la liga, we don’t need them.

  55. Suarez is a classless player. Liverpool employ a man who bites players, makes racist remarks, refuses handshakes, throws temper tantrums when thinks aren’t looking good for him (i.e. kicking the ball away and at Evra), etc. Liverpool club and it’s fans should be ashamed to have him represent the club. Period. There is no further discussion Suarez did what he did we and we ALL saw it.

  56. Who cares about any of this?? Perhaps the FA should cut off Evra’s and Suarez’ hands so they can’t hand shake any more. Perhaps “King” Kenny will say something intelligible for once in his life and admit Downing is a dud and tell Carroll to lose his shocked “Christ am l the last person on the Titanic” expression every time he’s tackled.

    Evra acted as much of juvenile as Suarez. But Evra has the last laugh and Liverpool’s American owners have made Suarez and Dalglish apologise. Is everybody happy or shall we continue with Suarez’ Dad can beat Evra’s Dad up?????

  57. I’ve always like Evra and disliked Suarez but both could have acted so much better and mature than they did. I wish someone would have said, “You guys go in the tunnel and punch it out, then come back and play.” Neither would go because men who act like they did lack courage.

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